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[YesAuto Connected Travel] The second product of the Changan Auchan X series, the Changan Auchan X5 (hereinafter referred to as Auchan X5), was just launched at the end of November. The guide price of RMB 6.99-102,900 also continues its cost-effective pricing strategy. The sporty appearance and the Blue Whale NE1.5T engine make it a lot of highlights. The high configuration of the hardware part is obvious, so what about the performance of the car and machine system as the software part? Compared with the previous OnStyle 2.0 on the Auchan X7, which features have been improved in the newly upgraded Auchan OnStyle 3.0? Let's wait and see.

Basic configuration of Auchan X5 Multimedia

What we are experiencing this time is the top version of Auchan X5. It uses a combination of 7-inch instrument panel + 10.25-inch central control large screen. In Changan's products, this dual-screen combination is also used. Design, there will be information interaction between the two screens, such as navigation, music, radio and other information will also be simultaneously displayed on the display in the center of the dashboard, which will be more convenient for the driver to observe.

The Auchan X5 is equipped with the latest On Style 3.0 version of Changan Auchan. Compared with the 2.0 version used on the Auchan X7, it is more functionally rich. The speech recognition function is optimized, and the recognition rate and response speed are faster. In addition, it Also added functions such as clairvoyance (in the car), Shunfeng ear, bodyguard mode, sing bar KTV, iQiyi, cloud eye car camera, cloud eye rearview and Huawei HiCar, in fact, most of the functions here are based on The four cameras arranged around the vehicle are completed. On most vehicles, their function is relatively simple and constitutes a panoramic image. On the Auchan X5, they are also given more functions. Let's follow in order. Introduce you.

■” Great Sagefunction upper body-clairvoyance and smooth ears

First of all, let's introduce the functions of clairvoyance and shunfeng ears. The names of these two functions are very interesting. They are familiar to everyone and can be understood very straightforwardly through the literal meaning. First of all, clairvoyance can directly view the implementation of the front, rear, left, and right directions of the vehicle through the mobile phone App. This is a very practical function. For example, you can use this function to see the surrounding environment of the vehicle when you play with your mobile phone at night.

And a very practical application scenario is that, like our company's basement downstairs, there are no fixed parking spaces. Whoever comes will park early, and if they come late, they can only wait or park to a farther parking space. And when I arrived earlier, I could see the parking spaces near the vehicle and tell my colleagues in the back of the parking spaces near the vehicle in time. In fact, the clairvoyance function is already available in version 2.0, but it only appears in the mobile app, and this time it has also been implemented on the car.

The Shunfeng Ear function, as the name suggests, is the ability to receive instructions from users at a long distance. I use this feature most frequently in the morning. Now the temperature in the north in the morning is already very low. Generally, when I go out in the morning, I will open the mobile app first, turn on the engine, air conditioner and set up the navigation directly, and then I can drive away directly in the car, which can save a lot of time. The temperature in the car will also be more comfortable. In Shunfeng ear mode, voice or text input can be done, but who can still type hard with voice? You say yes.

It actually has car KTV

Another interesting application is singing. You can create a KTV atmosphere directly in the car. The reverberation is pretty close. The internal song resources are also very rich. You can kill time when you pick up people and leave work. Even my colleague Wang Hexuan, who has not been to KTV for so many years, said it was good.

The functions of iQiyi are more conventional, replacing the CCTV audio and video in version 2.0, so I won't need to go into details here. Both the cloud-eye vehicle camera and the cloud-eye rearview camera use four cameras to realize the functions of taking pictures, video and driving recorder, which can be regarded as an extension of the panoramic image function, so I won't introduce too much here.

Security system upper body-bodyguard mode

The bodyguard mode is integrated into the clairvoyance function and can be turned off manually. The principle of the bodyguard mode is to trigger this function when the vehicle collides or moves slightly on the spot. The car will send a message to your mobile phone in real time. After you click on it, the four cameras will display real-time images on the screen, which can let you know the surroundings of the car for the first time. If the person flees, it can also be regarded as a claim Evidence can be regarded as a security measure. In this way, you will be able to find the “culprit” when you encounter the front and rear bars because of the parking of the front and rear cars.

On higher-configuration vehicles, the main driver's seat supports full electric adjustment and can enter the rest mode through voice control. At this time, the seat will be adjusted to a relatively lying position and light music will be played to create a sleeping atmosphere, because We don't have it on this car, so the pictures are only for display.

In terms of other details, friends mode and car wash mode have also been added. The friend mode is more like a short-term authorization function. Click to enter this function through the App or the car screen, press the metal button in the main driving position to directly lock the car and shut down. The car wash mode is easier to understand. When we use the automatic car washer, there is usually a sign next to it, such as hanging to the N gear, folding the rearview mirror, turning off the handbrake, etc., and in this mode, the system will Give you direct execution of these instructions, turn off these functions, and be more intimate in details.

In addition, its voice recognition function has also been updated and optimized in the Auchan On Style 3.0 version, such as the temperature of the air conditioner, the air volume control, the camera angle of view, and the navigation sound can all be awakened, and after we compare it with the 2.0 system I found that its response speed is also faster, and there is less jerky and a sense of affinity in the process of communicating with it. Face ID has also been upgraded to the 2.0 system, mainly to optimize the recognition rate, and add the gesture control function. Although there are not many functions that can be controlled by gestures, it will be gradually improved in the later period (the face recognition function appears as an option). In addition, it also supports Huawei HiCar function, which can be used as a kind of mobile phone mapping, and can be downloaded and applied to the car in the Huawei HiCar application zone. Compared with other models, it also has the resources of Huawei ecology and provides more for users. A choice.

to sum up:

Since the development of automobiles, it has to be admitted that there are more and more homogeneous products, but in terms of software, it is the main battlefield for each to show their individuality, whether it is UI, function or entertainment. Take the Auchan X5 we experienced this time as an example. The Auchan OnStyle 3.0 system it is equipped with has been enhanced on the basis of the original 2.0. For example, its clairvoyance, shunfeng ear, cloud eye car camera and cloud eye rearview device are all A functional extension based on the existing four cameras is a good idea. In addition, like the bodyguard mode, I think it is more practical. Once the vehicle is accidentally smashed, it can be reminded as soon as possible. It is meticulous and considerate. With its recognition and communication voice control function, it is also a brand new product. Added more highlights.