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[YesAuto Appearance Modification] The BMW M6 can be regarded as a sportsman in the M family. The lines and sharp front design of the coupe have won the love of many people. On the highway, this sports car can not only use powerful power to surpass many high-performance vehicles, but also can listen to light music and comfortable cruising driving. Recently, the American Vorsteiner modified brand M6 has undergone a full car kit modification.

The American Vorsteiner modified brand has developed many carbon fiber exterior decoration accessories for the BMW M6. The front bottom spoiler and side skirts can make the car look more sporty. The black carbon fiber components are in great contrast to the orange body. Highlight the beautiful appearance and color matching.

The engineers of the American Vorsteiner modified brand also upgraded the chassis suspension of this BMW M6, and replaced it with a set of twist dampers to improve handling. Of course, the height of the car was also reduced to increase the stability of the driving process.

The matching of the rims is also very important. Different data is used for the front and rear to improve the aesthetic effect of the vehicle. The front wheels are 21 inches x 9J, and the rear wheels are 21 inches x 11J. The rim uses the classic Vorsteiner brand V-FF 103.

The carbon fiber spoiler on the rear trunk cooperates with the bottom spoiler to improve the combat index while also increasing the beauty. With such a sportsman, you can wait for the weekend to drive your car to participate in sports gatherings. At the same time, the 4.4-liter V8 turbocharged engine allows you to experience the acceleration experience brought by 560 horsepower. Of course, a set of excellent Brombo competitive version braking system can also improve your driving safety.