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More real shots of the E-IUV concept car

Last Update:2021-06-18 Author:yesauto

[YesAuto concept car real shot] Almost no matter what brand launched, the concept car is both mysterious and technological. The protagonist of this article, the Xingtu E-IUV concept car is no exception. Kevin Rice, a well-known designer who used to work for BMW and Mazda , joined Chery Automobile as the chairman designer of this car. Now let us see what kind of concept he brings to Xingtu.


Through the Xingtu E-IUV concept car, we seem to be able to see Chery's future development direction for high-end, sports electric vehicles. They focus on creating an appearance that combines technology and sports, and at the same time expand the intelligent electronic interconnection system to more functions, so that the vehicle is completely in a high-standard electronic configuration. Nowadays, many design concepts of concept cars will be closer to mass-produced cars, and many high-tech technologies are gradually turning from virtual to reality. (Photographed by Zhu Xuran, Wang Yin from Wenzhou Home)