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[YesAuto Wonderful Car Life] “Country Love” can be said to be a masterpiece of soap operas, and it is not too much to call “Fast and Passion” a “soap movie”, from the first few movies that have not been released in China to the later cars It's no longer the protagonist just used as a foil, and then it's time to go to the ninth. Just this summer, a super hardcore “Fast and Furious” rumored special action “Hobbs & Shaw” is about to be released (not the ninth).

Let’s talk about the protagonist of the film first. Unlike the previous “Fast and Furious”, the Gaiden no longer uses the original crew, but adds Dashi Johnson and mercenary Jasonstein to the fifth “Quick Excitement”. Mori starred in the film. If you don't watch the trailer, you will know that this is undoubtedly an action movie with muscles supreme and unlimited physical strength.

Closer to home, we have to talk about the cars in this movie. We also reported the footage of the film before. The protagonist drove a McLaren 720S in the downtown area. The trailer also gave a shot of choosing a car. Three McLarens, I'm sorry I can't tell whether it is a 540C, a 570, or a 600LT. In short, this British sports car brand should be the biggest car sponsor of the movie.

Another interesting thing is that there are some disguised cars in the film, and they are all vehicles of villains. The third-generation Land Rover Range Rover traveling in formation has to admit that foreign film production costs are high, and the way non-sponsored models appear is not obtrusive. They have made some obvious modifications on the appearance of the vehicle (mainly reflected in the camouflage on the outline). ), so that it is not easy for everyone to distinguish which model it is.

There is also a heavily camouflaged vehicle that is a two-wheeled motorcycle with a villain. The film crew used the 990 Super Duke two-cylinder street car from the Austrian car manufacturer KTM. The headlights of the vehicle were replaced, the rear seats and exhaust were modified, plus The dark appearance of the whole car makes it difficult for the audience to distinguish the specific model of the car.

Finally, it is still inseparable from the foil of the modified car in the movie. In addition to the scene of some modified car gatherings, the two big guys drove a modified Peterbilt American truck (the specific car model cannot be determined), which is the same as the Optimus Prime in “Transformers” Brand. Through the trailer, you can see that the vehicle only uses the front of the truck. The two huge turbochargers are on both sides of the engine compartment, which are absolutely domineering and exposed. The appearance of the vehicle is modified in the American HotRod style, and the power system is likely to be replaced with gasoline. engine.

In addition, Jeep’s new Wrangler has also appeared in the film. It can be seen that this is another action film combining the strengths of Britain and the United States. Although a lot of special effects are used in the film, it still looks very enjoyable. I hope that the version released in China will not cut too many wonderful shots. (Zhu Xuran, Home of Wen Auto)