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[YesAuto preliminary audit] Today, when low displacement, energy saving and environmental protection are advocated, there are always some consumers who are “not bad” keen on large displacement cars, because higher displacement often means stronger power. Especially for SUV models that are relatively larger in size and weight, the strong power output can ensure a smooth acceleration experience and better off-road capabilities. At present, in the low-end SUV market, large-displacement models are not too many. But it is not unavailable. Today I recommend four models for everyone.

In the eyes of most people, a car over 3.0L can be regarded as a large displacement. The Kopac, OUTLANDER EX and Super Vitra are all imported models with a high degree of attention, and the Highlander is a joint venture model. Although it has been affected by various “Toyota Gate” incidents some time ago, it can still achieve monthly sales of more than 6,000 units.

Chevrolet Capacitor 3.2 AT 7-seater flagship

Official guide price: 275,800

The prototype of the Chevrolet Capacitor comes from South Korea's Daewoo. GM's globalization strategy has allowed it to be sold in China with the Chevrolet logo. Although the performance has been mediocre within a few years after entering China, the Capacitor, a purely imported SUV, has a good price/performance ratio, especially in the front segment. Time officially reduced the price by as much as 100,000 yuan, which has increased its competitiveness.

The overall shape of the Kopac is relatively modest, without too many gorgeous decorations and particularly attractive places, and it is precisely because of this flatness that it can be accepted by more people. The body size of 4635mm*1870mm*1755mm is used as a model. It's quite suitable for urban SUVs. The 2010 model has also been upgraded to a certain degree in instrumentation and so on to become more fashionable.

This flagship model, priced at 275,800 yuan, is equipped with a 3.2-liter V6 engine with maximum power and maximum torque of 230 horsepower and 297 Nm, respectively. It is matched with a 5-speed automatic manual transmission. During driving, the timing of shifting is well grasped, and the ride comfort is also good. In the 0-100Km/h acceleration test of the car home, it achieved a score of 10.26 seconds. Although it is not particularly prominent, it can fully meet the needs of daily driving. After all, it weighs more than 1.8 tons.

Compared with the relatively not particularly outstanding acceleration results, the brakes of the Kopac are still very satisfactory. In the test of the car home, it only took less than 42 meters to stop the vehicle from 100Km/h steadily. It has reached the standard of excellence. For SUV models with a higher center of gravity and chassis, it is already very good to achieve such results.

Since this car is the top model of Copaci, it is also the highest in the whole series in terms of configuration. Naturally, ESP+6 airbags needless to say, such as steep slope descent, constant speed cruise, seat heating, automatic headlights with washing function Air conditioning, automatic air conditioning, etc. are also common configurations for cars in the same price range. The configuration is not too high, but all the necessary configurations are complete.

The Kopaqi located in the city SUV has a four-wheel drive structure with a central multi-disc clutch. When wheel slip is detected, the electronic system will automatically switch on the multi-disc clutch to achieve a 50:50 power distribution between the front and rear axles. The problem is not big, and the strong power also makes the climbing ability relatively good under the condition of sufficient tire grip. However, it is a bit regretful that it does not have an electronic limited slip device between wheels and cannot pass the cross-axis test item.

The most obvious change of the 2010 Kopac is that it has been replaced with a new instrument, which further caters to the trend of the times, and has also improved its aesthetics and practicality. Capaci is one of the few 7-seater models in the same price range of SUV models. It is very convenient for the whole family to go out and play. Of course, due to the length of the body, the third row of seats is more suitable for people under 170cm in height. For more experience and test drive of Copac, please refer to the following article: