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[YesAuto original test drive] Dongfeng Fengxing Automobile launched a 1.5L model equipped with AMT gearbox at the Guangzhou Auto Show at the end of last year, and this car has been officially launched on February 28, 2011. Last week, I was fortunate to be invited by the manufacturer to come to Beihai, Guangxi to participate in the test drive of the Fengxing Jingyi 1.5XL AMT model.

The 1.5XL AMT model launched this time has five configurations, and the price ranges from 69,900 yuan to 86,900 yuan. The car I tested was a luxury model with a price of 73,900 yuan. Everyone must be familiar with Jingyi. It was launched in 2007. However, due to the small selection of previous models and high pricing, it did not perform well in the market. Too satisfactory. Until last year, the manufacturer introduced a 1.5-liter model, and the smaller displacement engine has improved the economy a lot, coupled with the re-pricing, which has won the market recognition.

Power configuration: using AMT gearbox, the price increase is small

For a family car model, economy and price are two major aspects that everyone attaches great importance to. The launch of Jingyi 1.5XL just meets everyone's basic requirements for a family car. For congested urban road conditions, manual transmission models are not easy to drive, which also makes many consumers give up their choice. In order to meet the needs of more consumers, Jingyi 1.5XL has launched a model equipped with a 6-speed AMT gearbox.

The engine of Jingyi 1.5XL AMT is Mitsubishi's 4A91S engine. This 1.5-liter all-aluminum engine uses Mitsubishi MIVEC variable valve timing technology with a maximum power of 88kW (120 horsepower) and a maximum torque of 143N·m. The engine used in the AMT gearbox model is exactly the same as the manual transmission model. Compared with other independent brands of the same displacement engine, the power performance is still very good. Driving the body of about 1.3 tons of Jingyi does not appear to be very difficult.

It is matched with a 6-speed automatic manual AMT gearbox. The difference between the AMT gearbox and the ordinary automatic gearbox is that the former is equipped with an automatic shift mechanism controlled by the on-board computer on the basis of the manual gearbox. , So as to realize the operation of automatic shifting.

There is a certain difference between the operation of gears and ordinary AT gearboxes. Since AMT gearboxes are developed on the basis of manual gearboxes, they do not have the common parking gear (P gear) of automatic transmissions. ). Because it uses an automatic clutch design, when the upshift is engaged, the car will not move without stepping on the accelerator, especially on uphill road conditions. You must first refuel and then release the handbrake. There will be the phenomenon of slipping the car.

The most direct advantage brought by the use of AMT automatic transmission is to reduce the increase in price. Generally, manual gearboxes have a price difference of more than 10,000 yuan compared with automatic gearboxes, and the price of models using AMT gearboxes is only a few thousand yuan higher. For drivers who have obstacles to manual transmission models, AMT models provide easier operation without paying excessively high costs.

Working principle of AMT gearbox

AMT transmission is equipped with a set of electronically controlled hydraulic control system on the usual manual gearbox and clutch, which can achieve the purpose of automatically switching gears. The principle is to add a computer control system to the manual transmission (gear-type mechanical transmission MT) to complete the two actions of automatic clutch operation and gear selection.

Because the main body of the AMT is still the MT structure of the gear set, it continues the inherent advantages of gear transmission such as high transmission efficiency, compact mechanism and reliable operation. Its transmission efficiency is the same as that of a manual gearbox, which is significantly higher than that of a pure AT gearbox (the transmission efficiency of a manual gearbox is about 95%, and that of an automatic gearbox is about 88%), and the system will automatically Choose the best time to shift gears, thereby eliminating the wrong use of the engine, clutch and gearbox. It can avoid shifting wrong gears and no longer need the clutch pedal, which is convenient for novices. The driver can simply step on the accelerator pedal. Simply start and drive the car. It can also effectively control the timing of shifting gears.

The control process is basically to simulate the driver's operation. The ECU will take the driver's intention-accelerator pedal, gear selection; car working state-engine speed, throttle opening, vehicle speed, etc. as input signals, and then according to the shift schedule , Clutch control law, the output generated by the engine throttle adaptive adjustment law, comprehensive control and effective coordination of the throttle opening, clutch, and shift control. It can realize manual and automatic mode selection, so it has strong reliability and adaptability.

Driving experience: the gearbox is very smart

After reading the power configuration of Jingyi 1.5XL AMT, let's take a look at how it feels when driving. This AMT gearbox can still feel a more obvious sense of frustration during daily use, but such performance is temporarily unavoidable for all AMT gearboxes.

Throughout the driving process, I feel that the gearbox can react to my operations quickly. For example, when the gearbox is driving in 5th gear, suddenly stepping on the accelerator and making an overtaking action, it can downgrade by two gears. Increase the engine speed even in three gears to obtain higher power output. Compared with the AMT gearbox we tested before, its response is a bit more sensitive, the gear span is also smaller, and it can adapt to more kinds of road conditions.

When I operate in a gentle driving style, it can control the shift speed at around 2000 rpm, and when the vehicle speed reaches 80km/h, the engine speed is only 2000 rpm up and down. The lower speed guarantees The fuel economy of the engine. The 6-gear design makes the power connection between the gears closer, and the performance is smoother during acceleration.

In the case of manual mode, the response of the gearbox to the driver's operation can only be said to be basically satisfactory. Of course, we cannot have too high expectations for the shift speed of the AMT gearbox. In manual mode, when the engine speed reaches a certain level, the transmission will automatically upshift or downshift to ensure that the transmission can provide the driver with normal power output.

Jingyi is still good at controlling the noise outside the car during driving, but during the driving process, the sound of the plastic decorative parts of the door panels being forced to each other will be heard from time to time, and the overall performance is not good. The throttle is very light, it is easy to drive, and the engine responds directly to the throttle. The brake pedal performance is very linear, and the front and rear disc brakes also bring good braking effects to the vehicle.

Due to the higher body, the center of gravity of the vehicle itself has also been improved. In order to ensure that the outer wheels have sufficient support when turning, the suspension adjustment of Jingyi is more rigid. Although the tough suspension performance has an impact on the ride comfort, it has a good performance on the handling and the body's roll when turning.