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[YesAuto Featured Race] In the fourth stop of the 2014 DTM (German Touring Car Masters) Norisring that ended last weekend, Mercedes-Benz team won the championship, Audi team won the second and third place, and BMW team was at the top The result is seventh.

A total of 23 cars participated in the race, and the race started in the wetland. Robert Wickens, driving a Mercedes-Benz car, started from pole position and crossed the finish line first after 82 laps on the Norisring circuit. The other four Mercedes-Benz drivers on the top ten start, after the end of the race, only Pascal Wehrlein, who was fourth on the start, finished sixth, and the other drivers all fell out of ten. Audi occupies six seats in the top ten, namely second to fifth and ninth and tenth. The BMW team's top ten results went from seventh and tenth in qualifying to seventh and eighth place after the race, which is far from the podium. The next race will be held in Moscow on July 13, and there will be another China race this year, which will be held in Guangzhou on September 28.