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[YesAuto Featured Race] There is a saying that “misfortunes never come singly”, and now it is best used to describe the Audi team participating in the Le Mans 24 Hours. After the team technician miraculously repaired the No. 1 car that was damaged in the previous practice session, driver Lucas drove it out of control, causing the car to crash again.

According to the Le Mans rules, three drivers will complete the 24-hour race for each car. Lucas, who lost control this time, and Duval, who crashed yesterday, are both members of the No. 1 car. By the time of the crash, car number 1 was ranked seventh in the qualifying.

I don’t know what the Audi team’s technician team thinks at this time. This is indeed the darkest moment for Audi so far this season. The only good news is that this crash is not as serious as the previous one, and the repair work may be a little simpler. Right. I hope that the Audi team can step out of the shadows and run at its own level in the race.