[YesAuto Professional Evaluation] In the past few days, I have been thinking about what qualities a 150,000 independent brand SUV should have to be recognized by consumers. First of all, it needs to have a decent appearance. Although the internal and external workmanship should not be too demanding, it should also be viewed. Second, there should be ample space for riding and storage to carry the whole family. Finally, the fuel consumption should not be too high. High, otherwise it will increase the cost of use. In short, one conclusion: mediocrity is qualified without major flaws, so I started a series of evaluations of Haima S7 with these standards.

In terms of blood relationship, the Haima S7 is actually manufactured on the basis of the Haima Rider. The two are products on the same platform. What we got is the top model (Zhi Zhen) priced at 146,800 yuan.

Appearance: OK, looks pretty good without flaws

Haima S7 2013 2.0L Automatic Smart Type

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14.68 million

Although the Seahorse S7 has an inseparable relationship with the Seahorse Rider, only from the appearance, the Seahorse S7 has entered half an era than the Rider. The design of the details has been improved, and the lines are more rounded. Colleagues came to see the car, and everyone agreed on the appearance: it's not ugly. In our car series word-of-mouth statistics, most car owners first took a fancy to the relatively atmospheric appearance of the Haima S7 at the beginning of the car selection, or it looked very bluffing.

The body size of Haima S7 is 4498m×1830mm×1730mm, which is comparable to competing products such as Haval H6 and BYD S6. It looks very robust, which satisfies most entry-level consumers to buy big and not small. At least it looks like this from the outside. of. In terms of details, the headlights are equipped with lenses, luggage racks, and pedals to assist in getting on the car. The body lines are stretched and there are no flaws.

The Haima S7 uses Hankook tires, the size is 235/65 R17, and the suspension is exactly the same as the Haima Rider. It adopts a front McPherson and rear multi-link structure, and all are front-wheel drive.

Interior: The overall feeling is fairly stylish

As we said before, the Haima S7 is redesigned on the basis of the Haima Rider. In fact, its appearance and interior are jointly developed by the Chinese and Korean teams.

It is not difficult to see the feeling of Korean cars from the interior style, such as the longitudinal layout of the air-conditioning outlet, the overall shape of the center console, and the overall design and craftsmanship of the interior we think it is relatively successful.

The choice of interior materials uses a large area of carbon fiber textured plaques. In general, the interior style is fairly fashionable. The center console is all wrapped in soft materials, which is rare in models of the same price. It can be seen that the materials used in the Haima S7 are relatively kind.

The multi-function steering wheel is wrapped in leather, which is standard on all models. The grip is quite satisfactory, and there is nothing wrong with the hand. The location of the multi-function buttons is very suitable. You don't need to leave the steering wheel with your hands, you can operate it completely with your thumb, but the size of the buttons is a bit small.

The navigation entertainment system can quickly identify the mobile phone and charge faster. During the experience, the mobile phone was charged 40% of the battery in about half an hour, and it can be seamlessly connected with the Apple mobile phone, and the song can be adjusted directly through the system, which is more convenient .

The storage space in the car is completely sufficient. First of all, a card slot is designed on the left side of the center console, which can fit a gas card or credit card, and the card is relatively strong, and there is no problem of falling out. The storage slot at the bottom of the center console can hold some personal belongings, such as mobile phones and wallets. We also noticed that the designer puts the USB interface and AUX interface here, then there is a problem, and the USB flash drive is inserted. Putting your wallet and mobile phone in at some time may cause interference.

There are two tanks for water cups in the front row, the size of which is average. Put normal-sized mineral water into it. It will shake slightly but will not pour. Small thermos and thermos cups should not fit in. The inner shape of the glove box is regular, so there is no difficulty in putting some items in the car. The door panel is designed with a suitable location for the water bottle; however, the storage capacity of the rear door panel is not ideal, and mineral water cannot be put in. The fixing effect of the rear cup holder on the water bottle is not very good, and the mineral water has the phenomenon of shaking, but the actual effect is not great, and the water bottle will not fall down.

Riding space

A person with a height of 176cm takes a punch in the head space in the front row and a punch and four fingers in the leg space in the back row. The head is three fingers away from the roof of the car. In all fairness, the head space is too small. The head in the back will feel depressed. The ride comfort in the middle of the rear row is not bad. On the one hand, there is a central headrest, and on the other hand, the floor bulge is very small and can be ignored.


The front seats look good, with two-tone leather matching, and very stylish, but the feeling of sitting on it is not characteristic, and the support for the body is not obvious. The seat padding and the length of the cushion are not bad, which meets the standards of this price product. Seat heating is particularly practical in winter, and there is a noticeable heat sensation after 3 minutes of driving to the maximum gear.

It is worth mentioning that the daylighting area of the Seamaster S7 skylight is very large, and the top of the front row is basically covered by the skylight, and the area that can be opened is basically the same as the daylighting area.

However, in the experience, we found that the sitting posture of this car is too high, even if the seat is adjusted to the lowest, it still feels high, and the upper number of the dashboard will be blocked by the steering wheel. In our word-of-mouth system, some car owners also reflect this problem. It seems that this should be regarded as a design flaw. I hope that manufacturers can optimize this in future model changes.

In addition, the gear display on the gear seat has no backlight, and the handlebar part is completely dark in the basement or at night. Ordinary people usually look at the bottom gear indicating the gear to engage in gear first, and then confirm it through the gear display on the dashboard if necessary, while the Haima S7 can only look at the gear indicating on the dashboard to enter the gear. Some inconvenience.

The trunk space can meet the needs of families, and even meet the daily needs of some consumers who do small business to pull some goods. It should be noted that before laying down the rear seats, the cushions need to be raised, otherwise the backrest cannot be fully connected to the floor, and the slope will affect the use of the trunk.

Power system

Let’s talk about the power system and driving experience. This car is equipped with a 2.0L naturally aspirated engine, which is the same as the one previously equipped on the Haima S7. The gearbox has a 5-speed manual and 5-speed automatic transmission. The test car we got It is the automatic transmission model, this automatic transmission is provided by South Korea's Hyundai Motor Group, and is supplied in an imported way.

The Haima S7 does not pursue strong power. The overall feeling of this car in daily driving is fairly easy to use. The power output is relatively smooth. The gearbox can be said to be better. It has clear logic and can actively upshift when accelerating smoothly. And the ride comfort and speed are good, and there is no obvious setback. The accelerator and brake pedals can be mastered without special adaptation, and the first impression left by them is not bad.

Its throttle adjustment is more sensitive, so the start is not slow, and the power is a bit stretched when accelerating and overtaking in the middle. The gearbox is naturally lowered to the next gear with a deep step on the throttle, and the response is sufficiently agile, but you will find that the first gear does not seem to be enough. , You have to continue to step on the accelerator, usually after two consecutive downshifts, the power will have a sharp performance. After overtaking, the gearbox quickly upshifts to ensure a relatively economical speed. This set of actions is executed smoothly and consistently.

The front and rear double-link suspension of Macpherson emphasizes comfort settings and filters out most of the road feel. When passing through the speed bump or pressing to the manhole cover, the spring is slightly harder at the beginning, so you can feel a little jump. The suspension travel is very long and the sitting posture is relatively high. When driving, there is always a feeling of being elevated, and the body shakes laterally. It is inevitable that the body rolls in the corners, but in most cases the comfort of this car is still good. .

Taking into account the use of cars in third- and fourth-tier cities, we chose a road with relatively poor road conditions to test the driving experience of Haima S7 on bumpy roads.

The pavement of this road is dominated by gravel scattered by construction vehicles, and there are potholes and undulations of various sizes. We reciprocate on this road at a speed of 60 km/h. The first is the front row experience. There is no obvious shaking of the steering wheel on bumpy roads. The suspension suppresses vibrations in place. There are basically no fine and harsh vibrations in the car. The full-filled seats also play a role in filtering the complicated road information to a certain extent. .

The comfort of the rear row on bumpy roads is also good. The rear suspension has no unnecessary vibration. In the face of large potholes, the suspension feels relatively solid without unpleasant impact. Generally speaking, the performance on the “bad road” is still acceptable.

Fuel consumption test

Most consumers who buy entry-level family SUVs are very concerned about the cost of use in the middle and late stages, so we first look at its comprehensive fuel consumption performance in the test part.

In the fuel consumption test of the Haima S7, we drove a total of 116.3 kilometers, consumed 13.02 liters of 93# (京标92#) fuel, and traveled at an average speed of 28 kilometers/hour. The final comprehensive fuel consumption was 11.2 liters/100 kilometers. The 2.0L naturally aspirated engine and the 5AT automatic gearbox get this reasonable result, but it is hoped that the fuel consumption can be further reduced with the improvement of technology.

0-100km/h acceleration test

The gearbox did not provide S gear. In the test, we used D gear and turned off the ESC body stabilization system. There was only a very small tire slip at the start, and the explosive force was not strong. The acceleration in the early stage was relatively brisk, and the rear course seemed a bit flat. The gear shifting speed in the rapid acceleration test was not very fast. The final result of 13.32 seconds is not surprising, which is in line with the 2.0L naturally aspirated engine with 5-speed automatic transmission. The level of the box.

100-0 km/h brake test

The braking score is 42.77 meters, which is a qualified level. There is obvious compression in the front suspension during braking, but the body posture is not too exaggerated. The pedal feedback force is obvious, the fluctuation range after ABS work is a bit large, and the thermal attenuation range of multiple brake tests is reasonable.


On a straight and car-free road, we conducted a noise experience on the Seamaster S7. When it is idling, its noise is slightly higher, mainly because the engine sound in the cockpit is a bit loud, and the noise control during driving is fair. can.

to sum up:

At present, the competition of self-owned brand SUVs is equally fierce. From the perspective of sales, the Haval H6 takes the first place with a monthly data of about 20,000. Many people also regard it as a benchmark product. The Haima S7 also points the gun. Haval H6. From the product point of view, Haima S7 is fairly modest. First of all, the appearance looks bluffing, which is also valued by many consumers. Secondly, the design and workmanship are not eye-catching and exquisite. At least the requirements can be met. The space is quite satisfactory and basically the same as the Haval H6 and BYD S6. The 2.0L power meets daily use, and the driving feels relatively easy. The only depressing problem is the steering wheel speedometer proposed by netizens. It is hoped that it will attract the attention of manufacturers. As far as the product is concerned, this is a modest household SUV. , The overall requirements can meet the needs of entry-level users. Haima S7 has done the above points, we can determine that it has purchase value, then part of the disadvantages compared with competing products is reflected in the brand.

From a brand perspective, Haima does not have any advantage in brands facing Haval, BYD, and Chery. It is difficult for consumers to think of Haima as soon as they buy a car. After Familiar came to the fore in the early years, Haima has been in the market. The performance on the Internet seems to be tepid, and word-of-mouth and product dissemination need to be improved.

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