[YesAuto Professional Evaluation] “What is the BMW 4 Series?” Everyone will ask this question in their hearts. It was a newcomer, but what we saw was a face that looked familiar. “Isn't this the Coupe version of the 3 Series?” someone said. The story seems to be over here, but is it really that simple? of course not. Before we actually drive a BMW, we can't make any conclusions about it. The question then becomes: “What kind of car is the 4 Series?”

A few hours ago (the evening of November 12), the 4 Series was just launched in China, priced at 596,000-73 million yuan. Whether it is the price or the layout of the two-door 2+2 seat, it is destined to belong to only a few people, but no matter whether you are a potential buyer of the 4 series, no one can stop your love for it and the enthusiasm for exploring its capabilities. . Therefore, why don't we put aside all distractions for the time being and just admire this car?

Appearance: If you want to appreciate it, please go straight to the rear of the car

     We tested a 435i Coupe Luxury Line, the official Chinese name of the 435i luxury design suit . From the appearance point of view, this car does not give a strong visual impact. The reason is simple, it is indeed too much like the 3 Series.

BMW 4 Series 2014 435i Luxury Design Package

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Manufacturer's guide price

70.80 million

        Size comparison of models of the same level     Unit: mm
Model long width high Wheelbase
BMW 4 Series Coupe 4638 1825 1362 2810
BMW 3 Series short axle (not involved in horizontal comparison) 4624 1811 1455 2810
Audi A5 Coupe 4626 1854 1372 2751
Mercedes-Benz C-Class Coupe 4590 1770 1406 2760

     At least from the appearance, the 4 series is so similar to the 3 series (F30) that anyone can see the relationship between the two at a glance. It is inevitable that everyone will despise it because of this, saying that it is just a model separated from the 3 series. Look at the 6 Series again. Although the relationship with the 5 Series and 7 Series is unusual, it is obviously much luckier.

The front surround is the last exclusive position for the entire front of the 4 Series. I think BMW fans can easily pick them out of the 3 Series through this little difference. This car is not equipped with an M kit. The original 4 Series car is surrounded by vents. The outside vents mainly play a role of turbulence, while the one in the middle will lead directly into the wheel arches to ventilate and dissipate the brake system.

The beautiful body curves brought by the Coupe styling are shown on the side. From this perspective, no one will say that this is a 3 series, unless it has seen the F30 3 series Coupe in a dream. An anti-“7”-shaped chrome-plated decoration is inlaid on the air duct of the front fender, which is easy to become the focus of people's attention, which is somewhat distracting.

The 18-inch multi-spoke wheels equipped on the test car have a pretty good visual effect. However, the tires are a little disappointing. We saw the Pirelli P7 on the domestic 335Li, which is only 225mm wide in the front and rear. For the 435i, the 225mm tires are indeed too narrow.

From the front to the rear of the car, your mood will get better and better, and the rear of the car is the most attractive part of this Coupe coupe. Looking closely at the shape of the taillights, it is flatter and sharper, and has a subtle difference from the 3 series, with smooth lines, no other details, giving people a pleasing visual enjoyment.

Interior: Leaders, can I directly post links to articles of the 3 series?

The interior of the 4 Series responds to the old saying: “Respond to ever-changing things with the same.” The interior design style of the luxury design suite is “disastrous” for the 4 series. Why do you say that? You can understand what I mean by looking at the wood grain decoration used in a large area. The sporty atmosphere is dissipated by these old-fashioned woods. If anyone really chooses this design suit, I can only say that the carrot and cabbage have their own loves.

Power combination: shared with 3 series

The straight-line 6-cylinder single-turbo twin-scroll turbocharged direct-injection engine and the ZF 8-speed automated manual transmission are not new. 400 N·m of torque is ready to go, ready to abuse the 225mm wide Pirelli P7 tires. Everything seems to be the same as when we tested the 335Li at the time. However, a miracle happened…

Performance test: It is really faster than the 3 series, and even killed the S5 in a 400-meter linear acceleration

     I hung up the tester and completely turned off the DSC electronic stability system. I tried to manually control the slip of the rear wheels and started at about 1500rpm. However, the swing of the rear of the car after the start exceeded my expectations. The power was wasted in the fight between the tires and the ground. .

So I tried to turn on the SPORT+ mode. At this time, the electronic stability system entered the traction mode. It would only allow the wheels to slip within a limited range. But it was still the same as the 3 Series, until I stepped on the brake pedal with my left foot and the accelerator with my right foot, and saw “Launch Control activated” in the instrument panel and head-up display. I thought to myself, there is a show to watch now.

0-100km/h acceleration

     We are accustomed to calling Launch Control “LC”, it usually appears in sports cars and some high-performance cars, using electronic programs to control the vehicle's starting movement in the best state, helping the vehicle to start as quickly as possible. You must know that even some experienced drivers still have difficulty getting off to a perfect start when faced with high-horsepower vehicles. In the past, we could only see the “LC” on BMW's M series, but this time it is equipped with the 4 series, which is a pleasant surprise.

After the “LC” mode was activated, the maximum starting speed of the 435i was controlled at about 2100rpm, the brake was released, and the electronic program quickly adjusted the vehicle to the best starting state, and the vehicle rushed out after a little hesitation. The starting control program does not work every time and requires multiple attempts.

The best condition of the 435i is to hear only a slight tire noise. The tire is at the critical point of grip and slip. After two nearly perfect shifts, with a strong shift shock, it only takes 5.15 seconds to reach 100km. /h, it’s 0.24 seconds faster than the 335i xDrive with the same powertrain that we tested before. It’s fun!

400m linear acceleration test

    Speaking of, the opponent of the 4 Series should be the Audi A5, but its 400-meter straight acceleration performance has surpassed the higher-level Audi S5 in terms of time and tail speed. The audience is not good, and the opponents should be careful. Of course, in terms of price, the price of the 435i is almost the same as that of the Audi S5, so this is what it should do.

100-0km/h brake

     When we tested the imported BMW 328i before, we once lamented its excellent braking performance: 36.68 meters. This time 435i gave another satisfactory result: 36.75 meters. Moreover, the suspension system of this car is obviously sporty tuned, and its braking attitude is as stable as a high-performance sports car.

For the acceleration and braking part, the BMW 435i handed in a satisfactory answer sheet, but for the 435i, we have reasons to require its braking performance to be better, so if you change to a sporty or wider tire, theoretically The results on it will be further improved.

Driving: It is indeed different from the 3 series, but some details do not show much difference

Since all the components on the center console are almost identical to the 3 series, when you sit in the cockpit of the 4 series and look forward, you may feel exactly the same as sitting in the 3 series. You will not start to feel “feeling” until you find that the door handle is far away from you, close the door, and the seat belt on the obliquely rear B-pillar is delivered to you.

The first impression is that the steering wheel is heavy, but it is only slightly heavier than the F30's 3 series, which is not surprisingly heavy. Electric power-assisted steering is still accurate and lacks road feel. Variable steering ratio can help the vehicle's agility and save effort when moving at low speeds. However, the same steering wheel feel as the ordinary 3 Series should not satisfy 4 Series owners. It is necessary to install a steering wheel with an M standard.

The throttle adjustment of the 435i is quite sensitive, and the gearbox is also very aggressive. In COMFORT mode, if you lightly step on the accelerator, the engine speed will be controlled below 1500rpm, and the vehicle should be driven in the highest gear as much as possible, just like the 3 series, to ensure fuel economy. However, once the gearbox finds that you have a tendency to step on the accelerator slightly, it will immediately downshift, and the response speed even exceeds my prediction, and the acceleration is of course swift and smooth.

It is precisely because the gearbox likes to downshift too much, so the ECO PRO driving mode of this car has a greater use. The ECO PRO mode turns the character of the 4 Series into a Mercedes-Benz driving in the “E” mode, which is turned on when driving at low speeds or cruising in the city, so you don't need to carefully control the throttle. I never felt this way when driving the 3 Series.

This car has an emergency braking capability comparable to that of a sports car, but the 328i also does it. The brake pedal adjustment of the 435i is no different from that of the 3 Series. The braking force is linear and easy to master. But for this more sporty car, its brake pedal feel needs to be more sensitive, not as smooth and comfortable as it is now.

Its suspension structure and material seem to be the same as those of the 3 series, but in fact, it feels more compact, more solid, and more subversive. This is the element that should appear on the 4 Series. With a lighter body, the 435i is more flexible and fun to drive, and it also makes people have more intense driving desires. Due to time constraints, I haven't been able to try its stubbing experience yet. If possible, I will take it to the test site this afternoon (November 13), and I will fill in the post in the evening. (The feeling of driving around the pile has been added to the driving experience)

However, I have seen the more flexible rear of the 4 series. After turning on the SPORT+ mode, this guy is like a 3 series that has drunk 2 taels of liquor. As long as you dare to step on the accelerator deeply, the rear of the car will be in the electronic system. Twisted in desperation. Control the steering wheel, you can enjoy the fun of competing with the high-horsepower rear drive. There is also the “contribution” made by the 225mm wide energy-saving tires. However, please don't try such actions on open roads, let alone try to shut down DSC completely. Believe me, it's like filling it with a full bottle of liquor, but its volume is only half a catty…

Circling the pile: The response speed of the front and the activity of the rear when turning are unforgettable

We took the 435i to the test site as scheduled, where we saw a more realistic 4 series. Once you get started, you will immediately feel its special. At the beginning of the steering, there is a small amount of openness to ensure daily use. When you continue to turn the steering wheel, the angle of the wheels suddenly increases, and the head of the car is pushed out from the side by something. Such a quick response is straightforward. People are hooked.

The electronic stabilization system has a high tolerance in traction mode. Even if the pile-out speed is slightly faster and the rear of the car has begun to side-slip slightly, it only occasionally controls the power output to help you stabilize the rhythm. It makes you have fun as much as possible, and only applies the brake when the rear end of the car has reached a certain degree of sliding. If you turn off the DSC completely, the 435i will look different. It has become very easy to break through the rear-wheel grip limit. As long as the rhythm is not well mastered, the rear of the car will swing relentlessly, making it difficult to circumnavigate the pile. At this time, it should be more suitable to do some drifting, flicking and other actions.

The suspension of the 435i does not rely on hard springs to support the body during extreme control. It can be seen that the body's posture in the pile is not stable, and the chassis still leaves a lot of space for comfort. Of course, I am not saying that the suspension is not performing well. It responds very quickly. It uses fast rebound and excellent vibration suppression to control the center of gravity of the vehicle. This is enough for the 4 Series. This car needs to take care of daily use. It would be weird if BMW really adjusted the 4 Series suspension very hard.


     In my impression, models with frameless doors have never achieved good results in noise, and the 4 Series Coupe is no exception. Not only wind noise, even when the engine is idling, the noise introduced into the car is greater than that of ordinary BMW models.

Riding experience: You can sit in the back row, but there is an air outlet

     Even if the wheelbase is the same as that of the short-axle version of the 3 Series, the seating space of the 4 Series is definitely not as good as that of the 3 Series due to the limitations of the body shape. For Coupe models, although the rear row does not often have people, the rear row of the 4 Series can really come in handy at critical moments. If the height of the passenger is under 170cm, apart from the troublesome getting on and off the bus, it is not a problem to sit for a long time.

Storage space: the front row is similar to the 3 series, the back row has not been forgotten

Front row

Back row


     The storage space in the front and rear rows is enough for daily use, and the trunk is not much smaller than the 3 Series. Although the space of the glove box and armrest box is relatively shabby, and the way the rear seats are down is not humane enough, this does not prevent us from defining the 4 Series as a “Coupe without putting down practicality.”

Written at the end: return to reality, simply talk about the product and the market

Returning to the question at the beginning of the article, what kind of car is the BMW 4 Series? In terms of styling, it is not wrong to be called the “renamed version” of the 3 Series Coupe; in terms of performance, it is better than any 3 Series (except M3) we have tested; in terms of driving experience, It is a sportier and more fun 3 series; in terms of practicality, it is qualified as a Coupe. Why are 3 series mentioned so many times? Because my conclusion is: judging from our short-term test, it has not completely changed. The 435i is a more likable 3 series.

However, its price does not seem to be so flattering. Its starting price can't even compete with its “direct” competitor-Audi A5. We can't judge whether BMW's self-confidence is really justified, we can only wait for the market to test it.

BMW 4 Series 2014 435i Luxury Design Package

Model Homepage| Parameters Configuration| Picture| Word of Mouth| Model Quotation
Manufacturer's guide price

70.80 million

                      BMW 3 Series, 4 Series Price Blurred Comparison Table between China and the United States   The unit is unified as: RMB 10,000
Model Chinese models and prices China spread U.S. price after matching U.S. spread
328 328i Sports Design Set 43.6 16.7 30.0 3.7
335 335Li Fashion Design Set 60.3 33.7
428 428i Luxury Design Package 59.6 11.2 32.0 3.3
435 435i Luxury Design Package 70.8 35.3

The selling price of the American models in the above table is the approximate price after the options are installed to the same configuration level as the corresponding Chinese models, and the ratio between them is reasonable. The imported 335i in the Chinese market does not have a two-wheel drive version except for the hybrid version. Let's compare the domestic 335Li.

    You don't need to look at this table carefully, just listen to my analysis. First of all, we can see that in the US market, the 4 series is not much more expensive than the 3 series; we can also see that the “35” in the US market is only a little more expensive than the “28”, while China is more expensive. . The causes of the above two points may be related to objective reasons such as national policies. The following is the key point: the difference between 435 and 428 in the US market (33,000) and the difference between 335 and 328 (37,000) are similar, but in the Chinese market, the two numbers are quite different (112,000 and 167,000). Therefore, we can draw two conclusions: Relative to the Chinese price, the imported 428 is priced higher or the 328 is priced lower. Obviously, the correct answer is the former.

Conclusion: The price of 435i imported into China is more reasonable than that of 428i. The price of 428i is set too high.

     Therefore, potential buyers of 335i/335Li, if you already own another more practical car, suppose it is an SUV or an MPV, and you want your new car to be more personal and sporty. , Then you can consider buying a 435i. If you are afraid of bad driving, you can choose the xDrive version . Potential buyers of 328i/328Li should buy 3 series. In addition, friends who like the 4 Series but don’t have enough budget, don’t worry, BMW said that it may launch a new entry-level model 420i in the future, let us wait and see.

● The detailed parameter configuration table of some models of the 2014 BMW 4 Series

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