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[YesAuto Motorcycle] In 2019, one of the world’s most noteworthy models, “KTM 790 Duke”, was officially launched in China at a price of 126,800 yuan . Now let’s briefly explain the new car.

First of all, in terms of appearance, the 790 Duke continues to use the family Kendo-style headlight design. Regarding this shape, it is believed that the turnip greens have their own love. The overall visual experience of the vehicle is not great, and the design is very compact. It can be described as a middleweight street car with a slimmer body. Compared to the previous 690 model, the 790 Duke has a higher fuel tank with a capacity of 14L, and the center of gravity of the vehicle will be lower than that of the 690 (seat height is 825mm).

As a replacement model for the 690 Duke, the 790 does not continue the previous off-road genes. It can be seen from the rear damping angle that the frame has been redesigned. The tubular steel frame is matched with the aluminum casting subframe and the rear swing arm to increase the flexibility of the vehicle. Reduce weight. Although the brand has already launched the 1290 Super Duke, the 790 is a mainstream street car designed with KTM genes.

In terms of power, KTM has always been a very good technology, the most intuitive impression: simple, direct, and irritable. The 790 Duke is equipped with KTM's first parallel two-cylinder engine with a displacement of 799cc and 8 valves. A balance shaft is placed at the front of the crankshaft to reduce vibration. The maximum power is 105 horsepower (77 kilowatts), the peak torque is 87 N·m, and the weight of the car is 175 kg (net weight). It is undoubtedly a grumpy car in the KTM brand.

The suspension system uses KTM's own product WP shock absorber as always, the front 43mm inverted type, and the rear adjustable preload type rear damping (both general models are configured). In addition, the original car is also equipped with a steering damper.

For the brake system, KTM uses a front double disc brake (300mm) on the 790 Duke, with two opposing four-piston brake calipers. Unfortunately, Brembo brand brakes are not used. The rear wheels are 240mm brake discs and single-piston floating calipers. . Equipped with cornering ABS function and sliding tire mode.

In terms of configuration, the TFT LCD instrument can be connected to Bluetooth and has 4 driving modes. In particular, the “track” function is added. The indispensable MTC (Traction Control System) can effectively restrain the vehicle from running out of control on the road with low adhesion. Alice first wait. Finally, the vehicle has also newly added a quick shift mechanism, which has a significant effect on track driving.

Now it seems that the KTM 790 Duke has almost nothing to regret in terms of performance and configuration. As for the price, I think consumers loyal to the brand will definitely accept it. Next, let us look forward to the test drive of this car. I will carefully experience this street car with a grumpy personality and give everyone feedback on their actual feelings. (Zhu Xuran, Home of Wen Auto)