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[Auto House Race] After the Brazilian Grand Prix, Hamilton immediately ended his cold relationship with Massa and embraced his Ferrari opponent. During the competition, Hamilton experienced several battles with rival Massa, including collisions at Monaco, Britain, Singapore, Japan and India.

The two have never talked about their relationship. Massa once said that Hamilton was indifferent to him in Singapore, and Hamilton hinted that he did not need to talk to his opponent. But in order to resolve the tension of this season, Hamilton took the initiative to go to Ferrari's touring car to find Massa who was talking to the Brazilian reporter.

Regarding Hamilton’s goodwill, Massa said: “I have never opposed him. I always respect him, even after so many things have happened this year. I think it’s great that he can come here because I won’t go. Take the initiative to find him, because I did nothing wrong this year.”

Hamilton said of his actions: “This has been a long and difficult year for all drivers. I hope everyone can have a good winter break. It is very good to have a pleasant conversation with Massa after the race. Yes, I respect him very much and I am already looking forward to racing with him next year.”

Ferrari team leader Domenicali also praised Hamilton's initiative to find Massa: “I am very happy to see Hamilton come over today and embrace Massa, because at the end of the day, there is nothing better than this. ,” Domenicali explained. “This is a very good gesture. I am very satisfied with this solution. I am really happy.”

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