[YesAuto Off-Road Race] The 2014 China Ring Tower (International) Rally held its starting ceremony and qualifying on May 25. The first stage of the race was completed yesterday (May 26). The car team is from Hengyue Hengxin Motorsport. Lu Binglong drove the L200 racing car and won the first place in the stage, and Zhou Tian of the Xinjiang Tacheng Motorsport team in the motorcycle group won the first place in the stage with a Yamaha WR 450F.

The first stage starts from Erdaoqiao Township, Emin, and ends at Beishan, with a total length of about 125km. The stage is mainly composed of flat wetlands, pasture roads, plains and river beds. Although the road surface is not difficult, there are many fork roads, which test the navigator's navigation ability. Many drivers/pilots in each category lost their way in the first stage. The main reason that the drivers/pilots got lost was a mistake in the road book and more forks in the stage. In addition, there were many drivers who appreciated the road. The beautiful scenery and get lost.

Red Bull KTMR2R star team driver Zhao Hongyi not only got lost, but was accidentally hit by other drivers when he stopped to check the road book and GPS during the race and suffered minor injuries. He went to the hospital after the race to be checked and treated. Fortunately, the problem is not big, the team has confirmed that Zhao Hongyi will continue to participate in the next day of the race.

The second stage has a total length of 280km and is mainly based on the Gobi, riverbed and Yadan landforms. The terrain is relatively flat and belongs to the high-speed stage. Some routes need to travel around the mountain, and there are also complex potholes routes, which test the driver's ability to cope with sudden changes in road conditions. (Picture provided by the official ring tower, text/Autohome Meng Huan)

Wonderful pictures of the first stage: