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[YesAuto modified car real shot] As Toyota’s top MPV model, Alfa is not only used for business receptions, but for some high-end users, Alfa has also become a “nanny car” for their families or daily commuting. “. Just as we introduced this VIP-style modified Alpha this time, it came from a post-80s dad Teddy. Although their daily means of transport is a quite environmentally Tesla MODEL S P85D. But when you need to take a child out, the spacious and comfortable Alpha is naturally a better choice.

Nevertheless, although the internal configuration is not bad, but the low-key appearance does not seem to arouse Teddy's driving interest. So with the help of the relationship between Japan and the country, I ordered a lot of modified products from Japan through myself or friends. After a lot of “toss”, a VIP style Alpha that not only meets the needs of the family, but also highlights the individuality was born.

● Appearance introduction: The front face design of VELLFIRE is transplanted as a whole.

● Interior interior introduction: The seat is wrapped with ALCANTARA fabric, focusing on comfort.

● Power system and shock absorber: Replace with TEIN shock absorber + electronic control damping adjustment function.

● Article summary and modification list:

As a member of the post-80s generation, Teddy naturally possesses the characteristics of young people of this age: publicity, personality, and naturally not low-key the shape of the vehicle. However, as a dad, he also puts forward very strict requirements on the practicability, configuration and space of the vehicle.

As it frequently travels to and from Japan, Hong Kong and other places, Alpha, known as the “nanny car”, has naturally become a carrier that can not only meet the needs of individual modification, but also meet the needs of daily use. And as VIP modification styles are gradually prospering in Japan and Southeast Asia, this “cool” style can also complement the MPV models of Alpha's size. This may be the reason why this modified Alpha was born. .