[YesAuto Racing Exposure] After Porsche returned to the Le Mans 24 Hours with a high profile, some people couldn't help but think of another team that had been away from Le Mans for a long time-Ferrari, so they made the following picture with a computer, a Ferrari LaFerrari A hypothetical picture of Le Mans racing.

This imaginary picture was designed by a young Italian architecture student and is based on the Le Mans LMP1 race car designed by Ferrari LaFerrari. After the hypothetical pictures were completed, F1 driver Kimi Raikkonen reposted these hypothetical pictures on his Facebook, and they received widespread attention from fans.

According to previous reports by the German automotive media AMS, Ferrari may decide whether to return to Le Mans, but this has not been officially confirmed. Earlier, Stefano Domenicali, the head of the Ferrari F1 team at the time, also hinted at this possibility. He said: “The introduction of the new turbocharged engine into the F1 first-level program racing car will develop some interesting racing projects. “Also, Ferrari's new F1 power system can be easily applied to the Le Mans LMP1 prototype car.

The Ferrari Le Mans team has won nine Le Mans 24 Hours. Their last participation was in 1973. If Ferrari really decides to return to Le Mans, then foreign media speculate that their first prototype car may be completed before 2015, and they are ready to participate in the 2015 season. (Compilation/Auto House Guo Feng)