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Mercedes-Benz/BMW/Audi DTM "makeup" trial run

Last Update:2021-06-17 Author:yesauto

[Car Home Race] Last week, the three major teams of the DTM German Touring Car Masters-Mercedes-Benz, BMW and Audi, conducted a three-day pre-race test at the Estoril Circuit in Portugal. Judging from the test situation, the cars of each team also have different degrees of camouflage.

BMW will send 6 M3 DTM cars to participate in the 2012 German Touring Car Masters. In this test car, BMW has completed a total of nearly 4,000 kilometers of testing. Mercedes-Benz will use the C Coupe AMG racing car this season, and Audi's new car is based on the Audi A5.

Through camouflage, we can see that the three cars have many similarities in design. They all have less aggressive aerodynamic designs on previous cars, while adding more common components. These changes are all adjustments made based on the new rules, the purpose of which is to reduce the cost of car research and development.