[Auto House Race] Two-time Indianapolis 500 champion and 2005 IndyCar Championship Dan Whelden had a serious crash in the Las Vegas final of the IndyCar Championship just now. In the accident, Whelden, who was only 33 years old, has been confirmed to have died unfortunately due to ineffective rescue. Wheaton was flown directly from the medical center on the stadium to the University of Las Vegas Medical Center, but all the efforts failed to save his life.

Winning the race was part of the $5 million annual prize challenge. After the start, Wheaton caught up from behind a group of cars and surpassed the number 34 car. Unfortunately, he was involved in the accident of the car in front of him. His car soared into the air and crossed another car and hit the anti-collision wall. The scene was fierce. Wheelden’s Sam Schmidt car top suffered serious damage, including his frame structure. When Wheaton was rescued from the car, other drivers dealt with the scene, and his car was quickly covered with tarps.

Race chairman Randy Bernard confirmed the news at 3 pm local time. He said: “We are very sorry to announce that Dan Whelden has passed away due to his injuries. Our care and prayers will accompany Whale. Deng and his family, the drivers and team of the IndyCar race have decided to end the race.” The race showed a red flag on lap 12 and the race was suspended for approximately two hours. The drivers then returned to their cars and paid a five-lap tribute to the memory of Wheelen.