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[YesAuto Connected Travel] Starting from the Bestune T77, FAW Bestune’s car networking department has been exploring a unique path, and iterating to the Bestune T99. Let me sum it up, it should be called “Mammoth” and “Ming Moonlight”. . Then, let’s talk together, where is the “mammoth” on the 2020 Pentium T99? Where does “Mingyue” shine?

The most obvious feature

In fact, Amber Virtual Beauty is a product jointly developed by Setaria Intelligent Technology and FAW Bestune. In addition to the Bestune T99, you can also find the “figures” of the young lady on some smart speakers and other products.

So I think that since it is aimed at young people, YOMI of “Amber False Face” needn't just be a voice assistant in the car and sell value-added skins. If you have the courage to go outside the cockpit and smart speakers, you might really be able to break out of the world. In turn, using the fan effect to promote the sales of the car itself is not a bad thing. Of course, it depends on whether the FAW Pentium or the “Setaria” has this thought.

It’s like entering the “Crystal Palace”

LCD instrument panel, central control, car control three screen glass plus “amber virtual face” coupled with this crystal block, Pentium seems to deliberately want to create a “shine” effect on the T99, the actual texture is indeed also Not bad.

The moon reflects the light of the sun. Similarly, in the Pentium T99 car, these prism designs, although not everyone likes it, seem to reflect the faint light. If you have a bigger brain, you might think that you have entered a “Crystal Palace.”

Function application

If you use one word to summarize the system functions of the Pentium T99, I would use the word “mammoth”, that is, although there are not many radical new ideas, the functions are generally large and complete. The conventional functions of the Pentium T99 can be said to be ineffective under the premise of meeting the needs of use. We will not go into details here, and only talk about the relatively distinctive features.

Support OneShot, that is, the wake-up word and the instruction are said together (for example: hello, YOMI, I am going to China Electronics Building), eliminating the need to wait for the voice wake-up feedback and then issue the instruction.

Active search or push information

We can regard it as an attempt by Pentium to increase revenue. This system is also a connected car system that has gone far in this field. If this kind of active recommendation is accurate enough, it will become a convenient service, but if it is not accurate enough, it may become an advertisement.

to sum up

Pentium T99 is a very special car in terms of hardware and software. The hardware has its own unique design ideas, although not necessarily in line with everyone's aesthetics, but the visual style is unified, original and special enough, I believe some people will like it. The software supports almost all the mainstream car networking functions currently on the market. It is large and comprehensive, with its own direction and thinking. In general, we believe that Pentium T99 has at least a set of useful and interesting car networking systems. So the last question is: when will YOMI get out of the circle? (Photo/Zheng Xu from the home of the car)