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[YesAuto 车台勐料] As the saying goes, peers are enemies, and the battle between car companies is going on every day. However, no one thought that the melee destined to be carried out on land was torn to the sky this time. How did it return? What's the matter? Please look down:

When it comes to the “technical house” among car companies, people always think of Honda Motor Co., Ltd. In addition to the motorcycles and cars we are familiar with, this company also owns countless lawn mowers that can work hard and can sing and jump. Qing's products, and the most eye-catching among them is undoubtedly the HondaJet (Honda Jet Business Airliner).

Open Honda's official website, you can see its various products lined up on the homepage, and just wait a few seconds, a HondaJet will “fly over” from the page. There is no doubt that this jet is the pride of Honda, and the latter is using HondaJet to “bring salt” for all its products.

With so many car companies in the world, can they tolerate the Honda family's “crashing” here? Of course not. The first thing that cannot be tolerated is Lexus. It recently released its own SkyJet. Does this name have elements that provoke Honda Jet? I will not say, you figure it out for yourself.

In fact, Lexus SkyJet and HondaJet do not compete because SkyJet can completely crush HondaJet. No way, SkyJet is a spacecraft. How can it not crush any jet plane in the world? SkyJet adopts a single-seater design (probably the equivalent of a motorcycle in the spacecraft world). Its cockpit is covered with curved glass, and the hull has short wings and tail wings. The most interesting design is that it is not intact. A spindle-shaped air intake grille on Lexus cars is dynamically adopted.

So how does this small spacecraft from Lexus solve the problems of fuel, cosmic rays, and extreme temperature changes? Brother Meng can answer on behalf of Lexus: none of the above Lexus SkyJet will be encountered-because it will only appear in the virtual world-as a prop in the sci-fi movie “Interstellar Agents: City of a Thousand Stars”.

“Interstellar Agents: City of a Thousand Stars” is a sci-fi movie adapted from comics, written and directed by Luc Besson, the director of “This Killer Is Not So Cold”, and will feature Cliff Owen and Wu Yifan at home and abroad. Big stars join. This movie is expected to be released in 2017. I don’t know if Meng will look good, but judging from the appearance of the Lexus spacecraft and the supermodel heroine, it is still worth looking forward to.

When you see this, you might say: Can Nima have fun? How does a virtual spaceship crush a real jet plane? Yes, Lexus’ SkyJet cannot challenge HondaJet in reality, but there are not all space companies in the world that are related to car companies. This is the founder of Tesla Motors “Iron Man” Elon Musk. SpaceX.

SpaceX has developed Falcon series launch vehicles and Tianlong series spacecraft that can be partially reused. As the first private company that can launch and recycle spacecraft, it has won a NASA contract and is helping the United States restart its manned space program.

Okay, that's it for today's content…As usual, people in the comment area will naturally think that this is a soft article:

Well, friends who think this is a soft article, please pay the public relations fee of 0.5 yuan for the above three car companies to Brother Meng through the “reward” button at the bottom of this article! Thank you in advance…well, stop looking, we don't have a “reward” function…then, see you in the next issue!