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[YesAuto concept car real shot] There is a phenomenon worthy of attention this year: MPV models are gradually gaining attention, and many friends and colleagues around me have also started to choose MPV in large numbers this year. The reason is that in the process of changing cars, you suddenly discovered that MPV can take into account many daily life scenes, and “opening an MPV out of the house” will give people an image of living at home, and it is also very useful for business purposes. Suitable for reception. While many Chinese brands have launched MPV models one after another, Roewe finally couldn't bear the spirit of planning to make an MPV. Before the Guangzhou Auto Show, I received a mysterious invitation, and this invitation also allowed me to see it in advance. , A design supported by AI technology, which is likely to subvert the entire design industry in the future.

Edit comment:

We are in an era of change, the technology explosion, and the speed of the auto industry's renewal and iteration is also increasing day by day. Thanks to changes in technology, we have obtained a more efficient way to create cars. This Roewe Vision-iM concept car is an example. At present, its interior is still in the evaluation stage, so we can’t show it to everyone at this time. Please forgive me, but its mass production version will officially meet with you in the second half of next year. It only takes such a short time from concept design to mass production, which was completely unimaginable before. Just as Shao Jingfeng said: “In the fast food era, we should make some breakthroughs. Although it is too early to give full authority to AI design, AI allows us to see the possibilities and breakthroughs in design. Since it is Roewe’s first MPV, Then try it boldly.”