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[YesAuto Electric Vehicles] Changan New Energy Benben E-Star (hereinafter referred to as Benben E-Star) can be said to be one of the more concerned pure electric mini-cars this year, with its youthful appearance and technological interior. The decorations really leave a good impression on people. So how does the car perform in terms of use and some detailed design? After reading today's unboxing, maybe you can find some answers. (We have also tested this model before. If you want to know the dynamic driving experience of this car, please click here to read “New Design Language Test Changan New Energy Benben E-Star”)

● New car overview

● New car pickup

● Get started quickly

● Get started quickly

● Front engine room

● Analysis of Chassis

Full text summary:

Benben E-Star is about to unveil the mystery of its final price. If it has an online appearance and a more technologically sensed interior, it has a good price, I believe it will be another “accounting The sacred car”. However, the NEDC cruising range of 301km, although it can meet daily mobility or travel in the suburbs, but the slightly longer intercity travel may cause more frequent charging during use. But overall, this pure electric minicar is still a worthy choice for daily commuting. So, whether it can become a new “accounting artifact” depends on its final price.