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[YesAuto News] Since Tesla launched the Powerwall project in 2015, almost all car companies engaged in electric vehicle manufacturing are deploying power battery energy storage projects. Last year, Daimler established a subsidiary of Mercedes-Benz Energy, aiming to promote the household storage battery business and want to compete with Tesla Powerwall. However, according to foreign media reports, Mercedes-Benz recently decided to cut off the project, mainly because the market price is too expensive.

When it was founded, Mercedes-Benz adopted a very similar approach to Tesla. The company chose to cooperate with Vivint Solar, Tesla's largest competitor in the residential solar market in the United States, to jointly deploy energy storage systems.

Whether it is sales model or marketing pictures, Mercedes-Benz's approach is similar to Tesla, but after a year of cooperation, Mercedes-Benz decided to terminate this cooperation. A Mercedes-Benz spokesperson said that due to the over-design of on-board batteries, they cannot be used directly as household batteries, resulting in excessively high market prices for the products, and the company’s battery solutions are also relatively expensive.

It is reported that Mercedes-Benz's battery system adopts a modular design with a capacity of 2.5-20kWh. After the equipment is installed, the total price is as high as 0.5-13,000 US dollars. In contrast, Tesla Powerwall 2 (after installation) starts at $7,500, but its energy capacity can reach 14kWh, or even higher. In addition, Tesla also uses a large number of power battery pack technology to build the Powerwall at the packaging level and use it as a fixed purpose.

Mercedes-Benz said that the team working in the US Energy Storage Division will join the company's other operations. The company also has other energy storage projects, such as the use of on-board battery packs for stationary energy storage. (Source: electrek; Compilation/Car Home Zhang Lianyi)