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[YesAuto Interview with Car Owners] For those gay men who are over middle-aged, it is time to choose a medium-sized car that is suitable for business and IKEA and has a larger space. Those with affluent budget can directly buy BBA models, but friends who are not so rich. , You can consider medium-sized cars of non-luxury brands, and the Ford Taurus is a good choice. Below, let’s take a look at how three Taurus owners evaluate their cars.

●The first owner: Mr. Li

Mr. Li’s car is the EcoBoost 245 Extreme with a guide price of 288,800 yuan. It is the highest equipped model among the three car owners interviewed by this owner. It was purchased in July 2016 and it has run about 18,000 kilometers. When driving, I want a car with more space and higher configuration.

●Car purchase experience

Because of his work, Mr. Li usually drives some benchmark models of medium-sized cars, such as Passat, LaCrosse, Accord, etc., and also often drives the company's Audi A6L. After winning the number, Mr. Li started to choose the car through the car home. The goal of his work is very clear, which is to have a car with a large space and high configuration that can guarantee comfort. Before deciding to buy a Taurus, I hesitated about Crown and Lacrosse. Because the crown configuration of the same price is lower than the Taurus, I gave up the crown. When it came time to give up LaCrosse, Mr. Li said that he felt that the materials used for the LaCrosse chassis were not solid. In the end, I chose the current Ford Taurus EcoBoost 245 Extreme, with a cash discount of 25,000 yuan when buying the car, but what made Mr. Li upset was that the 4S store charged a 2,000 yuan out-of-warehousing fee when he picked up the car.

In terms of appearance, Mr. Li felt that the performance of the Taurus was quite satisfactory. When buying a car, he did not pay much attention to the appearance of the appearance. What is more important is the inner things. When it comes to where the Taurus was the most attractive at the time, Mr. Li said that It must be space and power, so this kind of appearance without any advantages and disadvantages is still acceptable.

Mr. Li’s car is a high-end model, so when talking about the interior, Mr. Li first talked about the commonly used and infrequently used functions, such as Bluetooth function, seat ventilation/heating, etc., which are often used, and most of the vehicles Configurations can be used, and the least commonly used functions are automatic parking and car navigation. Speaking of the best configuration, Mr. Li said that the active brake is very good, and he has avoided several accidents when driving away.

Speaking of space, Mr. Li said he was very satisfied. When he bought a car, he wanted to buy a car with a large space. After the actual experience, he found that the rear space of the Taurus performed very well and was also very comfortable, especially the rear seat adjustment, With independent air-conditioning and other functions, in daily life, both friends and family like to ride the Taurus car.

The Taurus’s rear row does not support falling down, but Mr. Li said that it’s not a problem. The trunk space itself is already sufficient, and the depth, height, and width are all very good.

In terms of power, Mr. Li said that this car has sufficient power. He usually drives his power on call and is very satisfied, but he is not so satisfied with this gearbox. The setback is more serious when upshifting, and when downshifting. The performance is slightly better, and in the case of a cold car, the setback is especially obvious when the third gear is up to the fourth gear, and it is better after the hot car. Talking about the performance of noise, Mr. Li said that this car is really suitable for driving at high speeds, because all aspects of noise are well suppressed, and the ride is very comfortable, quiet and classy. The performance of the suspension is not satisfactory to the car owner, it is a bit turbulent, and for the incomplete filtering of small vibrations, there will be excess vibrations.

Usually, Mr. Li uses most of the cars in the city, and only one-third of the high-speed traffic. Urban road conditions will be more congested, so the fuel consumption of 11.5L/100km is acceptable. The vehicle has undergone a total of 3 maintenances. The first warranty is free. The second maintenance cost more than 1,000 yuan. After that, I participated in an event organized by a 4S shop, which cost more than 3,000 yuan. It was given 6 basic maintenance, so there was no extra for the third maintenance. Spend money.

●Owner's summary:

In the end, Mr. Li scored 80 points for his car. Of the 20 points that were deducted, 10 points were deducted for the performance of the chassis, and some inverted chassis affected the driving quality of the vehicle, and the other 10 points were deducted for the gear shift. In terms of box performance, apart from these two items, Mr. Li can be said to be very satisfied with the performance of the vehicle. Finally, Mr. Li expressed the hope that Ford can improve its after-sales service and take more care of old customers, such as upgrading some firmware for old customers' vehicles.

●The second owner: Mr. Li

Mr. Li's car is the 2015 Taurus EcoBoost 245 luxury model with a guide price of 268,800 yuan. It was purchased in June 2016 and has now run 24,000 kilometers. At the beginning, he wanted to change to a car with more space.

●Car purchase experience:

This Taurus is Mr. Li’s third car. The previous two cars were Geely Emgrand EC7 and Volkswagen POLO. Because of family needs, the previous cars were too small, so Mr. Li’s goal is very clear, which is to have a big car. , I often drive Audi A6L at work, and I am full of affection for A6L. At the same time, I also consider Mercedes-Benz E-Class, but because I just bought a house at home, I don’t want to add too much financial pressure to buying a car, and A6L and E-Class have low configurations. low. Therefore, I chose this Taurus in the end. There was a discount of 18,000 yuan when buying a car. Mr. Li chose to take a loan to buy the car, and the handling fee plus some other fees received a lot of money.

In terms of appearance, Mr. Li said that he likes the headlight design the most, and it also has the function of the follow-up headlight. The waistline of the vehicle also looks very calm. He likes this style very much, and it performs well in terms of body length, which is comparable to the same level. Compared with the model, there is no disadvantage, and I am very satisfied. At the same time, Mr. Li also said that the left rearview mirror of his car should be smaller, which has a big blind spot.

The design of the center console is also very attractive to Mr. Li. It seems that Mr. Li really appreciates this kind of golden mean. When it comes to configuration, Mr. Li is a person who does not rely on high-tech configuration, so many functions are really not commonly used, such as seat ventilation and navigation, which are almost never used.

In normal work, Mr. Li often picks up customers, so he has certain requirements for the trunk space. Taurus did not let him down. The flat space can fit a few suitcases, which can meet his needs.

Usually, Mr. Li often drives the company’s Audi A6L. He said that the power of the Taurus is stronger than the 2.0T A6L, but the transmission performance is not as good as the A6L, the shift speed is relatively slow, and the moment the car is engaged when starting the car, the car will Going forward a bit makes people feel uncomfortable, but the performance after driving is OK. In terms of suspension, Mr. Li said that the suspension of the Taurus is relatively hard, which affects the comfort of the ride.

Usually, Mr. Li mainly uses cars in the city, and the road conditions are relatively congested, so the fuel consumption on the surface has reached 12.6L/100km, but this fuel consumption is also acceptable, after all, Beijing is too congested. Mr. Li's car was maintained 4 times. The first warranty was free, and the second time cost 1180 yuan. After that, he also participated in the event, so there was no extra cost for the two maintenance.

●Owner's summary:

In the end, Mr. Li scored 90 points for his car, and 10 points were deducted because the suspension was harder. Finally, Mr. Li complained about the service attitude of the 4S shop and felt very angry. He went to the 4S shop many times to do errands. The after-sales service staff's indifferent attitude made him very helpless, and many small problems could not be effectively solved. I hope the manufacturer And related 4S stores can pay more attention to customer experience, and Mr. Li also complained about the fact that the model update is too fast. He feels that the new Taurus has been upgraded in terms of configuration, and the price has not increased. Some of them make old customers feel unhappy and hope Manufacturers can take more care of old customers.

●The third owner: Mr. Sun

Mr. Sun’s car is the 2015 Taurus EcoBoost fashion model with a guide price of 248,800 yuan. It is the lowest model in this owner’s interview. It was purchased in June 2016 and it has run 53,000 kilometers so far. There are a lot of them. When I bought a car, I wanted a bigger car.

●Car purchase experience:

Because of work reasons, Mr. Sun has driven many kinds of cars before, and he has also changed four or five cars. He used to have old Jetta, Elysee, Roewe 350 and so on. He wanted a bigger car, so he started to look at the car. At the beginning, I also considered Passat and Audi A4L, because the Taurus is indeed more cost-effective, so I gave up other options. There is a discount of 20,000 yuan when buying a car. When talking about the outgoing fee, Mr. Sun said that he also had this fee when buying a car. It was 1,000 yuan, which was also a bit uncomfortable.

For the appearance of the entire Taurus vehicle, what Mr. Sun admires most is the design of the front face. He thinks the shape of the big mouth is very beautiful, but besides the front face, other places are not unsightly.

When it comes to the interior, Mr. Sun first complained about the chrome strip. When driving on a sunny day, the chrome strip will be dazzling, which may affect driving safety. Secondly, he complained about the card when the storage compartment cover is pushed in. At that time, when I first bought a car, because I didn't pay attention, many times, parking cards and bank cards were pushed in. In addition to these two points, Mr. Sun is satisfied with other aspects, and many functions and configurations are relatively easy to use.

Usually, family members often ride in Mr. Sun’s car, so the performance of the rear space is also a major consideration for his car purchase at that time, and the Taurus has been unanimously approved by the family, and there is no problem with the rear legroom and headroom. The performance of the trunk space is also very good, unconventional, but the cover of the trunk lock has been broken shortly after the car was bought, and the 4S shop has also repaired it, but it has not been repaired, and it has been so broken now.

In terms of power, Mr. Sun said that it is very useful. This 2.0T engine has a sufficient power reserve and is very confident when accelerating and overtaking. However, the gearbox performance is very average. You can feel the frustration during daily driving. The vehicle will still shake after parking. After getting up, the jitter problem disappeared.

In daily use, urban roads are the main ones, so Mr. Sun said that the fuel consumption is completely acceptable. It seems that the fuel consumption performance of the three car owners is similar, all in the early 11L/100km. Because Mr. Sun's car has a lot of mileage, he can't remember how many maintenances his car has done, but the first few maintenances are given as a gift when buying the car, and a basic maintenance should be about 1,000 yuan afterwards.

●Owner's summary:

In the end, Mr. Sun scored 90 points for his car, and he also complained that the service attitude of the 4S shop was not very good. When the vehicle had a problem, the 4S shop and the owner did not communicate smoothly, so the 10 points were deducted from the service. Mr. Sun expressed the hope that in the future 4S shops will play less word games when communicating with customers or holding maintenance activities. Because the mileage is relatively large, so I have done many maintenances, and every 4S shop will ask the car owner to participate in the recharge. The maintenance activity is actually not as good as the normal price. I hope that the 4S shop can actually serve customers in the future.

●Full text summary:

The three car owners are not young anymore, and they need such a stable and large space model. It can be seen that the three car owners are very satisfied with the performance of the Taurus in terms of power and space, but it is a pity that the gearbox is frustrated. I believe that if the performance of the gearbox is better, the Taurus car will be loved by more consumers. Another point to note is that Ford should indeed control the attitude of 4S stores. All three car owners expressed disappointment with the service of 4S stores. This is enough to explain the problem. If these two problems can be solved, according to the price advantage of the Taurus dislocation competition, I believe that the sales performance will be much better than it is now.