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[YesAuto Design Decoding] Changan Auchan is a relatively young brand for many consumers. Counting today's protagonist Changan Auchan X7, only a few models have been released. Although the “qualifications” are still small, the newly released Changan Auchan X7's achievements in design can be said to be very eye-catching. What are the magical features of such a model that is born with light? Now let us go to Changan Auchan Design Center to find out.

● Introduction to Changan Auchan X7/Award

Everyone must be very curious about the award mentioned above. It is the world's first independent award focusing on CMF (color, material, craftsmanship, pattern). The works brought by global manufacturers and designers have carried out related CMF design/innovation in the aspects of color, material, molding process, surface treatment, pattern texture, five senses, emotions, etc. It is geared towards products in the entire field, not just cars. Domestic companies such as Changan Automobile, SAIC Volkswagen, Xiaomi, Midea, and Supor have participated in the competition. This award is the 2019 International CMF Design Award (CMF DESIGN AWARD).

The Changan Auchan X7 is the first car that Changan Auchan has entered the mainstream SUV market. The market segmentation and the characteristics of users are all brand new to the team. Their needs for styling, what kind of styling style is what everyone likes, etc. must have a correct interpretation, only in this way can they give a design plan that truly wins the recognition of users. Throughout the process, the styling team and the product planning team spent a lot of time and energy to walk into the lives of users and learn more about their true ideas. In the end, the new car was labeled with sports, youth, and fashion labels. The manufacturers hope that it can leave a good first impression on potential consumers and attract consumers by virtue of its high appearance. Therefore, the exterior and interior design of the vehicle has become the top priority.

● Design team introduction

Although the design team of Changan Auchan X7 does not have a well-known star designer, it is undeniable that the design team of the new car is a creative, professional, experienced, and cooperative team. The research and development work of the design part of Changan Auchan X7 was carried out at the two major Changan Design Centers in China and Japan at the same time, and the two sides worked together to obtain the effect of 1+1>2.

The establishment of the Japan Design Center plays an important role in guiding the design and pre-development of the new model of Changan Auchan Automobile, but it does not lead the design of a single model. There is no high or low difference between the Japanese and Chinese design centers. The two sides always interact with each other. cooperation. The Nippon Design Center carried out corresponding work under the leadership of Sugo Tongjia. He is a designer with more than 30 years of automotive design experience. He has worked in Toyota, Hyundai, and Kia before joining Changan Automobile for nearly ten years.

When I first saw Xuxiang Tongjia, the editor couldn't believe that this rather fashionable uncle and the middle-aged man in the formal photo were the same person. Of course, Xuxiang Tongjia in the photo is younger than he is now, but I always think that he looks more “tender” when I meet him. Maybe I take photos better (laughs~), or maybe it's design work. The beauty effect it brings. After all, design is a job that needs to be relaxed and happy.

Currently, the Japan Design Center has more than 50 employees, of which the design team has 20 designers. They come from China, Japan, South Korea and other countries and can bring diversified design concepts and rich work experience. Although there is a certain distance and time difference between Japan and the country, Sugoya said that the two sides will maintain daily communication through telephone conferences and other methods, and the leaders of Changan Auchan and domestic designers will visit the Japan Design Center from time to time to inspect, communicate, and communicate. Studying, Japanese designers will also travel to Chongqing for exchanges. The Changan Auchan X7 is the result of the joint efforts of both sides, and the China/Japan Design Center is responsible for the pre/post design work respectively.

Perhaps some friends will question whether overseas designers can understand the preferences of Chinese consumers well. I think that in today's era of global cultural integration, the best way to design is to rely on global fashion trends. Many models with different shapes based on regions (European version, US version, etc.) were introduced in the past, but now only one design version is provided.

● Acceptance is the key

As mentioned above, after the design style/direction is determined, the rest of the work is “simple” for these experienced designers. The designer hopes to bring a simple, rich and natural visual experience through design language such as the beauty of form and the beauty of light and shadow. The overall design of Changan Auchan X7 is mainly displayed in the form of lines. The designer believes that the use of curved surfaces and shapes for expression at this stage is still ahead of the market segment, worrying that the acceptance is not enough. Of course, if curved surfaces are implicit expressions, then lines are explicit expressions. Two different expressions can ultimately achieve a “beautiful” effect.

The color of the car body can not only highlight the preferences of the car owner, but also better highlight the texture of the car body and the smoothness of light and shadow. The R&D work of Changan Auchan X7 body color is integrated with the body profile design, and there is an inseparable relationship between the two. The designer conducts preliminary screening through a large number of searches and comparisons, and then the craft department actually sprays the initially framed colors onto the small-scale model. According to the color review process, the expert jury will vote to determine the final selected color.

The same color will be distinguished according to its vividness, saturation, light and shade, etc., and placed in natural light for comparison. During the whole process, the Changan Auchan X7 evaluated hundreds of colors, and finally selected four appearance colors of Nebula Red, Star White, Star Blue, and Interstellar Gray that are most suitable for the appearance of the Changan Auchan X7 in terms of visual effects and body texture.

For young Changan Auchan Automobiles, they need products with strong recognizability, and the front face is the place that can best express the brand's characteristics and uniqueness. The designer hopes that the front face design of the Changan Auchan X7 will give people a strong visual impact and aggressiveness. In other words, driving on the road can usher in a higher rate of return, which is what they want.

The front air intake grille of the Changan Auchan X7 continues the hexagonal family design of the older brother Corsay, and uses the new design language of “eagle wings” in the internal structure to distinguish it from the common lattice style. Designers not only need to consider aesthetics, but also need to take care of functional requirements such as wind resistance and air intake. The final shape presented is the product after 7 rounds of CFD fluid dynamics simulation analysis to fully optimize the wind resistance and air intake to ensure the engine's heat dissipation requirements.

The sharp headlights are connected to the front grille through chrome trim, which is also a popular design technique. In addition, in order to make the front face have a stronger visual impact and sense of strength, the designer added a fang-like shape to the fog lamp area on both sides of the new car, with black decorative parts, the overall design is quite radical.

The new car's hood also serves the sense of strength, whether it is the dive posture or the tough lines. In addition, the high-waist line design makes the side look quite solid, coupled with the rather unique semi-suspended roof shape and silver side window trim strips, the editor personally likes the side design of the Changan Auchan X7.

The semi-suspended roof design is very innovative, and it also takes into account the ride experience of the rear passengers and the storage space of the trunk to the greatest extent, so that the comfort and practicality will not be affected by the D-pillar design. In addition, the D-pillar design still retains the strong sense of the SUV model, while adding a stylish and sporty atmosphere.

Now consumers are increasingly fond of large-size wheels, especially SUV users. Large-size rims and low-profile tires can indeed bring excellent visual effects. It looks quite domineering, but the problems that follow are also very tricky. The ability of tires to absorb vibration and greater tire noise ( Large-size rims will inevitably increase the tire width) and higher costs are issues that need to be resolved. Of course, the limitation of the vehicle structure will also increase the difficulty in this regard.

The Changan Auchan X7 is designed to give priority to meeting the user's aesthetic requirements, that is, the needs of the shape. Also after countless times of cooperation between the design team and the engineering team, after constant setting and debugging of various parameters, finally 20-inch wheels were brought to consumers on top models, and 19/17-inch wheels were used. In other configuration models.

The silver trim on the rear of the Changan Auchan X7 connected to the taillights is an important dividing line for the rear proportions, making the entire tail look more stretched and atmospheric, while improving the visual center of gravity and making the tail more energetic. In addition, for some friends who like through-type taillights, the split taillights used in the new car may be a little regrettable, but the editor believes that it is not too difficult to replace the through-type taillights in the later stage. It is only necessary to make it smaller or cancel the silver trim. Will not destroy the overall design. Therefore, it is not impossible to make a bold guess to adopt a brand-new taillight after the listing. After all, the original intention of Changan Auchan X7 is to satisfy consumer preferences to the greatest extent.

● CMF design has highlights

In addition to the pursuit of aesthetics and ergonomics in interior design, durability is also a key consideration for designers. After all, positions such as door handles, buttons, and seats are parts that are in contact with drivers and passengers for a long time. Don't forget, Changan Auchan X7 CMF design is an award-winning product, which will be presented in the interior.

The interior CMF design part mainly brings different interior atmosphere through the combination of different colors and materials. The original intention of Changan Auchan X7 CMF is to meet consumers' needs for interior comfort and luxury to the greatest extent, and use soft fabrics as much as possible to cover the places that can be touched by hands, which is rather costly. At the same time, the linear pattern of water ripples is used on the texture of the material to make the entire interior more visually flexible and enhance the sense of luxury. In addition, the new car silver trims are all made of matte electroplating, and its cost is several times higher than that of ordinary sprayed silver, but the durability and visual effect (the latter will have a grainy feeling) are better than sprayed silver.

In order to meet the needs of different consumers, the interior of the Changan Auchan X7 adopts two color combinations: full black and upper dark and lower light. Among them, the all-black interior creates a certain sense of luxury through the use of large-scale brushed texture, and the overall feel is more hormonal. In addition, even the color of the stitching has not been ignored by the designer. The application of orange stitching makes the whole interior less dull and looks a lot younger.

Different from the brushed texture panel used in the all-black interior, the two-color interior with dark upper and lighter bottom is matched with wood veneers, which makes the overall look more warm. In addition, corrugated patterns and textures have been added to positions such as door panels, which make the soft layer of the soft package decoration more prominent through the sense of pressure, and also make the entire interior feel more coherent, and the visual effect and comfort performance are achieved. A higher standard.

The designer believes that black represents a sense of technology, the future, and the unpredictability at the color level, and it can reflect the beauty and sense of the future of cold technology. The large-scale use of black high-gloss materials in the interior of the new car can enhance the luxurious atmosphere of the interior and meet the needs of consumers in this regard. Although the fingers will inevitably leave fingerprints on the black piano paint material during use, the manufacturer has added a voice recognition control function to its multimedia system, which can reduce the number of finger operations to a certain extent and avoid affecting the overall appearance degree.

The length, width and height of the Changan Auchan X7 are 4705×1860×1720mm, respectively, and the wheelbase is 2780mm. Such a body size has certain advantages in the same level of models. The ample interior space also makes it easier for designers to use, avoiding from the root Some design restrictions are imposed. In the seat part, the designer first pays attention to the volume. A good volume is directly related to the visual fullness and level changes. They hope to give consumers a feeling of sitting on the sofa, like some Japanese and American cars.

Changan Auchan X7 seats are benchmarked against sofa standards. Since there are not too many restrictions on the space, the front seats are enhanced in both the horizontal and vertical directions. Similarly, the length and thickness of the rear seat cushions have been increased and strengthened. Supportive. In addition, considering the different attributes of the front/rear rows, the front seats are slightly harder than the rear seats in terms of softness and hardness, in order to obtain better support. In addition, the center pattern of the seat is a gradual design, which makes the entire seat shape more innovative, and a matte electroplating nameplate is added above the backrest of the front seat to enhance the overall texture.

There are many parts that designers need to consider at the beginning of the design. For example, in the process of long-distance self-driving tours, the fatigue caused by small changes in driving or riding posture is completely different. The entire team has produced a large number of seat samples to carry out comfort verification work. After each verification, the profile will be adjusted according to the data, and then the samples will be made again for verification, and the cycle will continue until the requirements are met to ensure that the seat meets Ergonomics and provide satisfactory comfort. In the end, in order to ensure the ride experience and comfort of each driver, the designer reduced the wrapping of the seat partly, which is considered as a compromise between wrapping and comfort, which is not inconsistent with the positioning of the Changan Auchan X7.

Full text summary:

The beauty of design is something that the benevolent sees the benevolent and the wise sees wisdom, and there is no right or wrong. It does not have an absolute index like mechanical performance, but is relative perceptual. At the beginning of the design, Changan Auchan X7 decided to meet the needs and preferences of the target consumer group for styling as much as possible. I personally think that this is very pragmatic and worthy of recognition for Changan Auchan, who still lacks some brand appeal at this stage. Only a design that meets the consumers' appetite can exchange them for the possibility of further understanding of the vehicle, and ultimately pay for it. And throughout the design and development process, Changan Auchan’s design process will always ensure that designs that deviate from the original market definition are revised at each styling review stage to ensure that the final design is based on user needs.

Of course, although the design of the Changan Auchan X7 has some eye-catching features in terms of D-pillar, CMF, etc., it still feels conservative. The designer said that at this stage, the design of Changan Auchan models still puts acceptance in the first place. After the brand recognition is improved and the brand can endorse the design, more bold and innovative design elements will be appropriately incorporated, and some products with advanced design will be introduced. . The design team has the strength to show stronger skills, but the time is not yet.

In Changan Auchan X7, we have been able to find some family-oriented design elements, and new models launched later will also develop in the direction of family-oriented design. As mentioned before, the Changan Auchan brand is still very young, and there are still many things to do on the road of passenger development, and family design language is one of them. Of course, the definition of family characteristics is different in different periods. Changan Auchan’s styling design will be adjusted and integrated according to users and needs. Changan Auchan’s brand positioning is constantly breaking through, so family characteristics will continue to accumulate in this process. , Has been continuously verified, and always presents the best side. (Photo/Photo by Zhou Churan/Luo Aoyu)