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[YesAuto Compilation] Spyker is trying to strengthen his own strength-this is no longer a secret. It recently offered an unprecedented high price to buy Saab from General Motors. Regardless of whether the deal proposed by the brave Dutch manufacturer is successful, it will not affect our enthusiasm for Aileron.

Spyker calls Aileron the second-generation model of the C8. Since its launch in 2002, about 250 C8s have been produced. Aileron still uses the current platform, with an all-aluminum body frame and a mid-engine — the 400-horsepower 4.2-liter V8 version from Audi — which is the one used on the R8. In fact, this model faces completely different users. Group's brand new product.

To be precise, the short-axis version of the C8 should be opponents Shelby Cobra and Dodge Viper, while Aileron is much more relaxed. It is a better choice to drive it on the highway for a long-distance trip, which means it is a model. GT without compromise. Its wheelbase has been lengthened by 43.18cm, the body width has been 12.7cm, and its weight has increased by 136kg.

The interior still reveals a free and unrestrained atmosphere. The touch screen of the central control and the black plastic dotted make people feel happy. Although the overall style is retro, there are also many modern equipment. All Aileron series are equipped with a six-speed automatic transmission. Spyker said that they have been paying attention to what customers want. Recent surveys show that their customers need alternative power matching and a new driving experience.

Just starting Aileron is already an unusually exciting experience. To open the red lid of the ignition switch on the center console, there is an aluminum toggle switch inside, turn it to the open position, and then use the start button to ignite the engine. To control wipers, lights, exhaust pipe baffles, etc., you need to operate more switches.

It’s hard to imagine that Aileron is a hand-built custom car. Our test car is one of the first four cars to be shipped from Coventry, England. It demonstrates first-class manufacturing standards, even at high speeds. Outstanding rigidity and stable driving characteristics. In short, Aileron's overall performance is sufficient to provide a luxurious long-distance travel experience, and the Louis Vuitton custom suitcase worth 27,000 US dollars is definitely a perfect match.

Of course, our work in Arizona is not about running long distances on the road. The 60-mile acceleration of this car is the same as the short-axle version of the C8, which is 4.5 seconds. On the winding mountain roads, the car The feeling inside is the same as at home. The chassis has been carefully tuned by Lotus, with a front-to-rear weight ratio of 45/55 and 19-inch Michelin PS2 tires. It is a simple matter to drive fast, but since there is no stability control system or traction control system, I want to explore Extreme behavior is still very dangerous.

Among all these pleasures, the performance of the automatic transmission is the worst. Even with the use of paddle shifters, it cannot downshift in time, and it seems that it will never reach the red line. Spyker said that the new products have been updated with software, and we hope to provide a manual gearbox, so that we can experience the pure and unfiltered pleasure.

So, even if Aileron's control fun is not inferior, its focus is definitely not on this aspect. For amazing performance and more driving pleasure, you should choose Porsche, Ferrari, and Lamborghini. In fact, most of the previous Spyker buyers already own these cars. The focus of Aileron is its uniqueness. Spyker expects to sell 75 Aileron each year, which can already guarantee a certain profit and continue the development of new projects-including SUV models similar to the Porsche Cayenne. (Compilation/Car Home Hu Zhengyang)