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[YesAuto Model PK] In April this year, I don’t know if it was a coincidence or a fateful arrangement. Changan Ford and Mazda respectively released Mondeo and ATENZA in China. These two sports-oriented mid-sized cars came to us . At the Shanghai Auto Show, the aggressive-looking players in these two mid-size cars have already had a tentative warm-up match (click to view the comparison article). Now that their configuration and price have been announced, there are no secrets to each other, and the next step is to fight with real swords and guns without reservation. Their confrontation reminds me of the South American duo Brazil and Argentina on the football field. Maybe they are not the last kings, but they are the best interpreters of offensive football. The pleasing game is naturally not to be missed.

Compare models this time
Model Mondeo 2.0L GTDi240 luxury sports Mazda ATENZA 2.0L standard
Official guide price 242,800 238,800
Spread 4000 Yuan

Mazda ATENZA is imported. The domestically produced model is expected to be on the market early next year. It currently only has a 2.0L standard model with a price of 238,800. To be fair, we chose the 2.0L GTDi240 luxury sports model with the closest price to it in the Mondeo camp as its rival. The price difference between the two models is only 4000 yuan. In addition, since both models were launched soon, there are no market offers in most regions.

Appearance: Mondeo is aggressive, Mazda ATENZA is soft

As the two main sports-style mid-sized cars, Mondeo and Mazda ATENZA are very distinctive in appearance, at least in the queue of the same level of models, they look different. Compared with Mondeo-Zhisheng, Mondeo adopts the highly recognizable and aggressive “Aston Martin” front face, which is full of toughness. Of course, Mazda ATENZA is not an easy one. Although its lines are softer, its wide open mouth and fierce eyes seem to tell Mondeo: “Who is afraid of whom?”

Mondeo and Mazda ATENZA body size comparison
Model Mondeo Mazda ATENZA
Length (mm) 4860 4870
Width (mm) 1854 1840
Height (mm) 1480 1450
Wheelbase (mm) 2850 2830

In terms of body size, the length of Mondeo is 10mm shorter than that of Mazda ATENZA, and the three data of width, height and wheelbase surpassed its opponents by 14mm, 30mm and 20mm respectively. It can be seen that Mondeo's “experience” seems to be older. Although the body length is not as good as that of its opponents, the wheelbase data is more prominent. Whether this advantage can be transformed into a winning position in riding space, we will talk about it later.

Personally, I really like the slender sides of the two models. This simple and clear design style makes them look refreshing. In terms of tire selection, Mondeo uses Goodyear EfficientGrip tires with a specification of 235/45 R18, and the market price is about 1,300 yuan/piece. Mazda ATENZA’s “Bigfoot” is believed to be liked by more young people. Its specifications are 225/45 R19, which looks even more domineering.

Just like the comparison of the front face, there are obvious differences in the tail design style of the two models. The Mondeo 2.0L GTDi240 luxury sports model has a spoiler, LED taillights and chrome-plated dual exhaust pipes, making it look more thorough. Mazda ATENZA continues to show us its soft beauty, with a slight lack of individual elements.

Interior: Mondeo sports to the end, Mazda ATENZA is slightly calm

Since they choose to focus on sports, their interiors coincidentally use all black as the main color, at least most of the models seen in the exhibition hall are like this. Of course, they also have beige, home-like hue for everyone to choose from.

If they are two people, then Mondeo's character is bold and resolute in everything. Mazda ATENZA is calm, think twice before acting. It can be seen that the interior atmosphere of Mondeo will carry out the movement to the end, while Mazda ATENZA has left it alone, which looks slightly stable. In terms of materials, the two models can be at the upper-middle level in the same level of models. Of course, Mazda ATENZA is even better in comparison.

Their steering wheels are all three-spoke designs, and are wrapped in leather, which feels great. In contrast, Mazda ATENZA's steering wheel is sturdy and moderate, with a more substantial grip, and it is more exquisite than Mondeo in terms of materials. Of course, Mondeo also has its own advantages, it integrates a large number of function keys, human-computer interaction, Bluetooth phone, audio control, driving computer information control and cruise control, etc. can be found on it.

From the multimedia panels on both sides, we can see that Mondeo has the courage to break through the tradition in design. It uses touch buttons, which is really new to most people. But in actual experience, this kind of button is easier to accidentally cause accidental touch, and it is not as convenient to use as the traditional ordinary button on Mazda ATENZA. In addition, their central control large screen function is not much different, and Mondeo wins the screen large enough. As for the damping and touch of the buttons and knobs, both models performed very well.

Mondeo and Mazda ATENZA skylight size comparison           
Model Mondeo Mazda ATENZA
Length (mm) 450 410
Width (mm) 670 740
Can be opened (mm) 350 325
Openable area (㎡) 0.2345 0.2405
Skylight area (㎡) 0.3015 0.3034

The sunroof sizes of the two models have their own winners and losers. Among them, the length of Mondeo is 40mm longer than the Mazda ATENZA, and the width is 70mm less. According to the statistics in the above table, although Mondeo is inferior to Mazda ATENZA in terms of openable area, its length is better, and the actual field of vision is not too bad.

Space: Mondeo performed well, Mazda Atenza qualified

Although Mondeo and Mazda ATENZA both focus on sports, for this class of models, if you want to really have the last laugh, it is not enough to rely on the exterior and interior surfaces. Next, we will consider its hard power through several aspects such as riding space, storage space and trunk volume.

Comparison of interior space between Mondeo and Mazda ATENZA (unit: mm)
Model Mondeo Mazda ATENZA
Front row height 945 940
After the row height 935 910
The smallest-maximum space for the front leg 860-1115 860-1090
The smallest-maximum space for the rear leg 645-905 690-935
Front row width 1560 1530
Rear width 1560 1510

Before entering the actual experience, let's take a look at the above sets of data. Mondeo has an advantage in front and rear row heights, which are 5mm and 25mm higher than Mazda ATENZA respectively. What is surprising is that with a longer wheelbase, it is inferior to its opponents in terms of rear leg space. This slightly dramatic change makes their actual space contrast suddenly suspense.

The seat paddings of Mondeo and Mazda ATENZA are relatively soft and very comfortable to sit on, ensuring everyone's minimum comfort needs. Of course, their seat adjustment functions are equally powerful, and both support ten-way adjustment. In addition, from the actual experience, the front headroom performance of the two models is quite satisfactory. Because the front center of the Mazda ATENZA can be adjusted back and forth, it can meet the needs of different passengers.

The experiencer sits in the back row, and the rear legroom of the two models is two punches. This is only a qualified level in the same level of models, but considering their sports orientation, this is still acceptable and understandable. In terms of head space, Mondeo, with four-finger space, has a slight advantage. Through experience, although the middle of their rear seats are not suitable for adults to ride for a long time, the degree of raised floor of Mondeo is not as severe as that of Mazda ATENZA. In addition, from the design treatment point of view, Mondeo is obviously older. It uses a stretchable cup holder, while Mazda ATENZA directly places the cup holder on the front of the armrest. The user experience is a bit worse. On the whole, Mondeo did a better job in this round.

Their front and rear door panels have storage compartments. Mondeo's space advantage is reflected in the width, which can hold more things, while Mazda ATENZA can only accommodate a water bottle. In other details, both models have their own highlights. Mondeo can take items from the center console storage compartment on both sides, and the glove box is also specially equipped with a mesh bag, which makes people feel more intimate. Mazda ATENZA has a small storage compartment in the front cup holder. In this round of competition, Mondeo is slightly better than Mazda Atenza.

Mondeo and Mazda ATENZA trunk comparison           
Model Mondeo Mazda ATENZA
Conventional depth (mm) 1110 1060
Maximum depth (mm) 2025 2020
Minimum width (mm) 920 1030
Height (mm) 460 490

Their rear seats all support 4/6 scale down, but in the way of down, Mondeo's wrenches are located on both sides of the rear seats, and the design is more user-friendly. From the data point of view, the depth, conventional depth and maximum depth of Mondeo win are 50mm and 5mm more than Mazda ATENZA respectively. The advantage of Mazda ATENZA lies in the width and height, which are 110mm and 30mm more than Mondeo respectively. On the whole, the trunk volume of the two models is not a problem to meet the daily requirements.

Configuration: Both parties have bright spots, and Mondeo is more practical

Because Mazda ATENZA has only one model, the price is 238,800. The Mondeo 2.0L GTDi240 luxury sports model compared with it this time is 4,000 yuan more expensive than it, and the price is close. Therefore, their competition is relatively fair and has more reference value for purchase.

Mondeo and Mazda ATENZA configuration comparison
Model Mondeo 2.0L GTDi240 luxury sports Mazda ATENZA 2.0L Standard
Knee airbag
Tire pressure monitoring device
Front parking radar ○ (optional)
Heated front seats
Xenon headlights
LED headlights
Headlight cleaning device
Rearview mirror memory
Engine start-stop technology

Judging from the number of small black dots above, the configuration gap between the two models is not too large. Mondeo’s advantageous configuration is knee airbags, tire pressure monitoring device, front seat heating, LED headlights and rearview mirror memory function, while Mazda ATENZA has xenon headlights, headlight cleaning device, front parking radar and i -STOP start-stop system. In addition, Mondeo can also be equipped with options such as automatic parking, lane departure warning system, active safety system and adaptive cruise. Comprehensive comparison, Mondeo's configuration is slightly better than Mazda ATENZA in terms of practicality and safety, especially tire pressure monitoring and knee airbags.

Motivation: Mondeo has an absolute advantage

Motivation is the least suspenseful contest between the two sides. Mondeo is equipped with a 2.0T engine with a maximum power of 242 horsepower and a peak torque of 350N·m. In contrast, the 2.0L engine of the “Chuang Chi Blue Sky” series equipped by Mazda ATENZA is much inferior in terms of parameters. Its maximum power is 155 horsepower and the maximum torque is 200N·m.

Mondeo and Mazda ATENZA power comparison
Model Mondeo 2.0L GTDi240 luxury sports Mazda ATENZA 2.0L Standard
Maximum horsepower (Ps) 242 155
Maximum power (kW) 178 114
Maximum power speed (rpm) 5500 6000
Maximum torque (N·m) 350 200
Maximum torque speed (rpm) 3000 4000

Both models are equipped with a 6-speed automated manual transmission. In addition, in terms of chassis, Mondeo and Mazda ATENZA both use a Ferson plus rear multi-link suspension combination. Therefore, for them, the biggest gap lies in the engine.

Full text summary:

In the mid-size car that generally pursues stability and vitality, the arrival of Mondeo and Mazda ATENZA will undoubtedly inject more vitality into this class. In terms of styling, the two models have different styles. Mondeo has the rigidity of American cars and looks very aggressive. Mazda ATENZA's soft lines all over the body, a bit soft and overpowering. As for who looks better, I believe everyone's choices are different.

Mondeo 2013 2.0L GTDi240 Luxury Sports

Model Homepage| Parameters Configuration| Picture| Word of Mouth| Model Quotation
Manufacturer's guide price


ATENZA (import) 2013 model 2.0L standard

Model Homepage| Parameters Configuration| Picture| Word of Mouth| Model Quotation
Manufacturer's guide price


The brave wins when the narrow road meets, the wise wins when the brave meets. In terms of configuration and space practicability, Mondeo seems to know more about the details to please consumers. Storage compartments and rear seats are more practical and convenient. Tire pressure monitoring, front seat heating, and knee airbags are all more practical configurations. In contrast, Mazda ATENZA does not have many bright spots in configuration except for the exquisite workmanship and i-STOP start-stop system.

For them, the biggest watershed lies in power. The Mondeo equipped with a 2.0T engine has the upper hand, and Mazda ATENZA is much weaker in front of it. On the whole, Mondeo's performance is better, and I prefer to recommend it. As for Mazda ATENZA, unless you are particularly fond of imported quality, you might as well wait for it to be made in China. I believe the waiting time will not be too long. It is reported that its domestically produced models are expected to be launched early next year. It is expected that by then, the price will be lower and the model version will be more abundant, it will be more capable of breaking the wrist with Mondeo.

After reading the comparison, have you become more interested in them? If you are interested in ordering a car, you can click on the following link (click here for Mondeo, click here for Mazda ATENZA), and there will be 4S shop staff promptly contact If you want to know more about the discount information of 4S stores, please click here for Mondeo and click here for Mazda ATENZA.

Thanks to the following dealers for providing the photographed vehicles in the article——

Guangdong Guangwu Fuheng Store Address: Ruibao Road, Dongxiao South Road, Haizhu District, Guangzhou Tel: 400-868-2915

Guangdong Wutong Yuda Automobile Co., Ltd. Address: No. 888, Airport Road, No. 41, West Racecourse (Guangwudian), Wutong Automobile City (Racing Shop), No. 75 North Panyu Avenue, Guangzhou Tel: 400-868-4374

The article is not over yet, there are more detailed parameter configurations for comparing models later, friends who are interested can click on the next page to continue to view.