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[YesAuto Fresh Technology Interpretation] Recently, taking advantage of the launch of the new BMW Brilliance 3 Series, we once again entered the Tiexi plant of BMW Brilliance in Shenyang, Liaoning. Previously, we have visited this BMW Brilliance Tiexi factory, known as the “Leipzig of the East” many times, and this time we will take everyone into the paint shop and take a look at the body gluing workers taken over by the robot What kind of advanced technology does it contain?

Although it is not the first time to come to the Tiexi plant of BMW Brilliance, we will first have a brief understanding of the Tiexi plant as usual. The Tiexi plant is BMW Group’s 25th plant in the world, with a total investment of 1.5 billion euros. The plant started construction in June 2010 and officially put into production in May 2012.

The Tiexi plant of BMW Brilliance has four complete process workshops, including stamping workshop, body workshop, painting workshop and final assembly workshop. The current total annual production capacity is 300,000 vehicles, and the main production of BMW 3 series long/short wheelbase and X1 Model.

Next, we will focus on the body coating station in the paint shop. Painting, as the name implies, is to do some “surface work” of the vehicle. Simply understand it and spray paint on the body shell. The white body of a car will enter the paint shop after the body shop is completed. The processes include washing, degreasing and phosphating. , Electrophoresis, drying, sealant application, intermediate coating, paint, varnish, drying, inspection and final polishing, and the process we mainly visited in the paint shop today is “sealant application”.

The function of applying sealant is mainly to seal the joints of the steel plate of the car body. The weight of the anti-corrosion sealant required for a car body is about 4-6kg. The previous gluing treatment is mainly manual operation, but the width of the glue is applied. It is difficult to guarantee the thickness, thickness and uniformity. The glue production line of Tiexi Plant is completed by the advanced Value Cell robot glue coating system. This has standardized control of the glue width, thickness and other process requirements, while manual work stations Then perform operations such as removing the plugging parts and installing damping gaskets.

Gluing robots are mainly divided into two types: general glue and fine glue. The width of fine glue is less than 10mm. Before each glue application, the robot will calibrate the glue nozzle and perform a vision camera on the glued part. The dual positioning of photography and laser scanning ensures the accuracy of the painted parts of each car. The application of the PVC robot gluing process at the gluing station will greatly improve the corrosion resistance of the vehicle body, thereby prolonging the service life of the car body.

Full text summary:

The body is the foundation of a car, and the quality of its anti-corrosion treatment affects the service life of the entire car. From the perspective of the body coating stations in the paint shop of the BMW Brilliance Tiexi factory, the higher automation rate ensures the consistency of the body coating process standards, which is a strong guarantee for the quality and service life of the vehicles. At the same time, through the actual visit, it can be seen that regardless of the hardware equipment and the operating level of the on-site staff at the BMW Brilliance Tiexi Plant, they have reached the unified standards of the BMW Group worldwide. I believe that there will be more from this advanced plant in the future. Domestically produced BMW cars have entered our lives. (Photo/Text Car Home Gao Shuaipeng)

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