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[YesAuto Test Drive] Recently, we came to BMW's hometown, Germany, to have a preliminary test drive experience on the new BMW 3 Series with its mid-term facelift. The next morning after arriving in Munich, we drove to the BMW Group's media service center dedicated to vehicle display, explanation, and media test drive. First, the relevant person in charge of the BMW Group introduced us to the new BMW 3 Series. After that, we were led to an indoor parking lot. More than 20 new BMW 3 Series were lined up neatly waiting for us to choose. Very excited.

The new BMW 3 Series for this test drive has two models, 335i and 335d. Since the BMW 3 Series sold in China only has a gasoline engine model, the diesel engine model will not be able to enter China in the short term, so I chose a 335i for a test drive. (Answer to the netizen on the 21st floor, the color of the car we test-driven is called Blue Water in English. Whether it will be made in China in the future is still under negotiation)

The distance of the test drive route is about 300 kilometers, including highways, urban roads and country roads. We can fully experience the driving experience of the new BMW 3 Series. After reading the road book and related information, we officially set off.

● Strong power and excellent control

Since the BMW 3 Series sold in China does not have the 335i model, it is necessary for us to understand its power system first. As the top model of the BMW 3 Series, the 335i uses a direct-injection in-line 6-cylinder twin-turbocharged engine (this engine is used in the BMW X6 sold in China). This engine has been awarded the “Best Engine of the Year” award three times Winner of the championship. The engine mounted on the new BMW 3 Series 335i has a displacement of 2979ml, a maximum output of 225kW (306 horsepower)/5800rpm, a peak torque of 400N·m/1300~5000rpm, and a 6-speed automated manual transmission. Data shows that it can accelerate from 0 to 100km/h in just 5.8 seconds.

After seeing the expected data, we drove on the German highway and couldn't wait to feel the strong power of the 335i, so I directly stepped on the accelerator pedal to the bottom, the gearbox downshifted relatively quickly, and the sound of the engine It also immediately became stronger, and a strong sense of pushing back followed. The continuous power has been driving us to reach a speed of 220km/h. Although the acceleration did not continue due to the limited conditions, it gave me the feeling that if I want to To reach the 250km/h speed limit is absolutely easy!

I mentioned earlier that in D gear, if you slam the accelerator pedal or directly depress the accelerator pedal to the end, the gearbox’s downshift response is not very fast. I use the term “faster” because it is faster than Many cars with automatic transmission are fast, but compared with the BMW 3 Series in S mode, it is a bit inferior. When you shift the gear to the left M/S gear, the response of both the throttle and the gearbox is much faster than in the D gear mode. Basically, it can be “on call” and the response is very fast. , So that the driver has a more direct grasp of the car.

In addition, the BMW 335i is also equipped with a steering wheel paddle shift function. The driver can use the paddles to perform up/down/up (both left and right) operations, and control the gears as desired, and the response of the gearbox at this time is also compared. quickly.

Although driving on the highway at a higher speed, the new BMW 3 Series feels very solid and does not feel “floating” at all, giving the driver full confidence. As for the other aspects of the handling performance, it is the same as before: the suspension system is tough, the steering is accurate, the steering wheel strength is moderate, the road surface feedback is in place… It can be described as “excellent”.

The most important change in the transmission system seems to be that the xDrive system can be assembled in the 320d xDrive. However, because the BMW 3 Series sold in China does not have an xDrive version, there is no corresponding test drive vehicle provided this time, so here is the case for BMW The xDrive system will not be repeated.

● The appearance part has changed, the front/rear headlights are bright spots

After a “rush” of about 130 kilometers in the morning, we finally arrived at the meeting place at noon. After having lunch, I took the opportunity to take a closer look at the new BMW 3 Series. Let's take a look at the differences between it and the current BMW 3 Series.

Speaking of BMW's appearance, in addition to the iconic kidney grille, the headlights of the angel eyes are definitely a highlight. On the new BMW 3 Series, the headlights not only retain their own characteristics, but also add some new elements to make its headlights more distinctive. First, a white decoration is added above the lampshade, which seems to add a “white eyebrow” to the angel eyes; secondly, the turn signals on both sides of the car light group are made of LED materials, and the shape design of its ribbed structure is also very unique. It is unforgettable.

The tail light group also has a lot of changes: in addition to a small strip of white area reserved for the reversing lights, the two-part tail light group is a unified red design, which is more integrated, and the shape of the entire tail light group More emphasis on the horizontal effect, as if stretched on the basis of the old model. The rear turn signal and brake lights also use LED materials. In addition to the faster and more eye-catching reminder function, the overall shape is more three-dimensional after the lights are turned on.

In order to make the appearance more sporty, the body of the new BMW 3 Series adds a lot of lines: two lines extend from the upper side of the air intake grille to the upper side of the engine cover through the car logo; the three-dimensional bumper and front spoiler The flow plate and the lines on both sides of the engine cover form a V shape; there are also two characteristic lines on the rearview mirror, the concave and convex shape is full of personality; in addition, there are three lines extending from the front to the rear of the car, letting the whole car look It looks more slender and dynamic; lines are also added to the top of the exhaust pipe at the tail to make the tail look more layered and more flexible.

In addition, BMW’s iconic kidney-shaped grille has also been slightly changed: the upper edge of the original chrome-plated grille on the engine cover has been transplanted back to the grille, and the two-part kidney-shaped grille has been reintegrated into one. , Forming a complete independent element, more prominent the important characteristics of the BMW brand.

In general, the appearance of the new BMW 3 Series has become more sporty. At the same time, the wheelbase of the rear axle has been widened by up to 24mm through the use of a new wheel frame and other details, and the body's muscle lines have increased. The new BMW 3 The appearance of the department is also more powerful.

● The interior is slightly changed, iDrive operation is easier

Compared with the relatively large changes in appearance, the changes in the interior of the new BMW 3 Series are not particularly obvious, but the materials and details have been improved and upgraded. Let’s start with the iDrive operating system that has changed the most. When it comes to iDrive, I believe many people will have a slight remark on it. Although the simple combination of “a rotary button + a MENU button” replaces the densely packed buttons, but for some The retrieval of commonly used functions is a bit cumbersome, and the menu is very complicated. If you don't think about it for a while, I am afraid that it will not achieve the purpose of “simple and easy to use” at the beginning of the design.

For some of the criticisms of iDrive, BMW engineers can say that they have spent much time to solve them. After a lot of research and testing, the BMW iDrive system with a new generation of operating concepts was unveiled, and it is available as an option for the new BMW 3 Series. The most obvious change of the new generation of iDrive system is the addition of 6 buttons around the central controller and the MENU button: CD, radio, phone, navigation, back and options, among which CD, radio, phone and navigation can be used in these common functions Quickly switch between, the back key can return to the previous menu, the option key can display additional options under the current function item, and the operation can be more intuitive through these new buttons.

In addition, the internal structure and display of the menu have also changed. In addition to the display of the “text + image” image of each function on the display screen, the image of the central controller is also displayed, and the image of the central controller is also guided by “pressing” or “moving left/right” , It is easier to operate. The various operations and results of the central controller are: press to confirm/enter the option; push up, down, left, and right to switch operations in each menu hierarchy; rotate to select the list of selectable menu items. At the same time, the settings of each function follow the arrangement of important and frequently used ones in a position that can be quickly manipulated, which significantly shortens the time for proficient use of the iDrive system, which is commendable.

The 8.8-inch large display on the center console can not only display the operation of the iDrive system, but also display the navigation map information to the driver here, and because of the high resolution of the display, we can find that the map display is very It is clear and the details are handled very well. In addition, through the BMW ConnectedDrive system, BMW became the first car manufacturer in the world to allow unlimited use of the Internet in the car (parking state), and this feature is the first to be applied to the new BMW 3, but this feature is currently limited to some European countries , So there is not much experience with this feature.

The map used for navigation is stored in a hard disk with a capacity of 80GB. At the same time, music files can be stored from external storage devices such as CD, MP3 or U disk to the hard disk to ensure fast access. In the center armrest compartment of the front row, there are two interfaces, AUX and USB, for the connection of external devices.

In order to be more ergonomic, the operation control panel for electric window lift and rearview mirror adjustment has been moved 2 cm to the driver's side to make the operation more convenient. The driver/copilot multi-directional electric hand-adjustable seat allows people of different sizes to find the most comfortable and most supportive sitting posture. At the same time, due to the chrome treatment on the engine start button, the outer ring of the instrument panel, the light control knob, the air conditioning adjustment knob, the volume control knob, the door handle and the welcome pedal inside the car, the texture of the car has been greatly improved.

In general, the changes in the new BMW 3 Series are mainly humanization and functional upgrades. For domestic consumers, the iDrive system of the new BMW 3 Series has become simpler and easier to use. the most important.

● Mid-term facelift to respond to the market

Faced with the newly upgraded Mercedes-Benz C-Class and the new-generation Audi A4, the BMW 3 Series, which has not yet reached the time for the replacement, has not to be outdone and launched the new BMW 3 Series with a mid-term facelift. The purpose is to actively respond to the market and compete with its rivals for users. . It is expected that by the end of this year, the new BMW 3 Series will be officially made in China. The model is basically the same as the current domestically produced BMW 3 Series. Although the 335i will not be made in China, BMW is considering introducing the 335i into the Chinese market by import. Many people are excited! What is even more exciting is that next year, the new domestically produced BMW 3 Series, the new Mercedes-Benz C-Class and the new Audi A4 will officially meet in China. A fierce “war” is inevitable! (Text, photo, picture/Auto Home Wang Hao)

Some parameters of the new BMW 3 Series: