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[YesAuto New Energy] Almost 8 months have passed since Ideal ONE was officially delivered. For onlookers, this car may not have changed much today, with the same exterior and interior, the same configuration, and the same price. However, from the perspective of the car owner, after experiencing many OTAs, the car experience is already very different, the energy mode has been greatly adjusted, the assisted driving is better used, and the vehicle power-on logic has been redefined, and so on. Ideal car is using the “software-defined car” approach to make an “old” car continue to grow. Today, we are welcoming the latest V1.3 OTA of Ideal Auto. What kind of experience improvement does it bring to car owners?

On July 24, Ideal Auto officially released the latest version of its car-machine system to its model Ideal ONE. The new system mainly adjusts the basic functions of the vehicle, entertainment functions and some details. It will add 13 new functions and optimize 14 existing functions. Before the official launch of this version of the car-machine system on a large scale, we took the lead in experiencing it.

Experience item 1: mobile phone Bluetooth key

Ideal ONE mobile phone Bluetooth key newly added to adapt to Android phone models
Huawei Mate 30 Pro 5G Huawei Mate 20 Pro (UD)
Huawei Mate 20 Pro Huawei P40 Pro
Huawei P30 Pro Huawei Mate 20
Xiaomi MI 10 pro Huawei P30
Huawei Mate 30 (5G) Huawei Mate 10 Pro

In this update, Ideal ONE broke the reality that it does not support Bluetooth keys for Android phones, and realized the adaptation of Bluetooth keys for 10 Android phones in one fell swoop, including one Xiaomi phone and nine Huawei phones. Officials said that they selected these mobile phones to be the first to adapt, mainly because they found that the top 10 models most used by ideal ONE owners (except iPhone) are these ten models.

First of all, to answer your question, that is, how to use the Bluetooth key of the mobile phone? There are currently two ways to use the Bluetooth key of mobile phones on the market. One is to open the car app of the mobile phone after approaching the car, and then click the unlock vehicle button on the page to unlock the car. For example, Roewe Ei5 supports this function; and Another type of Bluetooth key uses Bluetooth to determine the relative position of the mobile phone and the vehicle. When the distance is close enough, the vehicle is automatically unlocked. The owner does not need to perform any unlocking operations. Ideal ONE is the mobile phone Bluetooth key solution. The latter is more convenient to use than the former, but in terms of technical difficulty, the latter is greatly improved.

Due to limited conditions, we can only use the iPhone as the experience model for this Bluetooth key experience. First of all, let me share with you how to activate this function. As the owner of Ideal ONE, if your mobile phone is an officially announced model, then when you log in to the “Ideal ONE” page of the Ideal Car App, you can see the phone key option under the charging options, and at the same time, it will also display the mobile phone key option. Connection Status. Click this option, the switch of the mobile phone key will be displayed in the sub-page, we turn on this switch means that the mobile phone Bluetooth key has been activated.

After enabling this function, we only need to walk into the vehicle and pull the door handle at the same time, the vehicle will be unlocked and powered on. Even before you touch the door handle, the vehicle detects that the owner is nearby, and the light under the rearview mirror will activate to illuminate the ground for the owner, as if telling the owner “I already know you are nearby”, this The detailed experience is quite humane. In addition, this function is also applicable to the trunk. When the vehicle is locked, we can open the trunk directly as long as we bring our mobile phone.

If we want to lock the car, we only need to close the door and leave. When the vehicle detects that the owner is about 3 meters away from the vehicle, it will automatically release the lock and power off the vehicle. During the entire process of unlocking and locking, the car owner does not need to press the button of the car key, the keyless button of the door handle or the switch of the mobile App, just walk into the vehicle naturally-open the door, or close the door-leave. Completing the process of unlocking and locking the vehicle is much simpler than traditional methods.

After previously locked, the vehicle will only tell the owner that the vehicle is locked through the light language of the star-ring headlights. Therefore, even if the owner has the Bluetooth key of the mobile phone, he needs to “confirm his eyes” with the vehicle. Nowadays, car owners can truly leave without looking back, because the car will sound the whistle when the car is locked.

I believe everyone can feel that the experience of the mobile phone’s Bluetooth key function has two major advantages over traditional car keys. First, the car owner no longer needs to bring the physical key (in the past few days of the experience, the editor always uses the mobile phone’s Bluetooth key without carrying the physical key. Key), secondly, the owner hardly needs any operation, and the unlocking and locking of the vehicle can be completed naturally.

Although this technology experience is good, it is not without problems. In my short experience, there have been two incidents when I clearly approached the vehicle with my mobile phone, but did not respond when I lifted the door handle. After a few seconds or even ten seconds, the vehicle reacted and unlocked. Later, I reported this issue to the official engineer, and the answer I got was that the distance between the mobile phone and the vehicle was judged to drift due to the strong signal interference at the time, and the unlocking was delayed.

There is another problem, that is, the mobile phone Bluetooth key needs to ensure that the mobile phone is always in the Bluetooth active state before it can be used. Therefore, when the mobile phone is out of power, this function will also fail. Therefore, when we are accustomed to using the mobile phone Bluetooth key and no longer carry the physical key, we must pay attention to the power of the mobile phone to avoid inconvenience to you.

Experience item 2: Full screen rear view function

When the full-screen rear view function cooperates with another update of this system, it can become very useful. That function is the custom function of the right button on the left side of the steering wheel. When we set this button to the full-screen rear view function, we can easily activate the full-screen rear view window at any time by simply pressing it.

The full-screen rearview window consists of two interfaces. The right side occupies most of the screen space is the rear wide-angle camera, and the vehicle icon on the left is to tell the owner of the full-screen rearview field of view and blind spots. I thought that the information of the reversing radar would be displayed here, but after the actual test, I found that this is just a schematic diagram. It is recommended that the official can add the obstacle distance display of the rear radar.

So what is the usage scenario of this function? In my opinion, this function is a bit similar to a larger streaming media rearview mirror. Compared with traditional rearview mirrors, it has a better field of view and can display the rear road conditions more clearly at night. In addition, in the reversing scene, the wide-angle lens can help us to judge the oncoming cars diagonally behind, so as to avoid scratching. However, you need to remind the car owner that the wide-angle distortion of the left and right corners of the full-screen rearview image is large, so it may affect your judgment of the distance of the car from the rear. This needs to be vigilant.

Experience Project 3: Improve the experience of the rear air-conditioning panel

Ideal ONE is positioned as a dad car, so it is certainly not uncommon for one or several children to sit in the back of the car. However, children are very curious and active, so they are likely to play with the knobs and buttons on the rear air conditioner control panel as toys. The result may be that you don’t know when the rear air conditioner suddenly starts to cool in winter. In the summer, it suddenly started to heat up. Perhaps this is the original intention of the ideal car to design the rear air-conditioning lock.

In addition, the ideal car also added an automatic shut-off button to the right of the “rear air conditioner lock”. After activating the button, the rear seats will automatically turn off the air conditioner ten minutes after the rear passengers leave the seat, helping car owners save energy. It should be known that Ideal ONE, as a medium and large SUV, consumes a lot of energy to realize the temperature control in the car. Generally, the peak power of the air conditioner of the same type of car can reach about 9kW, even if the temperature is maintained, it needs to consume 2-3kW of power, which means that more than 10% of the electric energy in a trip may be consumed by the air conditioner. Through this OTA, Ideal ONE has reduced similar troubles for car owners.

Experience project four: seat welcoming function experience

The seat welcoming function was more common in luxury cars before, and now more and more 300,000-yuan cars are also equipped with this function. Ideal ONE also brings the seat welcoming function in this OTA, the purpose is to facilitate the driver to get in and out of the vehicle. When the seat monitors that the driver is seated, it returns from the welcome position to the previously memorized driving position. When the car owner unfastens the seat belt and opens the door, the seat will automatically return to the welcome position, making it easier for the driver to get off the car.

Experience item 5: Improve the entertainment function of the car and machine

The improvement of car entertainment functions is also a major focus of this ideal ONE system OTA. In this update, not only QQ Music and Tencent Aiqu listening platform-level applications have been added, but also the listening in Hi-Fi mode has been optimized. Sound effects, volume adjustment logic, and the definition of entertainment function buttons on the steering wheel, etc.

In addition to the highly compatible operation logic, a playlist called Ideal Music has been specially launched in the QQ Music application. Here are official recommended music carefully selected. I listened to a few songs. Although I haven't listened to a lot of music, the rhythm and rhythm are pretty good. They are light and lively. They have both Chinese and English songs. The overall style of music feels younger. In addition, Ideal Car will also present a one-year QQ Green Diamond membership service to car owners who have opened an Ideal PLUS membership, so that they can listen to Jay Chou's albums.

The function of “Love Listening” is mainly integrated on the assistant driver's screen of Ideal ONE, and the content inside is very rich. The audiobook menu covers the content resources of Tencent literature, but I really don't have the habit of listening to books in the car, so I don't have much experience. The news menu covers more than ten fields such as science, entertainment, society, and health. It is good to listen to the rising knowledge to understand current affairs.

Optimization content not mentioned in this article in the new system:

Full text summary:

If I use one word to evaluate the OTA update of the ideal ONE car system, I think this word is “broken”. We look at each new feature is not so heavyweight, just a slight improvement here or there may only be a loss of experience. However, don't underestimate this lost experience improvement, these are the most demanding functional requirements that the ideal car has collected from users. Just imagine how many auto companies can continue to improve the product capabilities of these models after the vehicles are sold to meet the needs of users? The ancients said: “If you don't accumulate steps, you can't reach a thousand miles; if you don't accumulate small currents, you can't become a river.” Ideal ONE's comprehensive detailed experience improvement time after time has shown me the value of “software-defined cars”. (Picture / Hu Yongbin, Home of the Car)