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[YesAuto Connected Travel] The iteration speed of the Zebra Zhilian system over the years is almost comparable to the speed of consumer electronics. The initial version of Zebra Zhixing 1.0 was officially installed on the Roewe RX5 and only a few years have passed. It has gone through the 2.0 and 3.0 eras. Changes, and now the Zebra system has undergone a major update, entering the VENUS 1.0 era. At the same time, the Roewe brand's first MPV model iMAX8 also officially debuted. In addition to the brand-new Zhilian version, the magical “Magic Bar” has also aroused our curiosity. What kind of hardware device is it?

  60 seconds to understand the full text:

1. Compared with the previous Zebra Zhixing MARS 3.0, VENUS 1.0 has more diversified functions. A/B dual interface interaction is a major feature.

2. There are four interactive screens in the Roewe iMAX8, all of which can be controlled by touch screen except for the full LCD instrument.

3. The new car supports Face ID face recognition login, and there are plans to add a voiceprint recognition login system in the future.

4. Introduce more meta-ecological services, such as Tmall Genie smart home interconnection, Alipay applet, non-inductive payment parking/gas fee, etc.

5. The magic bar is a highlight of the new car. The device can shuttle between the first to third rows and can be used to transfer items.

6. The magic bar has a built-in heating and cooling box (3-55℃) and a lifting tea/coffee bar.

● The VENUS system has been installed on many models of SAIC Motor, and the Magic Bar is only an exclusive function of the Roewe iMAX8.

Roewe iMAX8 is an MPV model that meets the diverse needs of IKEA and IKEA. It has a moderate size, avant-garde styling design and a wealth of functional configurations. It is suitable for formal occasions or to meet the needs of the whole family. As another new car of the Roewe “Lion Mark” brand, the Roewe iMAX8 is the third model equipped with the VENUS system after the Roewe RX5 PLUS and i6 MAX. It is paired with its unique “Magic Bar” system, providing a pioneering sense of interconnection system. Not only is it reflected in voice interaction and cloud services, but real changes can also be felt in the cockpit.

● The four-screen interconnection makes the rear passengers of iMAX8 feel like riding a large luxury car.

Considering the length of the article, in order for everyone to understand more intuitively how Moba and Moping realize human/human-computer interaction, we have taken two simple experience videos. Those who are interested are better off to follow. Get in the car to understand my steps!

The wing-spanning center console looks large and stylish, and the two color styles (black or white/blue) have different temperaments and styles to meet the needs of different users and travel occasions. Most of the buttons and two screens of the center console are deployed around the driver, and all devices are within reach, and the humanity considerations are quite thorough. The LCD instrument and the central control touch screen are both 12.3-inch horizontal screens. Compared with the highly integrated vertical screens of Roewe RX5 PLUS and i6 MAX covering the entire central channel, the design of retaining the horizontal screen + a large number of physical buttons is also to get closer to more heights. Habits of age-level users.

I just mentioned that there are four screens in the whole car. In addition to the full LCD instrument on the center console and the center control touch screen, there are also two Touch Bar lightweight interactive screens on the back of the main and co-pilot seats that can hold the second row of passengers. interactive. The two screens are designed in a similar stripe style, and both are 9.98 inches in size. The screen can be used not only to view travel information such as weather and time to destination, but also simple functions such as adjusting music and changing navigation destinations/points.

● Delivering tea and water to all passengers in the car is the main function of Moba.

In the last design story of Roewe iMAX8, we have made a brief introduction to the magic bar. The magic bar is also one of the biggest features of Roewe iMAX8. The mobile magic bar controlled by touch buttons and voice commands can meet the needs of all passengers in the front and rear three rows. Not only does the magic bar have a built-in temperature between 3-55℃ With a constant temperature heating and cooling box, after the rear shutter cover is opened, tea sets, coffee sets or storage compartments are slowly raised, and the ceremony is full.

● A/B dual interface meets different travel scenarios, and face recognition enables quick account login.

The VENUS system not only has a wealth of built-in functions, but after opening up resources such as Tmall Wizard and Alipay applets, a large number of third-party applications can also be used in the car, which greatly improves the convenience of people's travel. If you think the following pages are too long to be interesting, we have also prepared an experience video for your reference regarding functional experience and interaction.

The VENUS system has designed A/B two interfaces to meet the travel/life scenarios. Under normal circumstances, the vehicle will enter the A interface after starting, which is the more frequently used navigation interface. Click the icon in the lower left corner of the screen to enter immediately B interface, view more functions or networking applets. As for functions such as air conditioning, panoramic images, or multimedia that often need to be controlled during travel, the design team has made small icons and arranged them on the left side of the screen, which can be turned on by clicking them. The interactive logic level is relatively simple and easy to understand. The system currently supports two login methods: account password and face recognition, and the OTA upgrade function will naturally not be absent.

Compared with the old system, the voice assistant has improved significantly. “Hello, Zebra” is still the initial sentence to wake up the voice assistant, but you can use more natural and more natural sentences to talk to it, even after shouting the wake word, You still have up to 90 seconds (the default is 30 seconds) to continuously issue commands, and the assistant will respond at any time. Another thing worth noting is that the Roewe iMAX8 may be the only six-tone area model currently on the market. Even the third-row seats are equipped with radio microphones. Even the passengers in the third row can use voice commands to control each Item function.

In terms of communication, Bluetooth phones are naturally standard, and broadcasting calls through voice control is also the “basic operation” of most intelligent connected systems. Car letter is a new online chat function of the VENUS system. The application function is basically similar to WeChat, which can realize functions such as Internet calling and sending and receiving voice messages. However, it should be noted that there is no intercommunication between Chexin and WeChat (including mobile phone applications and car version), and messages can only be transmitted between car and mobile phones that have installed the carxin application.

● The two apps of Kuwo Music and Himalaya FM meet multiple hearing needs.

Online entertainment resources, like most other connected systems, have built-in two online audio applications including Kuwo Music and Himalaya FM, which can basically meet the hearing needs of most users when traveling. Of course, if you want to listen to high-definition music or high-quality resources (such as popular novels, etc.), you also need to purchase VIP members of the application separately. The visual content currently only supports one application of Kuaishou, which can basically only be used to kill time while parking and waiting. I hope that resources such as iQiyi can be added in the future.

● The online navigation function is comprehensive, and the scene-based experience is closer to daily travel. The 3D panoramic image has no dead ends.

Navigation map information comes from AutoNavi, and its functions are no different from AutoNavi navigation of other vehicles, such as real-time road conditions, dynamic avoidance of traffic restrictions/congestion, group travel, instrument projection navigation path (Roewe iMAX8 is equipped with more advanced AR real-world navigation). can be realised. Different from the past, the VENUS system has added some scene-based presets, especially those commuting users. After entering their daily commuting time and company/family into the system, the system will automatically initiate navigation every time they get on the bus, and It is commendable to display even the road conditions and reduce the amount of user's operation.

● Two-way control between the car and the smart home can be achieved, and the Alipay applet can cover a wide range.

The remote control of smart homes is nothing new. Early versions of the Zebra system can also achieve the same function, and even remotely control devices such as drones and sports cameras through the screen. And now, in order to achieve better control effects and support more hardware, the VENUS system binds Alipay accounts with other applications and devices under Alibaba, so as to achieve access to devices in the same ecosystem (including Midea, 360 and other brands of electrical appliances). ) Realize remote control. Of course, if you have a smart speaker like Tmall Genie at home, you can also support “reverse” operations such as remote control of the vehicle at home after binding your account.

● Branded audio, wireless charging and other hardware facilities are in place.

The rest of the hardware configuration of the Roewe iMAX8 is also unambiguous. For example, the top version can be equipped with BOSE 11-speaker audio, while Buick GL8's BOSE audio is only available for models with a guide price of RMB 399.99 million. Both the mobile phone wireless charging and the driving recorder are integrated in the car, which saves the user the trouble of later installation. Considering that many MPV users need to travel frequently for long distances, I wonder if the Roewe iMAX8 can add devices such as ETC card readers in the future?

● Article summary:

The performance of the VENUS system is beyond our imagination. It is not only rich in functions, but also close to the network ecology is not limited to a few functions such as online music and navigation. It is equivalent to the remote connection with Alipay applets and Tmall smart home. Yu can save a lot of time on the road, which can only be accomplished by holding a mobile phone or a computer at home. Four-screen + six-tone zone interaction is also a major feature of the Roewe iMAX8, especially the two 9.98-inch touch screens in the second row not only enhance the control of the entertainment and navigation functions of the rear passengers, the magic bar sliding back and forth and directional voice interaction It also gives passengers a sense of respect and is very close to the actual needs of MPV users. We will continue to present more introductions about the Roewe iMAX8. The day after tomorrow I will still bring you the platform and chassis analysis. Would you like to know what preparations the Roewe iMAX8 has made to deal with the 25% offset collision? Stay tuned.