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[YesAuto Wonderful Car Life] Recently, Mazda released a metal casting egg cooker designed in the shape of a rotor, MAZDA EX-7. This product demonstrates Mazda's production attitude towards product manufacturing process excellence. However, this egg cooker is currently only sold internally by Mazda, and it will take some time to be launched on the market.

This “rotor type” egg cooker is not only excellent in workmanship, but also very practical. The appearance adopts a nickel-plated manufacturing process similar to that of high-precision automotive metal parts. The egg cooker has a diameter of 15.5 cm and a height of 9 cm, and can put 6 eggs at one time. It also mainly incorporates the concept of environmental protection. You only need to put 2 cm of water in the pot. If you want to eat the soft-boiled eggs, you need to cover the pot and cook for 14 minutes after boiling the water, and cook for 18 minutes if they are fully cooked.

The MAZDA EX-7 egg cooker uses the triangular rotor shape of the Wankel engine in its design, and incorporates the environmental protection concept of SKYACTIV technology. Mazda's corporate culture of excellence and its excellent “craftsman spirit” ensure product reliability. In addition, it is said that this egg cooker can also be used in the central gear-shaped position, so a total of 7 eggs can be boiled, which is the origin of the MAZDA EX-7 name.