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[YesAuto design decoding] Range Rover Evoque, as a model of “bringing concept cars into mass production”, has been fighting the title of the most beautiful Land Rover car before the launch of the Range Rover Venus. It used to sell well in China, and it was still in short supply in the face of an increase of 200,000. situation. However, after being made domestically, not only the longer name of the car series (Chery Jaguar Land Rover Range Rover Evoque) was laughed at, its price is also continuously discounted, and it no longer has the glory of the past. Now that a new generation of models is about to go on sale, can it regain the title of “the most beautiful Land Rover car”? Through its changes, we can see what evolution and inheritance Land Rover has in design over the years?

Since its establishment in 1948, Land Rover, as one of the few brands in the world that only produces SUV models, has always been one of the symbols of the luxury level of the British automobile industry. However, in the first sixty years of life, Land Rover’s products have always been traditional products that look very tough and masculine. Even products that are made of many curves like Freelander will not give people fashion and youth in the least. , Vigorous impression.

Entering 2008 in a blink of an eye, Land Rover, who was 60 years old, brought a concept car to the North American Auto Show. This concept car is completely different from Land Rover models at the time. It not only looks dynamic and stylish, but also feels very young and lively. , Completely different from other products of the contemporary Land Rover at that time, so that everyone who saw it was amazed.

Obviously, everyone gave Land Rover great confidence in the praise of LRX. At the 2010 Paris Motor Show two years later, Land Rover brought a three-door model based on LRX and named it Range Rover Evoque. Since then, Range Rover is not only a car name, but also a series name.

A few months later, at the Los Angeles Auto Show, Land Rover brought us a five-door version of the Range Rover Evoque. Compared with the three-door version of the model, it is only a partial modification, and there is no big change. Since then, the best-selling model in the history of Land Rover was born.

The popularity of the concept car LRX has also continued to the production version of the Range Rover Evoque. I believe many people still remember the popularity of the Aurora in China in 2011 and 2012, even if the price increase is the same as that of the Land Rover Discovery. There will still be people rushing to buy the Range Rover Evoque.

In 2015, the mid-term redesign of the Range Rover Aurora was released. After more obvious changes to the headlights and taillights, the Aurora added some tough ingredients compared to the initial release, but it still maintains the unique youth, sports and fashion of the model. And refined.

The remodeled Range Rover Evoque can still be called the most beautiful Land Rover car. Even if other models in the family, such as the Range Rover and Range Rover Sport, have been upgraded during this period, it has never been able to shake its title, and that’s why. So far, the entire Range Rover Evoque has sold more than 800,000 vehicles worldwide, making it the best-selling Land Rover model in history.

As the latest Land Rover model released at that time, there are naturally many new design concepts on Xingmai representing the brand or Range Rover series, and these designs that have never been released before have just been unveiled, and they are naturally impressive. And after the new generation of Range Rover Evoque, which uses the latest design language of the Range Rover series, can regain the title of “Most Beautiful Land Rover” that once belonged to itself after its debut this year?

-Appearance is more sporty and fashionable

As a new generation of Range Rover Evoque, what features does it need to have? First of all, it needs to be a Range Rover, so all the details that a Range Rover should have must be passed down, such as clamshell engine compartment cover and ship shape. The rear of the car and so on. To say that the biggest change in the new generation of Range Rover Aurora is the headlights. Nowadays, Range Rover cars range from Range Rover to Range Rover Aurora. All of them use this design called “tear-eye headlights”. With daytime running lights, you can tell from a distance that this is a Land Rover, and it is part of the Range Rover series.

The two color-blocking panels on the engine compartment cover appear on many performance cars to increase the heat dissipation function of the engine, and appear on the Range Rover Evoque to add some dynamic and stylish flavor to the front of the car. See you here You might think of these decorations on the star veins again.

The engine air intake of Land Rover models has always been one of its characteristics. The high air intake can ensure sufficient wading depth, which is also one of the genes of the Land Rover brand. The new generation of Range Rover Evoque is no exception. The engine air intake is located on the edge of the engine compartment cover on the driver's side.

The decorative effect of the air intake grille is greater than the actual, and its change is also a family characteristic. Today, Land Rover distinguishes the Discovery series from the Range Rover series, and various family-based designs have begun to be used extensively to ensure that the two car series will have a more obvious difference in appearance.

The change in the position of the fog lights is also very obvious. In the first-generation Range Rover Evoque, the fog lights appeared on the front bumper as a very important component. On the new generation of models, the grilles on both sides of the front bumper let The visual effect of the front of the car is becoming wider and wider, and the ribbon-shaped air intake is dotted with golden details, which is both delicate and sporty.

From the perspective of the front part, the new generation of Range Rover Evoque has both the inheritance from the first generation models and the genes from the Land Rover brand and Range Rover car series. First, it needs to be a Land Rover, secondly it needs to be recognized as a Range Rover, and finally, it needs to have the characteristics of Aurora.

The front end is designed to be shorter, while the rear is shorter. The overall feel is stylish and dynamic. Whether it is the wheel arch or the side waistline, they are telling you that this is an Aurora. Coupled with the suspended and downward-sloping roof, in my opinion, the side is the best angle to reflect the degree of inheritance between the two generations of Range Rover Aurora models.

It has been nearly 20 years since the ship-shaped tail of the Range Rover family was born. At that time, the reason for the design was more practical, that is, the departure angle and passability required by the off-road vehicle, and the visual effect is also seen. It doesn't look bloated. Now this feature has been inherited in Range Rover, Range Rover Sport, Star Vessel and Aurora.

A car owner once complained to me that the exhaust of the first-generation Aurora was not good-looking, and it did not seem to be refined at all. In the new generation of models, the designers also made some careful changes to the exhaust.

Because in traditional energy vehicles, the number of exhausts often represents the difference in engine displacement to a certain extent, but with the arrival of more and more hybrid (including 48V low-hybrid) models, the number of exhausts cannot fully represent The power of the vehicle. Secondly, the rear bumper does not need to reserve a round outlet for the exhaust, which means that the designer can play as much as he wants in the shape, which is conducive to maintaining the integrity of the design.

-Interior part-full sense of technology, but lack of originality

Nowadays, the headlights of vehicles are getting smaller and smaller, and designers have more and more room to play on the front face of the vehicle, but on the contrary, the screens in the car are getting bigger and more, which naturally leaves the designer to play. The space is also smaller.

However, this kind of interior convergence is not the Land Rover family, and German competitors have never lost in this regard. Now who dares to say that ABB's models will know what the specific car is by looking at the interior?

to sum up:

The new generation of Range Rover Aurora has become more fashionable and more technological, but no matter how it changes, first it is a Land Rover, second it is a Range Rover car series product, and finally it is an Aurora. So it has both the Land Rover brand gene and the Range Rover gene, but it also has the Aurora gene from the first generation in its bones. In any case, it is still that stylish, dynamic, and attractive vehicle for young consumers. (Text/Picture Auto Home Miao Shuai)