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[YesAuto original test drive] When a new car is called a “milestone”, it must have extraordinary significance. If people remember GM’s faltering during the financial crisis, Motorola, also an American IT giant, is a classic case of resurrection, and the product that rescued Motorola by boldly trying the new system “Android” is right. It is called “Milestone”-a milestone! But today we are not talking about a mobile phone, but a product that is considered a milestone for the GM brand and even the world's new energy vehicle field. A new car called the “extended range electric vehicle”-Chevrolet Volt. Landa.

Volanda is no stranger to many people. Before that, my colleagues Li Dianbin and Luo Hao have brought you very detailed articles about real shooting and test drive experience respectively. This also allows me to write This article hurts my brain. But as the only vertical car media that followed Volt Volt to complete this “unplugged journey”, many people’s concerns have been answered from the engineers in the process, and the sunny weather has also avoided the previous The embarrassment of a test drive in the snow. And these are what I want to share with you. Are you ready for the “milestone” of new energy products?