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At the just-opened 76th Geneva International Motor Show, as a leader in the global luxury car development trend, Mercedes-Benz brought its ultra-luxury lineup with a combination of nobility, luxury, sports, and environmental protection. The image is a grand exhibition.

At this auto show, many new sports cars of Mercedes-Benz were collectively unveiled, including not only the new SL two-seater sports car with more surging power and exquisite appearance, which was publicly unveiled in the world, but also the debut in Europe with more space. Brand new luxury off-road vehicle GL class with more driving experience. At the same time, the AMG series models, which can be regarded as a match made in heaven in the automotive industry and whose life is sports, are also on the stage. Among them are the AMG versions of the new SL two-seater sports cars that debuted in the world, the SL 55 AMG and SL 65 AMG, and the high-performance four-door coupes CLS 63 AMG and CLK 63 AMG coupes that create a fascinating driving experience with a powerful 8-cylinder engine and cutting-edge suspension technology. A sports car and a convertible, as well as a large sports wagon R 63 AMG that perfectly combines super large space and super driving pleasure.

The new SL two-seater sports car-the perfect combination of sensibility and rationality

In order to provide a more sporty maneuverability, the new Mercedes-Benz SL two-seater sports car has been optimized for the engine, transmission system and chassis, which makes the unique SL two-seater sports car show a more enjoyable dynamic driving experience , And continues its “SL legend” for more than 50 years. The new V6 and V8 engines and the powerful V12 engine provide drivers with confident driving pleasure. The second-generation active body control system and more direct steering system will contribute to a more sporty maneuverability, and continue to maintain the iconic feature of the SL two-seater: extraordinary comfort.

Even at a standstill, the redesigned front end, new taillights and new light alloy wheels of the new SL sports car are sufficient to reflect its more dynamic exterior characteristics. The new interior equipment and the application of meticulous new materials and color schemes give it a more luxurious sensory experience. In addition, as part of the optional 7-speed automatic transmission sports package (7G-TRONIC Sport), the shift switch on the steering wheel further highlights the dynamic characteristics of the new SL two-seater sports car.

The new GL class-a new bright spot in the off-road vehicle market

As a completely independent new model, the new GL-class model, which was unveiled for the first time in Europe, gives a luxury off-road vehicle a strong and noble style with a smooth surface, strong lines and distinctive details. Even when this luxury off-road vehicle is at a standstill, it has a forward-looking momentum.

The new GL-class is undoubtedly a new bright spot in the luxury sports utility vehicle market. Whether on a flat road or on a rugged mountain road, the new GL-class can exert excellent handling performance, and its luxurious carriage provides passengers with an extremely wide space and unparalleled comfort. The first integrated preventive safety system (PRE-SAFE) has made the new GL-class a pioneer, setting a new milestone among similar models.

In addition, the two world-first GL 320 CDI and GL 420 CDI models used cutting-edge diesel engine technology for the first time, successfully meeting the stringent Euro IV exhaust emission standards and reducing up to 99% of pollutants, achieving amazing environmental protection. achievement.

SL 55 AMG and SL 65 AMG-windy speed and passion

The new SL 55 AMG and SL 65 AMG also made their world debuts at the Geneva International Motor Show. These two high-performance AMG two-seater sports cars have been improved in engineering, design and equipment, providing a more distinguished driving experience. In the SL 55 AMG two-seater sports car, the further improved AMG 5.5-liter V8 supercharged engine uses a new supercharger and a larger throttle to improve the fresh air intake and increase the maximum power from 368kW/500 horsepower To 380kW/517 horsepower; the maximum torque has also increased from 700Nm to 720Nm.

In the two AMG two-seater sports cars, the AMG sports car suspension based on the second-generation active body control device has been further improved, reducing the body movement to an unprecedented level in dynamic conditions without affecting the high standard of ride comfort .

The newly developed AMG high-performance braking system uses large composite front wheel brake discs and aluminum six-piston fixed brake calipers, which can be controlled delicately and sensitively, and can achieve a very short braking distance and extraordinary The resistance to attenuation. In the top V12 models, the friction plate differential lock maximizes traction.

In addition, the improved exterior styling of the two AMG two-seater sports cars further highlights the dynamic characteristics. The front apron now has a more pronounced and dynamic “V-shaped” shape, and the fog lights have a chrome-plated frame. The front apron of the SL 65 AMG also has side air intakes to maximize airflow into the auxiliary oil cooler. Other improvements include the chrome trim and black ribs of the AMG radiator grille, and the new taillights in special AMG colors. Inside the AMG two-seater sports car, pure new-style carbon trims also create a sporty atmosphere.

CLS 63 AMG-unparalleled power factor and torque

The extraordinary new CLS 63 AMG has outstanding performance, dynamic styling and high-end interiors. This four-door coupe is equipped with a 6.3-liter V8 AMG engine developed entirely by Mercedes-AMG. Among the naturally aspirated 8-cylinder engines mass-produced globally, the new 378kW/514 horsepower AMG engine has unparalleled power coefficient and torque. The superb new CLS 63 AMG has an acceleration time of only 4.5 seconds from standstill to 100 km/h, and a top speed of 250 km/h (speed limit).

The high-performance engine of the new CLS 63 AMG is equipped with an AMG 7-speed manual transmission (SPEEDSHIFT 7G-TRONIC), and is equipped with an aluminum steering wheel shift switch derived from F1 technology, providing a leisurely ride between automatic and manual shifting. Driving pleasure. At the same time, in order to match the high-power engine, CLS 63 AMG also uses a new AMG sports car suspension and a new AMG high-performance braking system. The new AMG sports car suspension is based on an air suspension system (AIRMATIC DC) combined with an adaptive damping system (ADS II). Because the front wheels use composite brakes, and all wheels use ventilated porous brake discs, the new AMG high-performance brake system can provide the most sufficient braking force.

The shape of the new CLS 63 AMG also incorporates strong AMG sports elements, and the internal equipment uses high-quality materials, highlighting the sporty characteristics and unique qualities. Standard equipment includes AMG sports car bucket seats and Napa leather covering, AMG ergonomic sports car steering wheel and new aluminum AMG shift switch, as well as new AMG instrument panel and speedometer scale and red pointer with readings up to 320 km/h.

CLK 63 AMG-Coupe and Roadster

The CLK 63 AMG coupe and roadster that debuted at the Geneva International Motor Show are also equipped with an AMG 6.3-liter V8 engine, creating a stunning driving experience. The power and torque of the CLK 63 AMG are 354kW/481 horsepower and 630Nm, respectively, reaching unparalleled levels in the same class. The new AMG 7-speed manual transmission (SPEEDSHIFT 7G-TRONIC) also makes the CLK 63 AMG more perfect, ensuring dynamic power transmission.

The new AMG sports car suspension, the new AMG light alloy wheels, and the luxurious and dynamic standard equipment add a noble and sporty theme to the CLK series. In addition, the front wheels are also equipped with a new AMG high-performance compound brake system.

The dynamic AMG body styling uses a more prominent new front apron and side vents, thus highlighting the product positioning of the CLK 63 AMG, a sporty flagship model that combines dynamics and nobility. The internal equipment of the two 8-cylinder models also reflects the dynamics and dignity, such as the new AMG ergonomic steering wheel, a variety of imitation AMG sports car seats and premium Napa leather cover.

R 63 AMG-a sports car that provides driving pleasure for 6 passengers

The AMG 6.3-liter V8 engine equipped with CLS 63 AMG and CLK 63 AMG is also used in R 63 AMG. This AMG large sports wagon has a maximum power of 375kW/510 horsepower and a maximum torque of 630Nm, and adopts full-time all-wheel drive technology, which can bring unprecedented sports performance, spacious space and first-class performance to six passengers. The comfort.

The combination of AMG 7-speed manual transmission (SPEEDSHIFT 7G-TRONIC), all-wheel drive, AMG high-performance braking system and AMG sports car suspension (combining air suspension and adaptive damping system) provides the highest level of active safety, And suitable for sporty and comfortable driving style. The newly designed front and rear skirts on the basis of AMG's typical shape embodies a full sense of movement.

In terms of environmental protection and energy saving, which best reflect the development trend of automobiles, Mercedes-Benz also fully demonstrated the latest achievements and long-term plans in this field. The specific exhibited models include the GL 320 CDI and GL 420 CDI, which use cutting-edge diesel engine technology, and the Vision CLS 320 BLUETEC and Vision GL 320 BLUETEC, which represent the cleanest generation of diesel vehicles in the world today. At the same time, there is also the CLS 350 CGI, which uses efficient transmission technology and a spray-guided gasoline direct injection system. It is understood that this model will enter the market in the second half of this year.

The cleanest diesel engine application in the world-BLUETEC technology

The innovative modular BLUETEC technology component from Mercedes-Benz is a high-tech diesel engine power transmission system with the potential to meet the most stringent emission standards around the world.

Mercedes-Benz will show two models of Vision CLS 320 BLUETEC and Vision GL 320 BLUETEC, which represent a new generation of diesel vehicle models, both of which use advanced BLUETEC technology and can be regarded as the cleanest diesel vehicles in the world in each category. . In addition, Mercedes-Benz CDI models also have the inherent advantages of diesel engine models such as torque, fuel economy and longer travel. Mercedes-Benz plans to apply BLUETEC technology to the European passenger car market by 2008 at the latest.

CLS 350 CGI-the second generation gasoline direct injection system

After in-depth development, Mercedes-Benz is the first in the world to launch a gasoline engine using high-efficiency transmission technology and a spray-guided direct injection system. It is expected that the CLS coupe equipped with a 6-cylinder diesel engine (215kW/292 horsepower) using this latest technology will be launched in the second half of this year. According to relevant test data, in the European driving environment, this innovative injection technology from Mercedes-Benz reduces fuel consumption compared with the high-efficiency V6 gasoline engine that uses port injection and fully variable valve phase. 10%: The fuel consumption of CLS 350 CGI is only 9.1-9.3 liters/100 kilometers. Therefore, Mercedes-Benz's second-generation gasoline direct injection system not only significantly increases output power, but also greatly improves fuel economy.

At the same time, Maybach, an ultra-luxury brand that best represents the noble and luxurious quality of the Mercedes-Benz brand, also participated collectively with Maybach 57, Maybach 62 and Maybach 57S (special edition). Among them, as a new member of the Maybach family, the Maybach 57S (special edition), which debuted in Asia at the Shanghai Auto Show last year and entered China, is favored for its perfect combination of ultra-luxury quality and amazing sports style, and fully embodies the Maybach brand. Aloof position in the ultra-luxury car market.

Maybach 57S (Special Edition)-the perfect interpretation of extreme luxury

As a new model of the super luxury brand Maybach, the Maybach 57S (special edition) has more powerful dynamic performance and personalized equipment. It is equipped with a 6-liter V12 twin-turbocharged engine jointly developed with Mercedes-AMG. Its power is 45kW/62 horsepower higher than the previous Maybach 57, reaching 450kW/612 horsepower. At the same time, this engine also gives the Maybach 57S (special edition) an amazing acceleration, which only takes 5 seconds to accelerate from a standstill to 100 km/h. With the improvement of overall power performance, the style of the suspension system of the Maybach 57S (special edition) has become more sporty, providing a dreamlike driving experience for car owners who pursue driving pleasure.

In the interior design, Maybach 57S (special edition) continues Maybach's interpretation of the concept of high performance, extraordinary handling and extreme luxury. In the Maybach 57S (special edition), all the leather is hand-stitched real leather, and the overall tone is very consistent, thus creating a distinctive and elegant interior style, further enhancing its distinctive and extremely noble vision effect.

There is no doubt that the Maybach 57S (Special Edition) combines modern luxury, extreme comfort and high-tech technology into one, creating the most unique and beautiful scenery in the ultra-luxury car field.