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[YesAuto compilation] In July 2010, I flew to Munich, Germany, and brought back a new generation of Audi A8L overseas test drive reports. I always felt that there were some shortcomings, that is, the shortcomings of not having enough fun. Audi’s original global media test drive itinerary starts from Munich, Germany, to Salzburg, Austria in a single day. As mentioned in the test drive report at the time, the test drive journey back and forth between the German-Austrian border is mostly Autobahn. Highway cruising is the main route, supplemented by gentle rural hilly roads. The driving challenge is not very difficult. In addition to the itinerary of returning to Munich, the original factory carefully arranges the driver to pick up the driver back to the hotel, so that media from all over the world can relax and experience the A8L back seat ride Experience.

Taking the A8L as the luxury flagship RV class, it focuses on the experience of ride comfort and cockpit performance. Of course, there is some reason for the trial schedule to emphasize the ride. However, for a complete understanding of a car, more diversified operations are still needed. Driving experience can be complete. Now, with the official listing of Audi A8L in Taiwan, the opportunity to meet again has finally come. Since returning to my hometown, the driving experience of going to Duan Guowu Expressway and Beiyishan Road to and from Beiyi is the previous A8L overseas test report. Addendum to your driving experience.

● 4.2V8 FSI debuts first, cruising the National Fifth Expressway

    In the last test drive in Germany, I experienced three power versions of Audi A8L 3.0 V6 TFSI, 4.2 V8 FSI and 6.3 W12 FSI in one fell swoop. As for Taiwan, the two models of 3.0 V6 TFSI and 4.2 V8 FSI were first introduced. Taiwan Audi Motors prepares two 4.2 V8 FSI and 3.0 V6 TFSI, as the media test drive car models, the route arrangement is to take the Xinyi Expressway to connect to the National 3 expressway and then to the National 5 expressway after departure from the confidence zone. For a test drive experience from Taipei to Yilan Jiaoxi, after coordination and arrangement, we first drove the higher-end 4.2 V8 FSI to Yilan Jiaoxi, and then changed to 3.0 V6 TFSI on the return trip.

During the previous overseas test drive experience in Munich, Germany, to and from Salzburg, Austria, I had a fairly complete and in-depth understanding of the stable performance of this generation of A8L in high-speed cruising. On the other hand, the speed limit on the national highway No. 5 , The speed limit of 80 kilometers north of the north entrance of the Snow Mountain Tunnel, 90 kilometers south of the north entrance of the Snow Mountain Tunnel, and a full speed limit of 80 kilometers in the Snow Mountain Tunnel. To be honest, the speed limit is increased to 120 kilometers per hour and 130 kilometers per hour. For the A8L 4.2 V8 FSI, Taiwan’s “high-speed” roads can only be regarded as a small test and have been a little addiction.

Having said that, it still makes sense to be able to return to Taiwan's road environment to experience the A8L again. After all, this is the real environment for Taiwanese car owners to use their cars daily. This time, the A8L 4.2 V8 FSI, which was reunited in a different place, still performed competently. Driving on the inner side of Xinyi Road, at a normal speed of about 50km/h, when entering the elevated large right turn and entering the Xinyi Expressway, even the A8L 4.2 V8 in Comfort mode, the suspension does not appear to be so soft that you can move your side pressure to resist. The embarrassment of leaning sideways, on the contrary, the one who sits at ease in the driver's seat and waits for the end of the right turn.

Then, the two Xinyi Express tunnels, the Pengshan and Xueshan tunnels on the State 5 highway, the slightly thicker horizontal lines on the cement concrete road surface, the resonance of the traffic in the tunnel, and even the design of the expansion joints on the elevated road, make many cars When passing this section of the road, the silent performance of the cockpit and the smooth performance of the chassis suspension fell short; at this level, the A8L, which is the flagship of the Audi brand, did not disappoint. The chassis undertook the vibration of the passing road, even if the road was slightly rough. The tunnel environment, tire rolling noise and traffic echo are also effectively blocked from the outside of the car, allowing a certain degree of comfort and tranquility inside the car. With the 4.2 this V8 FSI naturally aspirated engine, the transmission is low when cruising at medium and low speeds. Beep running sound.

On the A8L 4.2 V8 FSI from Taipei to Yilan on National Highway No. 5, I have a deeper understanding of the 8-speed automatic manual transmission of the A8L. In the global automotive industry’s trend towards dual-clutch gearboxes, the mature technology of traditional automatic transmission technology has actually made progress that cannot be ignored. Automakers including Lexus, BMW and Audi have all upgraded their gearboxes to 8 more gears. High-speed automatic transmission system in exchange for a better transmission response and energy-saving level.

This 8-speed Tiptronic gearbox equipped in the A8L car series is a technological product under this trend. The unique yacht power control lever-shaped gear lever and aluminum alloy are combined with leather-covered materials, regardless of visual or operating touch. It is particularly technologically interesting. In addition, with the use of electronic wire transmission technology, the gearbox has a special hand feeling with a little force feedback when shifting gears, which is no longer the mechanical resistance feedback feeling when shifting gears in the past. In the actual transmission response, this gearbox is also commendable. It corresponds to the 3.0 V6 TFSI and 4.2 V8 FSI engines. The power transmission response on the road section in Taiwan is very delicate and satisfactory.

Not only when you lightly step on the accelerator to make linear acceleration, but also almost insensible continuous multi-gear upshifting action, even when you sprint heavily on the accelerator, you can downshift 4 or 5 gears in one breath. The sensitive response and smoothness of transmission all allow People leave a positive evaluation. According to the information provided by the original manufacturer, this gearbox can even support a large jump from 8th gear to 2nd gear or 7th gear to 1st gear in severe conditions. When cruising at a fixed speed on a national highway, it can take advantage of more high gears. The energy-saving effect of lowering the cruising speed and the mute effect of engine operation are quite matched with the A8L's transmission setting that emphasizes comfort.

● 3.0V6 TFSI drives Beiyi highway, Quattro four-wheel drive is well-deserved

    Different from the high-speed and flat roads that have more experience in overseas test drive, one of the benefits of returning to Taiwan’s own test drive arrangement is more flexibility and autonomy, so we decided to be a “rebellious” test driver who has left the team temporarily. Changed the test drive route recommended by Taiwan Audi to return to Taipei along National Highway No. 5. After changing hands to drive A8L 3.0 V6 TFSI from Jiaoxi, they chose to take the 9th Beiyi Highway, which is more than stable and comfortable, but not interesting enough. Say goodbye to the expressway experience, and test the combination of the new generation of A8 car series and Audi’s signature Quattro on the mountain road. What is the actual performance?

Leaving aside the dynamic performance of the 3.0 V6 TFSI, the Audi Drive Select adjustable body dynamic system equipped with this generation of A8L has obvious dynamic response differences in the A8L car series, which is actually the most worth mentioning handling experience of this test drive. In the previous overseas test drive, it has been mentioned that this generation of A8L can be integrated into the adjustable body dynamic system through the MMI system, providing Comfort, Auto, Dynamic and Individaul personalization four control modes, air suspension, engine The output, gearbox program and steering assist force are automatically adjusted. Of course, if the Dynamic Steering electronic steering system is selected, it can also support the adjustment of the steering gear ratio simultaneously.

To be honest, when you drive the A8L on a straight high-speed road, more agile throttle response, increased engine standby speed and more direct shifting actions can be felt in different dynamic modes; but only the steering and chassis suspension The difference, at most, is the steering action of switching lanes. You can experience the change of the chassis tonality by mode switching. In most cases, it is impossible to completely distinguish the difference between the comfort and the sports bipolar mode. The high-speed driving A8L still presents a comfortable and calm road. Tonality.

However, this time is different. It uses a set of right-angle corners to cut into the curve at the same speed of 60 kilometers per hour. The difference between this Audi Drive Select adjustable body dynamics system, whether the driver in the car or the photographer outside the car, is different. Can clearly feel the dynamic difference after the system is actively adjusted!

After switching between comfort mode and sports mode, the steering wheel immediately feels a significant difference in the assist force when turning. The light hand in the comfort mode is changed to a heavy hand, providing a directional feedback feel more suitable for intensive steering control. In addition, the maximum 18Bar Audi's active pneumatic suspension with a high-pressure adjustment of 5.8 liters of air tank, in addition to reducing the suspension height by 10mm, it also sets a tougher and more supportive pneumatic suspension through pressurization, which reduces the body's roll amplitude and chassis feedback It is also more direct and brings greater control confidence in driving. As for the automatic mode of the body dynamic system, the overall experience is similar to the comfort mode, which also reflects the center of gravity of the brand's luxury flagship A8L.

Although a large section of the 4.2 V8 with low displacement and natural intake, the 3.0 V6 TFSI supercharged by the twin-screw rotor can still show a peak torque of 42.8 kgm at 2500 rpm. This supercharged engine was When Jiaoxi is driving up 9 turns and 18 turns, when driving in D gear mode, you only need to step on the accelerator and not need to deliberately break the speed to exceed 2500 rpm, and you can have a brisk climbing performance. For this large A8L, it is already It is remarkable. Next, test the reaction of the enthusiastic sprint at any time. Just after switching to the S gear or sports mode, the running reaction of the 3.0 V6 TSFI becomes lively and enthusiastic. With the multi-gear advantage of the 8-speed gearbox, when sprinting at full throttle, At 2000 rpm, the head quickly climbed to about 5000 rpm and sprinted back and forth. Although the supercharged torque peak appeared at 2500 rpm, the engine actually released significant torque after about 2000 rpm, and reached a strong backing force when approaching 3000 rpm. , The solid and lively low-to-medium speed torque makes the A8L an indispensable helper in conquering the mountain roads this trip.

After sprinting down a few corners, the A8L will make people reluctant to let go of the throttle. The smooth tracking of the Audi Quattro four-wheel drive system, coupled with the obedient and agile steering response of the front, makes the A8L's high-speed corners without great torque. The fear of understeer in front-wheel drive vehicles is not the same as the high-torque rear-wheel drive vehicle that has to focus on coordinating the throttle range in order to release the best oversteer response of the rear wheel skating tires when cornering. Although Quattro is less difficult to control and does not challenge the unscrupulous monsters of oversteer and oversteer, it is reliable that most people can easily use it, and the vehicle's high-speed cornering ability can be fully utilized. This is the greatest charm of the Quattro system.

It can be said that with the ASF high-rigidity aluminum alloy body, the front five-link rear ladder-type linkage suspension system made of the same lightweight aluminum alloy material, the technology level of the body and suspension is the best of Audi's car manufacturing technology. Dacheng. But in order for this A8L 3.0 V6 TFSI to fully utilize the sports potential of the chassis on the road, we still have to rely on the brand's mature quattro four-wheel drive system, which can not only create a comfortable ride but also moderately strengthened air suspension. The system allows this long-axis flagship with a body size of 5267mm to be able to run on the winding Beiyi highway, with the high limit value of the Quattro chassis, which makes people reluctant to let go of the throttle, and runs out of the corners agility of ordinary medium and large RVs. degree.

Finally, there is still a sense of unfinished feeling to a certain extent, which is the same as the melancholy when driving the S4 Avant last time, because it is listed as an option for A8L, the Dynamic Steering electronic steering system that can dynamically adjust the steering gear ratio, and the Sport Diffenrtial Sports car-type limited-slip differential, Taiwanese A8L owners need to pay an additional fee to match, after inquiring from Taiwan Audi, the optional price of electronic steering system is 100,000 yuan, and the optional price of sports car-type limited-slip differential is 90,000 yuan, A8 car The long- and short-axle cars are optional with each displacement, depending on the owner's preference.

I still remember that at the last overseas test drive press conference, the original factory specially displayed the mechanical perspective group of the Sport Diffenrtial sports car-style limited slip differential, indicating that the rear differential is connected between the left and right rear wheel drive shafts, and each is put in A set of clutches that transmit more torque output from a single rear wheel through the engagement of the clutch plate, so that when the vehicle is cornering, more torque is applied to the rear wheel outside the corner, creating a characteristic similar to rear-drive oversteer, but it can avoid the traditional Due to the torsion of the rear wheel, the inevitable loss of power and the reduced dynamic stability of the rear-wheel drive vehicle have become a smart choice for the Quattro four-wheel drive system to balance tracking stability, steering flexibility and control pleasure.

● Dynamic driving addendum, happy ending

I believe that many people have left a deep and shocking impression on the previous generation of Audi A8L when they devoted themselves to the “Desperate Express” movie, the exaggerated drag racing chasing the bridge, the thrilling speeding out of trouble, and the invulnerability through the wall, leaving a deep and shocking impression. However, in reality, don't Stupid enough to take the special effects of the movie seriously, I also want to try to challenge the flying into the wall!

Today, I went on a cruise to Taipei Yilan on National Highway No. 5, and then drove back to Taipei from Beiyi Highway. A8L proved that it is the flagship of the capital, which not only allows the back seat bosses to move between the two places easily and leisurely. If you want to take a mountain road or come With passionate control, A8L can accompany you at any time. On this day, after going back and forth to Taipei Yilan, the A8L dynamic driving and supplementary that continued the overseas test drive had a happy ending. (Compilation/Car Home Hu Zhengyang)