[YesAuto Professional Evaluation] Lazy Americans love automatic transmission, while Europeans who are loyal to driving pleasure let manual transmission cars run all over the streets. There is only difference between “good” and “good”, but there is no right or wrong; but the “fuel consumption” is different: in the last issue of “The Story of Cars and Oil”, we have verified that Angkola's 6MT is fuel-efficient than 6AT. For lower fuel consumption and richer driving pleasure, how can you miss the performance test of the manual transmission Angkola!

This is the cheapest Angkola. The manufacturer’s guide price is 149,900 yuan, and the market’s lowest quotation is 129,900 yuan (the actual quotation is subject to your local dealer), which has already entered the price range of some self-owned brand SUVs. You know, Encore's initial guide price in the United States has also reached 24,160 US dollars, or about 147,000 yuan (automatic transmission models, the US market does not provide manual transmission). The appearance and interior of the test car are not much different from other Angkola. We went straight to the subject and looked at the performance test first.

Power system: engine parameters are consistent with automatic transmission models

The curb weight of the manual Angkola is only 1395kg, which is similar to a Yinglang XT. The 140 horsepower power parameters are enough for this light and small SUV. The equipment of manual transmission is good news for Chinese consumers. There are still many Chinese people who have a soft spot for manual transmission, especially those who live in cities with good traffic conditions.

Performance test: excellent acceleration and braking performance, one of the best in the same class

0-100km/h acceleration

At the start, when the engine speed reaches 4000rpm, the oil will be cut off. We pop up the clutch when the speed reaches about 3500rpm. At this time, the front wheels of Angkola will slip slightly. The gear ratio of the 6-speed manual gearbox is set to neutral, and the gears are relatively dense. You need to shift to the third gear to achieve a speed of 100km/h. The gear shift is very smooth and saves a lot of time. The final score was locked at 10.10 seconds, 0.3 seconds faster than the official score and 0.18 seconds faster than the automatic model. Among SUVs of the same class/price, this result is already one of the best.

100-0km/h brake

The braking performance is also excellent. The body's posture is not very good when braking at full force, which also causes the braking force to fluctuate, but the fluctuation range is not large. Generally speaking, the braking force can be considered linear. The brake pedal feels more comfortable, and the body does not show obvious deviation. The performance of 40.18 meters is at the mainstream level of the same level/price.

Noise: good performance

Angkola’s 1.4L turbocharged engine has a slightly higher noise at idling speed, and has a good noise suppression performance during driving; four Bridgestone DUELER H/L 400 tires that focus on silence also suppress road noise. Not bad. The noise performance of the manual transmission Angkola is not much different from that of the automatic transmission model.

Driving: the difficulty of manual transmission is very low

We have tested Angkola many times, including 1.4T automatic two-wheel drive and four-wheel drive models. It also appeared twice in the selection of the “Car and Oil Story” series, so that some friends left messages and were very angry. Said that we are “using previous articles to recharge.” Dear users, please rest assured, we dare not do that. I would like to take this opportunity to list the links to those two articles. Please look through them: “The Story of Cars and Fuel (6) Comparison of Fuel Consumption of Two-WD/Four-wheel Drive”, “The Story of Cars and Fuel (10) 6AT and 6MT” Who is more fuel efficient? “.

Angkola is dubbed “young” for a certain reason. This car not only looks small and cute, but it is also light and flexible to drive. For the same reason, its cockpit layout is very compact, and the lateral space is even a bit cramped when you first get in the car, like a small car with a lot of headroom. If you have a burly figure, you should at least try to sit before buying.

The power output of Angkola with manual gear is more direct, and the feeling of free control of gears is really good. The turbocharged engine has been tuned to be more gentle, and it has a good power output capacity from a very low speed, and there will be no strong bursts at high speeds. Therefore, you don't need to focus on controlling the shift speed. As long as you shift gears normally, there will be no large jumps in power, which is very comfortable.

The difficulty of oil-separation coordination is 0, and the difficulty for novices to control is not high. The joint height of the hand-block Angkola clutch is moderate, so you don’t need to suffer too much from the ankle when driving for a long time. The gearbox with 6 forward gears has a gentle operation force, and the internal damping when shifting gears can reduce the mechanical feeling and increase the comfort. Perhaps it is because of the shape of the gearbox. It feels that Angkola’s manual gearbox is slightly inferior to the Cruze’s in terms of operating texture.

The compact body and small steering ratio make Angkola very flexible, and driving it through the city traffic is very comfortable. The steering system isolates most of the road feeling, and the suspension also works hard to filter the impact from the road; when making a sharp turn, the body will not tilt sharply, which brings confidence to driving. Angkola is a competent mobility vehicle for young people.

Comprehensive fuel consumption test: a very fuel-efficient SUV

This fuel consumption test was completed together with the automatic transmission Angkola, and the process followed the process of the comprehensive fuel consumption test of Autohome. In the test, the automatic transmission model achieved a score of 8.76L/100km. The manual transmission saves a full 1L/100km, which is quite impressive. The temperature was about 25℃ that day, and the whole journey passed through highways, loops and congested urban roads. The average speed of the whole journey was 29.9km/h. What is the difference in configuration between this fast and fuel-efficient entry-level Angkola compared to high-end models? Please continue to look down.

What did you miss when buying an entry-level model?

From the appearance point of view, the difference between the manual transmission Angkola and the high-end models is very small. The flagship model has a small “AWD” (all-wheel drive) logo and no special identity logo, which also makes the entry-level model. Models can give people more desire to buy. Let's take a look at the pictures below. Compared with the flagship model, the manual transmission model mainly lacks what things, and analyze whether these things are necessary.


If it were me, I would completely ignore the difference in appearance. Personally, I am not cold with chrome decoration. I think proper embellishment will not make people annoying, but the use of chrome in a large area will make people nauseous. The flagship Angkola should belong to the former.


Leather multifunction steering wheel and leather seats are not only about “face”, but also about actual use. Their lack is a pity. However, considering the comprehensive price factors, such equipment is acceptable. Compared with these, some of the configurations to be seen below are more related to use.

It is normal that navigation does not appear on entry-level models. To be honest, dual-zone automatic air conditioning will not affect too much comfort and convenience; however, the lack of automatic headlights is really not appropriate. The cost of this configuration Very low and very practical. I recommend an article on using the car channel, which contains the detailed process of installing automatic headlights by yourself. Car owners quickly install it yourself!

Summary: If the city/country where you are young is not congested, then it is a good choice

Angkola is a dynamic small SUV, suitable for young people who love to drive, but do not pursue extreme sports, and still give priority to comfort. Manual transmission models are more in line with this positioning. It has more controllability, has advantages over automatic transmission models in terms of acceleration performance and fuel consumption, and at the same time the price is low. It is indeed a good choice if the road you usually walk is not so congested. Of course, middle-aged people who are young and can accept the appearance of Angkola can also consider it.

Encore 2013 1.4T manual two-drive aggressive type

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Manufacturer's guide price

14.99 million

One of the disadvantages of manual transmission models is that they are more difficult to drive and fatigue. For some novices and most users in large and medium-sized cities with poor road conditions, it takes courage to choose it. In addition, as the lowest-priced entry-level model, the manual transmission Angkola also lacks some configurations than the high-end models. However, it still has ESC electronic stability system, 18-inch wheels, sunroof, Bluetooth phone and other configurations, which can be said to be not shabby. If you upgrade the automatic headlight yourself and install a reversing radar, its configuration is still sufficient.

One hundred and thirty thousand yuan naked car, you can also buy Yibo, Qashqai, Jinxuan and other models. The freshness of Yibo has not fallen, the price is low, the control and fuel consumption are good; Qashqai models are older, and the main panoramic camera can only be seen in models with a market price of 150,000 yuan or more; in contrast, Jinxuan's advantage is not obvious , Friends who like its appearance can get a surprise from the price after domestic production. The advantage of Angkola lies in its outstanding performance and young driving experience. Among the few opponents, it is still quite eye-catching.

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