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[YesAuto concept car real shot] On the night of the Mercedes-Benz SUV on the eve of the 2019 Shanghai Auto Show, Mercedes-Benz finally announced the GLB concept car to the public. In fact, six months ago, overseas media exposed the Mercedes-Benz GLB road test spy photos and it aroused everyone. Attention, because of the straighter and tougher lines under the camouflage, which portrays more power similar to the G-class, so there is the legend of the trumpet G. Well, is the GLB concept car as legendary? Or is there another attempt? Anyway, for Mercedes-Benz, the GLB concept car is an idea for them to show a more subdivided sporty all-round SUV.

At present, the product line of Mercedes-Benz SUV is very rich, from the fashionable toy GLA, to the balanced GLC, as well as the big guy GLS, and the invincible G-class. It is indeed a problem to subdivide it down. It is obvious that it is “a new way” like the Mercedes-Benz GLB. That's right, it's harder to be a maverick, and there are 7 blessings. I have to say enough, just wait for the mass production version. (Photo: Chen Chi from Autohome, photo/Reporting team in front of Autohome Auto Show)