[YesAuto original test drive] Last year, Auto House tested the Emgrand EC7 1.8MT car. At that time, its excellent performance left a deep impression on everyone, including industrial design, configuration, performance and other aspects far beyond the previous Geely The level of the car when it took the low-end route has improved significantly. The EC7 series has laid a solid foundation for the launch of the new Emgrand brand. The catch is that there are only manual models on the market, which is a big disadvantage in front of competitors. Today I will bring you the test drive report of the CVT version of the EC7 series. Yes, you read it right. The EC7 not only has an automatic transmission model, but also uses a CVT continuously variable transmission “in one step”. That's it for the opening remarks, let's get to the point!

Appearance and interior overview

In terms of appearance, the test-driving car we got is no different from the previous manual transmission models. The appearance design of the EC7 series is focused on a stable personality, which can meet the needs of most consumers, so there is no need to do too much here.

I believe that the owners who spend more money on the CVT version want to be able to see it from outside the car, at least I have to give me a chrome-plated “CVT” at the rear of the car, but I am on a test drive. Indeed, no place was found to show its identity. The manufacturer said that this batch of cars is still a trial installation, and there will be some minor changes when it is finally listed. Hopefully, you can see some differences in the rear of the car.

There are also very few changes in the interior, except for the “sparrow becoming phoenix” gear shift lever, nothing new. There are several problems that we found in the previous test of the hand-gear model, such as the inconvenient adjustment of the seat lumbar support, the large diameter of the rear cup holder, and the inability to directly turn off the light of the vanity mirror. They are not nitpicking, but Hope the details can be better.

The car home has already carried out a detailed experience article on EC7, including the appearance, interior and use of the part. There are comprehensive static evaluations. Readers who need to know can click on the link below. I will not describe too much here. The focus is on the first In the driving experience section of the second page, the CVT gearbox is the protagonist of today.

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Actual driving experience

The first impression of the three letters of CVT is that it is smooth and comfortable. The use of a continuously variable gearbox in the EC718 further clarifies its positioning. For high-end brands, the manual version of the model currently sold has the seemingly rough shifting. The method seems a little out of touch, and it is an indisputable fact that automatic transmissions are more favored by consumers in the domestic market. Therefore, the appearance of CVT is both reasonable and timely. The power part has not changed, and it is still the γ-4G18 engine independently developed by Geely. It has not changed much, but its partner has been upgraded, so the driving style of the vehicle will also have obvious changes.

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In actual driving, CVT has indeed made a very positive contribution to creating a luxurious atmosphere. Judging from the perspective of a rear passenger, it is difficult to feel the discontinuity of the power connection. Thanks to its own physical structure, even if the accelerator pedal is not regularly stepped in the D block, the comfort of the passengers can be guaranteed. Although the rear suspension is still a very common towing arm form, it is obvious that a lot of effort has been made in tuning. If the road conditions are good, the rear passengers will even have a sense of stability floating on the road.

As a driver, the introduction of CVT makes your role in the car more like a professional driver. Even if you have not been in contact with it for a long time, you can drive the car smoothly and steadily, but you have to sacrifice it. Part of the passion is the price. The engine speed in D block is often maintained at around 2000 rpm. At this time, the noise in the cockpit can be suppressed well, and everyone is enjoying the comfortable atmosphere of laziness pervading the surroundings. Maybe you need to use it occasionally. A more straightforward approach to overtaking and merging, but the unhurried dynamic response of the vehicle is difficult to meet your requirements, so let's follow the traffic safely.

There are too many elements of ease, and the sports side will inevitably be affected. Even in the S gear, the power output of the vehicle is still very restrained. Although you can clearly feel that the engine's response to your feet has become more sensitive, the speed at which the rotation speed rises cannot be described as fast, but this is also a CVT gearbox. The commonality of the computer program depends on the automatic judgment of the computer program, and it always puts comfort in the first place.

So if you really want to squeeze out some fun, you can only rely on manual mode to achieve it. The manual mode of this gearbox has a rare advantage, that is, the up-down gear response is relatively rapid. With the up and down shift of the gear lever, the pointer of the tachometer can follow up flexibly. The climb and fall are completed very simply, but these It is not enough to support the imaginary driving pleasure. The six simulated gears are designed with conservative speed ratios and will cause a little frustration during continuous downshifts. Therefore, it will be very practical to use it to overtake and merge, but it will be useful for driving for a long time. If it is not suitable, the noise of the engine after at least 3000 rpm will make you give up early.

to sum up:

The EC7 series has been on the market for almost a year. I believe everyone has heard a lot of beautiful words about it. Compared with its competitors, it does have considerable strength. Only the five-speed manual gearbox is an obvious weakness. The CVT version of the test drive finally filled the gap of models without automatic transmission. It can also be said that it filled a lot of loopholes. The absence of automatic transmissions in the domestic market is equivalent to directly shutting out a large number of potential consumers. , I believe that the launch of the CVT version will bring the sales of the EC7 series to a higher level.

As for the gearbox itself, it matches the EC7's character very tacitly. Although the engine's performance parameters are not low, its own output characteristics are still biased towards comfort. This is what we did for manual transmission models. The judgment has been made in the test, so the help of CVT has made the EC7 series a big step in the direction of comfort, and this kind of comfort experience is also quite necessary for the establishment of the high-end impression of the Emgrand brand. Those older target users are very interested in this. The performance has been awaited for a long time, and prospective car owners who may be younger may still be keen on the directness of the manual transmission.

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