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[YesAuto News] Following Ford’s announcement of global layoffs, another US auto giant, General Motors, also joined the ranks. It is reported that on Monday Detroit time, General Motors announced that the company plans to lay off as many as 14,800 employees and suspend production at several plants in North America in 2019. This is the first time that General Motors has significantly reduced its scale since its bankruptcy and reorganization in 2009. This move is also considered to be a performance of General Motors' response to the decline in the market for traditional gasoline-powered cars and comprehensive cost reductions.

It is reported that General Motors will spend US$3.0-3.8 billion in layoffs, and will close five North American plants in 2019 (including the Lordstown assembly plant in northeastern Ohio, etc.), and will also close two North American regions by the end of 2019 Other factories, including the Oshawa plant in Ontario, Canada (General Motors has a car assembly line and some small truck assembly lines there). General Motors CEO Mary Bora said that she is still optimistic about the US economic situation. The layoffs are only because of changes in the auto industry, and the company's focus and investment will be on the manufacturing of electric vehicles.

Facing the arrival of the new four modernizations of automobiles, General Motors has been deploying and expanding its staff in electric vehicle technology and autonomous driving. As early as September 2017, Mary Bora publicly stated that electrification is a key element of GM’s global strategy. Between 2016 and 2020, GM will launch at least 10 new energy models in China, and fully develop electrification and smart networks. Connection, autonomous driving and vehicle sharing.

However, according to foreign media reports, US President Trump is obviously “unhappy” with GM's decision to close its North American plants. He believes that the United States has done a lot for GM, and GM “best” to open a new plant in Ohio. (Information source The Wall Street Journal; Compilation/Car Home Cai Liyuan)

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