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[Auto Home Race] On November 13, bad news was spread in the racing industry again. The 22-year-old Argentine driver Guido Falaschi suffered an accident in a touring car race that day. The rescue was invalid and unfortunately died.

The accident happened on the last lap of the race. At that time, Falaschi's car lost control and hit the tyre barrier, then bounced back to the track and was hit by Nestor Girolami, who was too late to dodge. The car is completely different, and Falaschi has left the world forever.

In just one month, three drivers were unfortunately killed in motorsports. On October 16, British Dan Wheldon died in the Indy race in Las Vegas, the United States at the age of 33; on October 23, 24-year-old Italian driver Marco Simoncelli crashed and died at the MotoGP Malaysia station; Today another driver passed away unfortunately.

The three accidents once again reminded us that racing is a dangerous sport. Nevertheless, the drivers still challenge the limits for their dreams. The former is visible to the undead, and the latter is coming. Their bravery is admirable. May the dead rest in peace.