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[YesAuto Car Race] Last weekend, the WTCC World Touring Car Championship was held in Germany. The drivers competed in the legendary “Green Hell” Nürburgring. In such a challenging circuit, I really want to sweat for the players. First of all, there is good news that the Chinese driver Ma Qinghua won the 5th place in the first round on such a difficult circuit, and then the Citroen team once again without accident took the top three in the total score, Lopez, Mueller and Loeb scored points. Ranked top three.

Living up to the reputation of “green hell”, there was a crash at the beginning of the German station. The second Chevrolet team player Valentin and the fourth Honda team player Mecheris were the two unfortunate ones in the accident. Participants, the former unfortunately retired in the end. The collision between the two of them allowed Loeb, who was on the third start, to overtake second, and Muller, who started on the sixth, went straight to the third and followed Loeb. In fact, it was not this collision that caused Valentin to retire. It was because of a fight with Honda driver Montero in the second lap, the cut was too aggressive and led to a loss of control and crash, becoming the only driver in the second lap to be pessimistic.

The Chevrolet team driver Coronel crashed in the first turn and had to return to the pit lane after one lap. In addition, Hoff of the Lada team also unfortunately crashed the shock absorber on the first lap. Sorry to retire. Hoff’s new Lada teammate, Ragan, went well, surpassing Demos Dier in Chevrolet on the first lap and Philippi, the second Chevrolet driver on the second lap. In the end, from the last 17th to the 11th finish. Chinese driver Ma Qinghua started fifth with 3.925 seconds behind pole position and finished fifth.

● Video of the first round

● The top ten in the first round of WTCC Germany

Top 10 in the first round of WTCC Germany
Rank Rider camp time cost Behind time
1 Lopez Citroen 26:02.550
2 Loeb Citroen 26:07.480 4.930
3 Muller Citroen 26:11.309 8.759
4 Mecheris Honda 26:12.468 9.918
5 Ma Qinghua Citroen 26:13.066 10.516
6 Tarquini Honda 26:13.339 10.789
7 Bernani Citroen 26:13.939 11.389
8 Diost Chevrolet 26:15.305 12.755
9 Chilton Chevrolet 26:24.460 21.910
10 Schmitz Chevrolet 26:37.898 35.348

In the second round, Muller started from fifth place. Turn 1 has already grabbed third place. Turn 3 overtook Honda driver Tarquini to advance to second place, followed by Honda driver Montero who started from pole position. Muller, who adopted low pressure and aggressive adjustment, surpassed Montero in the straight line behind and entered the leading position with the advantage of speed, and finally won the second round championship.

Lopez started tenth and advanced to sixth at the end of the first lap. Ma Qinghua surpassed Bernani of the same camp in the straight section of the Nürburgring to enter fourth place, while Lopez surpassed Bernani on the South Loop circuit to temporarily place fifth. As a result, Ma Qinghua lost control and slipped out of the track on the last lap. To avoid Ma Qinghua, his teammate Lopez had to slow down and fall out of the first camp, falling behind the lead teammate Muller and Honda's Tarquini. The straight section of the Nürburgring became the main offensive position of the Citroen team, where Lopez caught up and surpassed Tarquini to enter second place, following Mueller to complete the final race.

● Ma Qinghua out of control video clips

● Top 10 in the second round of WTCC Germany

Top 10 in the second round of WTCC Germany
Rank Rider camp Time spent/lag time
1 Muller Citroen 26:02.149
2 Lopez Citroen +0.173
3 Montero Honda +0.539
4 Tarquini Honda +0.694
5 Loeb Citroen +3.402
6 Bernani Citroen +4.062
7 Hoff Lada +5.365
8 Coronel Chevrolet +8.865
9 Lagan Lada +10.000
10 Philippi Chevrolet +18.077

Up to now, the three main players of Citroen have occupied the top three positions in the drivers' standings, and the Chinese driver Ma Qinghua is temporarily fifth among all 21 drivers. Next, on June 5-7, the drivers will compete in the next sub-station in Russia. Then there will be another big battle, let us wait and see.