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[YesAuto Electric Vehicle] Recently, many electric vehicle owners have reported to us that some public charging stations cannot be accessed. This is mainly because during the national fight against the epidemic, in order to prevent the epidemic, some charging stations have been closed. Or measures prohibiting the entry of outside vehicles. This is undoubtedly adding to the inconvenience of charging electric vehicles. What is the actual situation? Where can I charge when I go out? This issue of “I Help You” will visit charging stations in major commercial districts/office buildings in Beijing to see how these charging stations operate.

With the recent positive improvement of the epidemic prevention and control situation, many places are resuming work and production at different levels, and the demand for people to travel to and from get off work has gradually increased. For electric vehicle owners, where to recharge has become a headache, especially for those who do not have a charging station installed at home.

We have selected some commercial districts/offices in the four directions of Beijing’s east, west, south and north, and randomly selected two to three charging stations within 5-10km of these commercial districts, and no charging operators were designated. , To see if these charging stations are open, are there any current limiting measures, and whether it is convenient for car owners to charge?

Visit to the northern part of Beijing: Zhongguancun Putian Charging Station, Xiaopeng Super Charging Station, Tesla Super Charging Station

The charging station downstairs of the Putian Building currently adopts “closed” management. Only employees' vehicles can enter with a pass, and external charging vehicles are not allowed to enter. The first stop was closed doors, and then we came to the super charging station of Xiaopeng Automobile in Zhongguancun.

During the epidemic, Xiaopeng Motors issued relevant policies to support people across the country in fighting the epidemic. From February 9 to March 8, all Xiaopeng G3 owners across the country can charge for free at Xiaopeng Motors’ super charging stations and franchise points. . Tesla also proposed the free charging policy. Tesla has issued a notice that before 24:00 on March 31, all models can be charged at the super charging station for free. There is also a Tesla charging station near the Zhongguancun business district. We plan to go there and take a look.

It seems that in places like Zhongguancun where office buildings are concentrated, parking lots or charging stations in parking buildings are mostly “closed” management. When car owners need to charge in these places, they need to think twice when they see that the charging station is located in the basement of the office building or the parking lot.

Visit to the northern part of Beijing: Qinghe/Jinbang Park/Yangshan Park National Grid Charging Station

At the second stop, we came to the Qinghe business district to the north of Zhongguancun, where houses are concentrated. We searched for charging stations within a range of 5km in the charging App e Charging of the State Grid, and randomly selected two charging stations.

According to our chat with electric car owners who are waiting to be charged, there are more neighborhoods, but currently there are fewer charging stations open. Most of these electric car owners are owners of online car-hailing cars, and there is no charging pile installed at home. They usually charge. The community can't get in, so they can only come here to “recharge”. Before the epidemic began, they all had charging stations that they frequently visited, and after measures to prohibit the entry of external vehicles were implemented on the sites where these charging stations were located, they could only change their habits. However, in order to do a good job in the prevention of the epidemic, they also expressed their understanding and support.

Judging from the above visits, if you need to charge, you can check the charging station in the charging App first, and try to choose the charging station located in the open parking lot, so the probability of success will be higher.

Visit to the east of Beijing city: Zhubang 2000/Chaoyang Joy City State Grid Charging Station

Visit to the southern part of Beijing: Twat Charging Station, Huaifang Wanda Charging Station

Visited area in the west of Beijing city: Laoshan State Grid Charging Station

From the visits, most of the “closed” charging stations are located in communities or in the basement of office buildings, and charging stations in parks, shopping malls, and outdoor parking lots are still open. The currently open charging stations have implemented registration information and body temperature inspections, and the charging work in the charging stations is still proceeding in an orderly manner. In fact, friends who want to go out to charge, as long as they master some “tips”, they can still charge successfully during this “special period”.

In addition, it is also necessary to make full use of the services provided by some car companies, such as Weilai's one-click power-on service, and car owners can use NFC car key authorization to achieve “contactless” power-on services. GAC New Energy has also introduced a similar service policy, which can carry out valet charging, and car owners who are inconvenient to charge can use these services to charge their vehicles.

Full text summary:

In the course of this investigation, we visited 11 charging stations, and 3 charging stations have implemented “closed” management, most of which are still operating normally. Although during the epidemic period, some charging stations were controlled and controlled, and external vehicles were not allowed to enter, which caused some charging inconveniences. However, charging stations in shopping malls and outdoor parking lots are still open, and car owners who go out can still choose Recharge in these places. Moreover, control and control are only temporary measures. Temporary inconveniences will always pass. Let us together strictly follow the country's guidance and arrangements, plan travel routes reasonably, and prevent the further spread of the epidemic.