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[YesAuto Use Car Collection] Affected by the epidemic, the 2020 Beijing Auto Show has been postponed to September, and some blockbuster new car launches have also changed from offline to online. For car enthusiasts, the auto show may be a large-scale offline event for this group, sooner or later. It doesn't matter, as long as it is held. But for people who have car purchase needs, the indicators in their hands are about to expire, and the auto show that can “leak” cannot arrive as scheduled. What should be done?

From April 20th to May 10th, 2020, the “China Spring Cloud Auto Show” organized by Autohome and sponsored by the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Automobile Industry Branch officially kicked off, with big data, intelligent AR technology, and full scene coverage , WEB3D technology, deep integration of the auto show and the Internet, to create a car buying experience that does not go out and enjoy car purchase discounts at home. Let's take a look at how to play this “Cloud Auto Show”.

Written at the end:

On the whole, there are many ways to play at this Spring Cloud Auto Show. For prospective car buyers, some “leaks” are still worth picking up. Of course, subject to model factors, there may be some intentional models that are not subsidized, but they are similar to owner cards and various types. Small items such as shopping vouchers can also make you a little rewarding. Of course, if you are just visiting the exhibition, some different small activities can also meet your fun needs. In short, compared to every physical auto show that “broken legs”, the online auto show that visits the auto show anytime and anywhere is still very fragrant. (Photo/Text Car Home Li Xiang)