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  [YesAuto Design Decoding]    Today, although the overall auto market is still in a downward trend, the SUV market has begun to pick up. According to data released by the Passenger Car Market Information Joint Conference, the retail sales of the SUV market in September increased by 0.6% year-on-year, and it was the only market that achieved positive year-on-year growth that month. For Chinese brands that are good at SUV strategies, this news is tantamount to a cold winter. In the warm sun.

  According to Song Jun, general manager of the Geely brand sales company, despite the rebound in sales, the SUV market as a whole is still in the Red Sea market. Facing the downward pressure of joint venture brands, Chinese brand SUVs cannot rely solely on intelligent networking if they want to stand out. , New energy and other areas of expertise to compete with joint venture brands, but also to make breakthroughs in the field of design.

  It is under this vision that Geely Automobile has created a new SUV-Geely icon. The car is positioned as a compact SUV. Like Binyue, this car is also born from the Geely BMA modular architecture. Different from other SUV models of the current Geely brand, Geely icon will be more inclined to satisfy young consumers' pursuit of trendy design and technology. In terms of styling, this car boldly inherits most of the design elements of the concept car CONCEPT ICON. Dare to carry the banner of “using face value against joint venture brands”, what is the design of Geely icon?

●The minimalist industrial style after “subtraction”

  Talking about the Geely icon, Guy Burgoyne, director of Geely’s Shanghai Style Center, said that the design trend of the 21st century is minimalism, returning to pure simplicity. As a highly reducible product with the concept car CONCEPT ICON, the Geely icon uses minimal design elements such as “time symbol” (the shape is the same as the infinite symbol, representing infinity), “rounded rectangle” and other minimalist design elements. The whole car looks recognizable The degree is extremely high.

  According to reports, the Geely icon is the result of the joint efforts of Geely’s global styling design system. The exterior design of this car is designed by Geely’s Barcelona Styling Center, while the interior is completed by Geely’s California Styling Center. Geely’s Shanghai Styling Center will The plan has been improved.

●The fusion of luxury and practicality

Like the appearance, the Geely icon also adopts a minimalist industrial style in the interior, but its balance between luxury, design, technology and practicality is quite clever. The car is equipped with two 10.25-inch large screens. Through LVDS data transmission technology, the dual-screen interaction of the instrument and the central control can also be realized. In addition, the storage space of up to 31 places in the car also allows passengers to store various “fragments”. Its front door double handles and co-pilot armrests also give this urban SUV an off-road flavor.

Full text summary:

For the Geely icon, the Geely car styling design team is full of confidence in it. In an interview with the car home, Ma Rong, the leading designer of the Geely icon exterior, stated that the design concept of this car is “at least 5 years ahead of the industry.” But in the future, can this car attract more consumers by virtue of its appearance? When will the design elements on this car be popularized in the design of other Geely SUV products? All this has yet to be verified.