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[YesAuto Design Decoding] What are the uses of MPV? In most cases, Chinese consumers' understanding of MPV is to enter and exit places such as business occasions, airport hotels, etc., and undertake the task of business reception. However, as the younger generation, especially those born in the 80s and 90s, have gradually become the backbone of the family, MPV has gradually become a candidate product for many people when changing cars, and the original business-rich MPV has gradually become a sweet pastry in the household field. Hope. The ever-increasing market demand and changes in consumer concepts may be the reason why Roewe iMAX8, an IKEA and business-friendly MPV, will debut this year.

● The MPV market has gradually changed from the previous business reception use to meet the dual needs of IKEA and IKEA.

MPVs in the business market often have luxurious designs and larger body sizes. For example, the benchmark Buick GL8 ES Lu Zun has a length of more than 5.2 meters and a wheelbase close to 3.1 meters. This body shape is coupled with a more mature design. It can play the role of “supporting the scene” in front of partners. The needs of home users for MPVs are different. In addition to the size can not be too large to meet the needs of good driving and parking, the shape should not be too mature and decent, so that the owner can become a full-time driver. After comprehensive consideration, the SAIC design team introduced the Roewe iMAX8 to the market, and it is SAIC's best interpretation of the concept of “IKEA and Business”.

Taking into account the dual needs of home and business, when determining the size range of the body, the design team's preliminary idea is to be between Buick GL8 (strong business attributes) and Honda Odyssey (strong home attributes). Larger dimensions give a strong business atmosphere. Although the size is small enough for home use, the space is easily affected. The best balance point is just the median value of Buick GL8 and Odyssey. Combining the body size and wheelbase parameters of Buick GL8 and Odyssey, the data of Roewe iMAX8 is just between two This is the initial source of the Roewe iMAX8's size positioning of “5m car + 3m wheelbase”. The next bigger test is the styling design. It must have the elegance and luxury to adapt to business occasions, but also the young fashion necessary for family cars. The two seemingly contradictory directions are finally presented cleverly through the efforts of SAIC's localized team. come out.

In terms of styling design, many details of the Roewe iMAX8 are basically derived from the Roewe iM8 concept car, as well as the earlier Vision-iM, including the Ronglin grille, the light-wing through-type daytime running light, and the silver D-pillar with geometric patterns. The ground is retained, which not only has a strong visual impact, but also enhances the young and fashionable temperament of the whole car. Although the traditional black did not appear in the first five colors, the unique Nebula Blue and Berludi can enhance the sense of quality of the vehicle while highlighting the elegance.

The ultimate pursuit of space makes MPVs feel that most of them have a “square box” outer contour, and the Roewe iMAX8 is no exception. But through the ingenuity of the design team, especially the details of the decoration and the high-waist line design, the visual effect of the “square box” has been weakened a lot. The external dimensions of the whole vehicle are not too big in the MPV ranks, and the moderate body size is very suitable for traveling in crowded cities. Many MPV models deliberately move the A-pillar closer to the front of the car in order to take care of the sense of space in the cockpit, while the Roewe iMAX8 still adopts a long hood design that is closer to a sedan, and is visually more passenger car-like.

The characteristics of the details are also very memorable. A waistline runs through the front and rear lights, and there are obvious thickness changes above the wheel arches. This multi-shaped surface change processing method not only suppresses the square temperament, but also further strengthens the sense of movement. Up. The most obvious feature of the tail is the Nebula Circulation taillight that all adopts LED light source. The folding hook shape and the quadrangular pyramid three-dimensional geometric texture inside the width indicator light are full of dynamic. The same exquisite processing techniques also appear on the silver D-pillar. The frosted geometric texture is not only embellishment, but also highlights the vitality and fashion.

● Moping and Moba interactive cockpits meet the multiple needs of human-computer interaction and human-to-human interaction.

Although the interior design is not the most topical highlight in the cockpit, it has reached a superior level in terms of styling and materials. The extended-wing cockpit is atmospherically stretched, and the air-conditioning air outlet adopts a hidden design technique. The silver trim in the center extends to both sides. It is inspired by the strings and adds a touch of art to the cockpit. Roewe iMAX8 offers two cabin colors, the dark atmosphere of “Cangyu” is profound and rational, and the blue and white match of “Qinghang” highlights youth and vitality.

In terms of interior color matching, Roewe iMAX8 provides two styles of Qihang and Cangyu. “Qihang” is based on blue and white, creating an avant-garde visual effect. This kind of color scheme is obviously not for the business market, but to cater to the preferences of young people, especially the backbone of the family, which requires the Roewe iMAX8 as a family model. “Cangyu” is the exact opposite of “Qinghang”. The main tone of the black cockpit is profound and majestic. This color style is more attractive to business users.

The magic screen, the magic bar and the magic chair are the components of the Roewe iMAX8 “Three Magic” and the biggest highlight of the cockpit. The magic screen covers the Zebra VENUS intelligent connection system and four color screens (the center control screen, the instrument and the rear two Touch Bars). Not only the front row can control the entire system, but the two Touch Bars on the back of the main and passenger seats are light-weighted. Magic screen also provides information viewing and entertainment control requirements for rear passengers. Of course, the Touch Bar magic screen is not that simple. It can also be an interactive assistant for the rear passengers. You don't need to disturb the driver during the journey, and you can control everything through the touch screen.

The magic bar is also one of the biggest features of Roewe iMAX8. The mobile magic bar controlled by touch buttons and voice commands can meet the needs of all passengers in the front and rear three rows. The magic bar not only has a built-in temperature between 0-60 ℃ With the constant temperature heating and cooling box, after the rear shutter cover is opened, tea sets, coffee sets or storage compartments are slowly raised, giving a sense of ritual.

● The comfortable and flexible cockpit space of the Magic Chair can also bring surprises.

The Roewe iMAX8 seat is called the “Magic Chair” and is the third component of the “Three Magic” cockpit. The “magic” of the seat is not only reflected in the shape, but also has distinctive features in terms of materials and flexibility. The vehicle seat adopts a wide-shoulder design, with thick Nappa leather on both sides of the shoulders and multiple layers of padding inside. The second-row seats are quite good in terms of function and design. Let's talk about the design first. The seat adopts a zero-gravity design, and there are as many as three layers of foam or silk fabrics just for filling and adjusting the stress. The seat reasonably distributes body pressure according to the force characteristics of human bones and muscles, and there is no force concentration point in the entire cushion.

Function is also a major feature of the seat, especially the two VIP independent seats in the second row. Whether it is function, material or adjustment range, it is worthy of recognition. A total of three filling materials, silk and soft/hard, form the soul of the zero-gravity seat. The parts of the body that are in contact with the seat can be evenly stressed, plus a great seat adjustment range and a rich waist The functions of restoring, massage, heating, etc., the fatigue is wiped out.

In terms of space, the front and rear adjustment range of the second row of seats reaches 360mm, and even the third row of seats has a longitudinal adjustment of 160mm. When the third row of seats is unoccupied, the second row of passengers can enjoy extremely spacious longitudinal space. If you need to take a full seat and carry multiple pieces of luggage, you can free up a lot of space through the 4/6 ratio of the third row of seats and move forward and backward. The flexibility is very high. After all, the third row of seats of the same level can be forward and backward. It is rare to adjust or even adjust the angle of the backrest.

● Article summary:

As an IKEA IKEA MPV model, the overall performance of iMAX8 is very good. At the same time, it is also the first MPV model of the Roewe brand. However, looking at today's mid-to-high-end MPV market, although it is still a blue ocean in terms of overall development status, for new players like Roewe iMAX8, the pressure and challenges they face cannot be underestimated. Will the Roewe iMAX8, which will be listed at the end of the month, have the strength to find its own place in this market, and even lead the market pattern from a monopoly to a multi-polarization? In the future, we will have a wealth of content to do a multi-angle analysis for everyone, so stay tuned.