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At this Geneva Motor Show, the small and exquisite smart fortwo models have added new ones, which are the smart fortwo BRABUS version and the BRABUS Xclusive version.

The maximum power of the two cars is 72kW, which is 30% higher than the power output of the previous generation smart fortwo BRABUS version. The weight of the new car is very light, with a weight-to-power ratio of 7.8kg/bhp, which is 24% lower than the old model. At the same time, the new car's fuel consumption and emissions are lower, of which carbon dioxide emissions are only 126g/km, which meets the Euro 4 standard. Both models will be launched this fall, and prices will be announced in the middle of this year.

● smart fortwo BRABUS version-with greater power output and sporty suspension

The smart fortwo BRABUS version focuses on sports performance. It is equipped with a 1-liter three-cylinder gasoline engine with a maximum power of 72kW and a peak torque of 140N·m, while its weight is only 770 kg. The better weight-to-power ratio gives it agile sports performance. With a 5-speed automatic manual gearbox, its acceleration time of 0-100km/h is less than 10 seconds, and the maximum speed reaches 155km/h (electronic speed limit). ).

In terms of appearance, the smart fortwo BRABUS version uses “Monoblock VI” alloy wheel hubs, wider wheel arches, sports exhaust pipes and fog lamps. These elements make it different from the normal version of SMART FORTWO. At the same time, it has a tougher suspension and is 15 mm lower than the normal version. The lower body further adds dynamic color. However, the paint color of this car is the same as the normal version of the smart fortwo.

In the interior, the smart fortwo BRABUS version uses a large number of BRABUS-style components, such as shift lever, handbrake lever and pedals, etc. The speedometer, tachometer and clock also have the characteristics of BRABUS.

● smart fortwo BRABUS Xclusive-luxurious configuration

Excellent sports performance and luxurious configuration are the main highlights of the smart fortwo BRABUS Xclusive version. Its power handling performance is not much different from the smart fortwo BRABUS version, but it has many luxurious configurations that other SMART models do not have.

In terms of appearance, it has wide “Monoblock VI” alloy wheel hubs, wider rear wheel arches, sports exhaust pipes and rear car skirts. These elements are the same as the smart fortwo BRABUS version. However, the BRABUS front air deflector, BRABUS side skirts and colored transparent glass headlights make it unique. The unique paint further emphasizes its unique identity, and it will be available in black and silver when it goes on the market.

The standard configuration of the smart fortwo BRABUS Xclusive includes heated leather seats (with the BRABUS logo inlaid on the seats), a modified three-spoke leather steering wheel (with a steering wheel shift lever) and BRABUS velvet feet. In other SMART models, the optional head side airbag is also its standard configuration, which can effectively protect the head and chest of passengers. In addition, its dashboard and door decorations also have a leather effect.