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[YesAuto Design Decode] On May 8, 2020, during the first China Spring Cloud Auto Show hosted by the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade and Auto Home, SAIC Roewe launched its new Lion Logo LOGO and made another move. Released its brand-new R label, and will announce the launch of the “dual label” strategy of “R label” and “New Lion label”. The two car label systems correspond to two product sequences, and at the same time, it also brings its R label. The latest model: MARVEL-R.

Double standard strategy

The Roewe brand has gone through 14 years since its birth in 2006, and it has more than 2 million user groups. However, with the arrival of the irreversible wave of new energy, Roewe has also launched a number of new energy models. Roewe also realized the need to launch a new product sequence to build these new models, so the extremely simplified R standard also came into being. Compared with the simplified Lion logo, the new R logo is more concise and has a stronger sense of technology.

The birth of the R mark

Although it is literally a minimalist design, the actual operation is not that simple at all. It is necessary to use a single English letter as the LOGO, and to highlight the brand-new sense of technology, and to allow the old car owners to retain a certain sense of identity and most importantly nature. There is also the eye that attracts passersby. It takes a lot of effort to design such a LOGO.

In terms of products, the design language of the products equipped with the R mark and the new lion mark will also have obvious changes and adjustments. The newly launched Roewe RX5 PLUS is the first new car under the lion logo. It uses a three-dimensional suspension wing grille, digitally emerges Ronglin texture, and generates optimized effects through emerging design algorithms to show a younger style; and The models under the R mark will adopt the exclusive intelligent design language, which is also an exclusive design language for Roewe's new energy vehicles. It will be used in the flagship MARVEL series and the sedan ER series. Currently known new products include: the new flagship concept car-R-Aura Concept, the first full cabin interactive 5G car Roewe MARVEL-R and so on.

The MARVEL-R's body proportions are biased towards a sporty style, and the vehicle's visual center of gravity is placed at the rear. The shape of the wheel rim of the vehicle is also very distinctive, which is officially called the “energy-gathering rim”, which incorporates a luminous design. On the front and rear wheel eyebrows, light sets are placed. The new car also uses a wide shoulder design at the rear, which has a thicker visual effect, and the bottom is also embellished with chrome trim.

From an overall point of view, MARVEL-R adopts a very futuristic shape. The gray color called Wanaka also gives it a strong sense of technology. Both the front and rear of the car use horizontal light strips. The recognition is quite high, and the headlights and taillights have good shapes and functions. As a pure electric SUV model, its design is still very attractive.

Edit comment:

We are in a period of rapid development of the Internet, technology is constantly emerging, and the speed of renewal and iteration of the automotive industry is also increasing. In order to continue to make breakthroughs, Roewe’s design team once again handed in an eye-catching answer sheet. Whether it is a brand-new R mark or the first MARVEL-R equipped with a new car mark, its appearance is quite technological and attractive enough. . According to the official statement, the new car will be equipped with SAIC’s latest 5G technology and L3 level conditional autonomous driving technology. The new car will also have functions such as parking and starting guidance, intelligent deceleration in corners, speed guidance, and traffic intersection conflict avoidance reminders, etc., to provide users with Here comes the intelligent interactive experience in multi-scene mode. For more news about the new car, we will continue to pay attention to it, so stay tuned.