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[YesAuto Auto Trends] Recently, to celebrate the first anniversary of Lynk & Co 02’s launch, Lynk & Co and Spanish sports brand JOMA (Homer) have jointly launched a limited edition running shoe-02 Aguila (Aguila). This product will be limited 2,222 pairs are on sale.

The tail of this shoe incorporates Lynk & Co's unique red and black energy crystal taillight shape design, while the shoe body also uses a classic black and red color scheme. In addition, the slightly upturned design of the heel can also make the wearer more comfortable when driving. The current price of the Aquila on Lynk & Co's official website is 922 yuan, and Lynk & Co owners can buy it at an exclusive price of 492 yuan.

This is not the first time that Lynk & Co has launched footwear products. At the first anniversary of Lynk & Co. 01, Lynk & Co. had teamed up with JOMA to launch 01 ARIES EVOLVER Evolver sneakers, which were also carried out in a limited quantity. On sale.

Foreign auto brands are leading the way in cross-border cooperation. Lamborghini audio and Bugatti watches are commonplace, while Chinese auto brands have just started similar cases in the past two years due to their late start. Last fall, FAW Hongqi and Li Ning jointly launched a joint hoodie. Because of the limited sale, fake fakes appeared on the e-commerce website at that time. It can be seen that Guochao is currently very popular among young people. The integration of automobiles and life is bound to become the development trend of this industry. (Guo Song, Home of Wen Auto)