[YesAuto Power Modification] Now is a very nostalgic era. For example, everyone’s pursuit of classic movies and love of old objects are enough to show that cars are part of our lives. Many friends who have a strong plot for motor sports are also I am very willing to remember the past. Today's protagonist is a very classic car, it is the Ford Escort RS.

Ford Escort RS was the classic champion model of Group A in the WRC World Rally Championship in the 90s. Later, a high-performance civilian version was launched, and today this one is a monster modified based on the Ford Escort RS.

The power part gave up the original power unit and focused on the weird Audi inline 5-cylinder turbocharged engine. And this engine has been fully upgraded in the abdomen. The turbocharger system is installed and the intercooler is enlarged. Through the adjustment of the managed computer, when the turbocharger is constant at 2.7 pressure, it It has a terrifying 904 horsepower and a torque of up to 1019 Nm.

The modification of the transmission part is also very thorough. This car uses a Nissan R33 5-speed manual gearbox. The interior of the gearbox has been fully upgraded. The gears have become straight teeth for more direct transmission. In addition, the shift synchronizer is also carried out. In order to upgrade, the clutch uses Alcon's two-plate competitive clutch, and the rear axle differential of this car uses Nissan S14. It is really a mix and match. Needless to say, CUSCO's 1.5way differential lock Indispensable, all of this is finally presented to the wheels with AWD four-wheel drive.

In order to dissipate heat from the engine turbocharger, the engineers moved the water tank to the back, and the front position was replaced by a turbo intercooler. Of course, the vehicle counterweight also needs to be considered. The rear gasoline tank and water tank occupy the rear half of the body. The high-power electronic fan cooperates with ingenious ventilation design to dissipate heat from the water tank.

The decoration of the interior is so painstaking. The central control panel with suede design, the racing pedal device, and the racing seat belt are standard equipment. What is remarkable is that the instrument panel allows the engineer to integrate all the information on a handheld computer. , So that the driver looks very intuitive.

The chassis part is also well-intentioned. GAZ's twisted tooth shock absorber, Alcon's 6-piston brake cylinder and 365mm brake discs, although the size is large, but it is a bit weak for the output of 904 horsepower. The rim used 18 inches and has a center of gravity locking device, which can be regarded as a trendy modification.

The owner of the car will call a few good friends on weekends. Driving this car will participate in some drifting activities. Of course, the race style like Rally Cross is the best destination for this car to stay young and glowing!

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