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[YesAuto Technology·Design] In 2017, the EXEED Starway brand officially debuted at the Frankfurt Motor Show. The brand's name comes from the English word “exceed”, which means beyond. Since then, the EXEED brand has officially opened the door to the mid-to-high-end market. So far, Xingtu brand has released a number of SUV models including Xingtu LX, Xingtu TX, Xingtu TXL and Xingtu Lanyue. Some of these models have gone abroad and have established a strong presence in some overseas regions. heel.

Peter Matkin (Mai Yifan), who we interviewed today, is the current chief engineer of Xingtu brand R&D. Compared with those styling designers who have the attributes of internet celebrity and can talk in front of the public, Peter, who focuses on project promotion and product development, is very Rarely will appear in front of the camera to chat about their own business. Today at the Shanghai Technology Center, the dialogue between me and him is not only about the M3X Mars architecture of the Starway brand, but he will also share with you more about the future and development of the Starway brand.

● Understand the technical features of M3X Mars architecture in 30 seconds:

1. The M3X structure is exclusive to the Xingtu brand. It adopts a modular design, a horizontal engine layout, and has two drive modes: front-wheel drive and four-wheel drive.

2. M3X has a large wheelbase and width range, which can cover passenger car types ranging from compact cars/SUVs to medium and large MPVs/SUVs.

3. The new architecture supports both gasoline and plug-in hybrid power forms. Currently, gasoline engines are available in 1.6T and 2.0T.

4. In 2021, new cars based on the M3X architecture include a sedan, an MPV and a plug-in hybrid SUV (or a plug-in hybrid SUV).

● M3X is a brand new modular architecture exclusively dedicated to the Star Way brand.

Since the Shanghai Technology Center moved from the Pudong Riverside area to the National Convention and Exhibition Center, Peter felt that although the new office environment has improved a lot, there is a huge flow of people during major exhibitions and it takes a lot of effort to get in and out of the office building. This is what he told us. Tucao the most dissatisfaction. After switching from Jaguar Land Rover to Xingtu Motors, he has worked in the technical center for more than 10 years. It can be said that he is one of the core witnesses in the growth of the Xingtu brand.

Xingtu's M3X architecture is not a “refined version” of Chery architecture. Peter has made it clear that models based on the M3X architecture will not have the Chery elliptical logo, and it will be the exclusive structure of the Xingtu brand . In addition to opening up the tonality between the main brand (Chery) and the high-end brand (Xingtu), M3X also does quite well in compatibility and size range (bandwidth). First of all, the compatible body form of M3X is not only SUV, Cars and MPVs can also be developed based on this architecture. In Xingtu's 2021 product plan, there will be a medium-sized car and a medium- and large-sized MPV with strong expansion capabilities. In addition, M3X has a wheelbase range of 2650-2900mm and a wheelbase range of 1579-1616mm. It can develop compact cars/compact SUVs downwards, and expand to medium and large SUVs or MPVs upwards.

In terms of power, the Xingtu TXL and Xingtu Lanyue (hereinafter referred to as “Lanyue”) SUVs currently on sale all use relatively mature 1.6T and 2.0T engines. In the field of new energy, the M3X architecture can be equipped with a light hybrid system or a plug-in hybrid system. Peter revealed that the Starway brand will launch a plug-in hybrid SUV in the second half of this year.

Another major feature of the new architecture is intelligence. Peter said that M3X also has unique advantages in terms of intelligent networking and assisted driving. For example, all models of the Starway brand, including current and future models, will be equipped with the Lion Zhiyun 4.0 system. (Based on Xiaodu car OS, supporting vehicle FOTA, built-in quad-core 2.0GHz processor); in terms of assisted driving, currently all models of Starway will provide the same level of leading assisted driving system with complete and advanced auxiliary configurations.

● In order to cope with 25% offset collisions, three impact transmission paths are designed in the front part of the car.

Just chatting in the office can’t get a glimpse of the full picture of the M3X architecture. Then Peter took us to a “secret stronghold”, hidden in another office of Xingtu in the cluster area of a 4S store in Shanghai, where preparations have been made. Well, the white body of Xingtu TXL, through which Peter showed us the thinking and design of this car in terms of safety. At the end of August 2020, C-NCAP (China New Car Evaluation Regulations) announced the second batch of crash test results in 2020. Among them, Xingtu TXL scored the best, with a comprehensive score of 93.6%, and won the highest star rating in the same batch. Evaluation: five stars+.

As the flagship product of the Xingtu brand this year, 78% of the entire white body of Xingtu TXL is made of high-strength steel or hot-formed steel, and the tensile strength of the B-pillar reaches 1600MPa. In order to meet the requirements of overseas markets, in addition to the C-NACP crash test, the body of Xingtu TXL can also meet the collision requirements of IIHS (Insurance Institute of Highway Safety). Let’s take a look at the front of the car. There are three paths for the front of Xingtu TXL to resist frontal impact and transmit energy. They are the longitudinal beam, the subframe, and the extended longitudinal beam near the fender. It can be seen from the bottom that the front longitudinal The beams are more to the outside than the connected cockpit stiffeners. Even if a 25% offset collision occurs, the impact force can still be caught by the longitudinal beams and the subframe, thereby reducing the impact on the extended longitudinal beams and A-pillars.

The side collision avoidance structure is also very comprehensive. The hot-formed steel B-pillars, the floor spliced by multiple warp and weft stiffeners, and the high-strength side beams make Xingtu TXL also prepared for side impacts. Take the test results of C-NCAP as an example. XTL TXL has obtained full marks in all eight items in the side impact test, which is quite good.

● Article summary:

The M3X Mars architecture has the characteristics of modular combination, plus any adjustable wheelbase and wheelbase within a certain range. It can develop a variety of different vehicle types, levels and power sources like the “free match” of the Golden Arch. Products, covering a very wide range of markets. The modular architecture has become the core competitiveness of many Chinese brands, and the launch of the Xingtu M3X architecture also shows that it has been at the forefront in terms of technical reserves and product development capabilities. In terms of technology, M3X also has many advantages, such as excellent passive safety, flexible power and space design, leading network interconnection and driving assistance functions are all currently valued by consumers. I hope that Xingtu will continue to innovate in the future, and the road ahead will be wider and farther.